How to Get Your Spouse On Board with Keto (Ketogenic Diet)

today we’re to talk about how to finally get your spouse on board with keto what you have to realize is there are many many different viewpoints and your spouse might not have the same viewpoint as you and so when you’re trying to do the version of healthy keto that I recommend they could be mentally rejecting it so the first thing is to find out from their viewpoint what they want to handle is it weight loss is it inflammation is that more energy is it more focus because keto can give them all of that and that’s what you focus on and the next thing you need to realize is that you must keep it very easy for them to implement so they can have a win so they can have some success so you might not want to jump right in to the healthy keto version you want to make it so easy and comfortable with the foods that they’re used to eating but just without the carbs if we look at the difference between healthy keto and dirty keto the macros are exactly the same it’s low carb moderate protein high fat what really gets people into ketosis and produces the weight loss results is the low carb so this is the most important thing right here so if you are going to go to Burger King for example and have a bunless burger with bacon and no ketchup no fries no shake and you had a diet coke that would be considered dirty keto versus healthy keto you know you’re doing organic vegetables grass-fed beef for example an avocado so basically there are different levels of keto like a whole spectrum from one point to the other over here very low nutrients but then over here we’re focusing on the nutrient-dense foods and I’d like to take people where they’re at their awareness their educational level which probably is over here in relationship to food and then slowly start to bring them over here as they get results not before over here they might not be interested in intermittent fasting it might be too overwhelming okay over here we want to add in a minute fasting because the common it is deadly powerful over here we’re not recommending a lot of vegetables because they’re not used to it over here seven to ten cups but the key is keeping the carbohydrates low we’re not really focusing on the type of food have them be okay with eating conventional meats and proteins and fats but eventually we want to switch them over to organic wild-caught grass-fed farm raised over here is fine even fast food is okay just make sure that they keep their carbs really low eventually we want to get them over here buying food from the farmers market and the health food store it after trying this and it completely does not work try giving them cash five thousand dollars works fine but ten thousand works even better if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

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