How I lost 25 pounds / 11.36 kg in 30 days (Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting)

Because I had drastically gained weight
last year. I’m talking about 40 to 50 pounds in 2018 Hey guys and welcome back to Keto
Changed My Life. I thought it right to start off with my Keto journey first
before I start interviewing guests on their amazing transformations. Initially
I’d told myself that I’d do Keto for six months to about a year before starting
this channel so that I can be like, “look guys I lost 70 pounds!!”, but then when I
thought about it, it made more sense to take on their journey with you guys. For
those of you who are new to Keto, it’s a low carb, high fat, and moderate protein
diet and the goal is for your body to eventually use fat as its primary source
of fuel or energy. I’ve been hearing about keto for a couple of years because
I’ve worked with patients who were on keto for medical reasons but I really
started to pay attention to it a few months ago when I saw a friend of mine
lose weight in what seemed like seconds honestly. I took a break off social media
and when I came back I saw one of her pictures that she posted and my jaw
literally dropped guys. I was like “what are you doing girl?” I think at that point
I was convinced that keto is what I needed to do because I had drastically
gained weight last year. I’m talking about 40 to 50 pounds in 2018. My first
day of keto was January 2nd 2019, so literally last month, but I did about a
month’s worth of research before I got started. I’m currently doing strict keto
where I’m counting my macros with intermittent fasting on a 20:4 schedule
so I’m eating two meals within a four hour period and then fasting for 20
hours. I have to say there’s times where I haven’t been able to fast
for the 20 hours so I tend to do a 16:8 schedule on those days. The first week
for me was really tough guys because I love rice I can have rice for breakfast,
lunch, dinner and snack and so I had some serious cravings that
first week. I even had nightmares of a bowl of rice chasing me around,
seriously it was bad but after the first week I was fine I was less hungry
and my cravings went away by like 60% i’d say. Now fast forward to today,
I’m still doing two meals a day but my cravings are completely gone and
fortunately for me I never got the keto flu because I was taking enough
electrolytes a day. I made sure that I had my electrolytes before my first day
of keto and that’s really the key guys. As far as food I made sure I ate everything
organic, I if I could find it organic. I usually eat the typical keto staples
like eggs, steak, fish, bacon, kale, spinach, cheese, healthy oils, nuts and seeds.
Basically I went through the list of keto approved foods and I used Dr. Berg’s
list and I shopped for all the foods that I could tolerate from the list
and I’ve been eating those over and over again this past month. So for next month
I’m trying to experiment more. I’m going to try some of the cool recipes I usually
see people making but as of last month I just kept it extremely simple and
basic.So my goal this time was to do a monthly weigh-in because every time I get on
a weight-loss journey I get really obsessed with the scale
which becomes discouraging. Let’s look at some before and after pictures. Alright
here we go I started off at 235 pounds on January
3rd. Like I said I’ll be doing my weigh-ins once a month but I’ve been
taking progress pictures every 10 days. This was day one, this is day 20, and this
is day 30 which was about a few days ago. This is all the days combined. So far I’m down to 210 pounds which is really mostly water weight and a little
fat burning. Before I leave I want to share this quote I saw from Dr. Ken D.
Berry’s Instagram page. It says “Your current weight is someone else’s goal
weight.” That really resonated a lot with me because a lot of times I look at
someone that’s at my goal weight and looks nice and shredded like I want to
eventually be and I start to feel hopeless wondering if I’ll ever get to
that goal weight but when I read this quote, I realized that there’s someone
out there that would love to be at my current weight. There’s someone out there
that’s maybe 500 pounds and every day is like I wish I can just hit that 400
pound mark and then that person that’s 300 pounds that can’t wait until they
hit 200 and then maybe 150 or 120 pounds, whatever their goal weight is. So I just
want to encourage you that wherever you are the goal is just to get started and
keep going. Focus on you and don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourselves to
others. Thank you so much for watching don’t
forget to subscribe, like, and comment below. Bye 🙂

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