How Much Protein Can You Absorb Per Meal?

How Much Protein Can You Absorb Per Meal?

because hopefully you can Hemi it’s very
noisy and the sparse right now because of the insects so a lot of people
actually believe that the body can only absorb a certain amount of protein every
hour this is the logic behind many gurus saying that you should be eating small
meals frequently throughout the day with 20 to 25 grams of protein per meal so
that your body can actually absorb it all but the truth is that you can eat
one meal and you can eat your entire days worth of protein that you require
and still basically get the same results so here’s why that is I’m going to talk
about some studies which actually validate this in a second but first I
want you to just think about it from an evolutionary perspective first and just
use some common sense so in the past what do you think is more likely as a
more realistic scenario so scenario a you find lots of small meals with
protein or scenario B you don’t eat for a few days and then you and your tribe
and your caveman friends finally catch a mammoth or finally catch a cow a buffalo
whatever animal you’re trying to hunt and you finally get a huge source of
protein and because you’ve been fasted for a few days you binge out on that and
you eat all of it do you really think that your body in that situation is
going to be like sorry mate we’re only going to absorb 25 grams of the 250
grams of protein you just ate and leave the rest to waste because that’s the
truth and that’s what all these fitness gurus have been saying no of course not
your body wants to get the most out of all nutrients that it gets because our
body doesn’t understand water fridges we’re still designed genetically to live
in a world where food is scarce so your body doesn’t know that the next meal is
coming even though in your mind you do know that you’re going to get Chinese
food with your friends later this late later today the body is very good at
getting the nutrients out of the food you give it whatever you put into the
body chances are it’s gonna get most of that and get most of the nutrients of
that food regardless of whether you eat that gradually throughout the day or you
eat it all at once so the biggest reason why people want to know
eating all your protein at once is bad is because they’re scared that if they
do things like one meal a day or they do intamin fasting and are eating less but
bigger meals throughout the day then this means they’re going to lose more
muscle because they’re not utilizing that extra protein that be eating that
be getting from more frequent meals so the best studies we could look at
intamin fasting people versus normal frequent meals and see if there’s a
difference over time when they’re losing weight at the amount of muscle and
strength that they retain and the researchers actually made it very clear
that the people doing intamin fasting retained just as much muscle as the
people who would do more frequent meals as long as calories and protein are
controlled for so what this basically implies is that you can eat six meals a
day or you can eat one meal a day and as long as you’re having the same amount of
protein in that 24 hour period you’re going to get the same amount of results
in terms of muscle retention over time and saying this there is actually some
research that shows that more frequent meals are going to be better more
specifically a lot of the research points towards four meals a day with
your protein spread over four meals tends to be ideal if we’re talking about
protein synthesis in the body if you really look at that in a laboratory and
also things like eating your protein at night especially eating slow digesting
protein like casein is going to elevate blood amino acid levels throughout the
night and it’s going to prevent you going into a catabolic state it’s gonna
increase protein synthesis while you sleep so there are things like that to
consider so in an ideal world you’re eating all five meals a day with protein
and you’re also eating protein with one of those Mills before you sleep and
preferably casein protein but in terms of long term studies and long term
results the difference that this would make is going to be hardly anything so
it’s not worth stressing over and as always like I always say just focus on
your calories and your protein and you’re gonna be fine whether you have
more frequent meals who do fasting is a completely personal thing and it mostly
just comes down to comfort your schedule and not sustainable for you so it’s a
big myth that you can only absorb 25 grams of protein
and you need to be eating frequent meals to maximize muscle gain and muscle
retention it’s a myth but if you can do that then you’re better off doing that
especially if your goal is you know bulking and putting on as much muscle as
possible but when it comes to losing fat and retaining muscle it’s just about
what’s sustainable for you

11 thoughts on “How Much Protein Can You Absorb Per Meal?”

  1. I've been doing for 10 months now, OMAD and 20/4 eating window and my muscle mass increased. You just nees to get that protein in and it works. Good informational video!

  2. Thanks, Philip. I really enjoy and appreciate your videos; they always are informative and factual. I also have your terrific Ripped Dude Program….although I'm not yet one the ripped dudes! 😉

  3. Hey philips got a question lol, how can i increase my protein income? I mean with carbs and fat don't have a problem but most of the times i don't hit my protein macros … so im trying to find a way to increase it … should i just add even more food that has protein in my meals? Or like should i eat something else between my meals? Since im doing IF with the 16/8 protocol. I've heard of some protein shakes but i don't know if that works tbh

  4. I think the bigger question now is how much protein can you eat in one sitting without it turning into glycogen and making you fat again. For example, can you eat 50 grams of protein without it starting to turn into sugar? 75 grams? 150g? 500 grams? What is that optimal break-even point that you should try to not go over to avoid having that protein be wasted and turned into sugar and making you fat.

    It seems like every YouTuber is afraid to answer this question

  5. I love your channel man.. and your book.
    Great work!! Could you give your opinion on how much protein on can take in per kg body weight.

  6. I love steak too, but make that a special treat rather than a staple. My favorite "regular" protein intake includes sardines, nuts, seeds and plant based protein shakes. Goes well with my 16/8 & 20/4 intermittent fasting windows.

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