15 thoughts on “How to Eat Protein to Build Muscle | Bodybuilding Diet”

  1. Only take one after a workout, they just sit in your stomach otherwise because they're meant to be digested after a workout. Carbs and fruit like a banana are great after a workout too.

  2. you're suppose to eat carbs BEFORE a workout because they store energy and it can be used when you need more energy while working out.dumbass

  3. Well, if you want to get technical you're supposed to eat a certain amount with just about every meal of the day to meet your macros. Yes you need carbs before a workout too, I never said you didn't. But you need carbs after (preferably fast digesting carbs) a workout too because after a workout your glycogen levels go down and carbs bring them back up.

  4. protein gives amino acids, which are building blocks for muscule, but to build it u need energy which is stored in carbs

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