High protein, High Meat Air Dried Diet for Your Dog – Only Natural Pet MaxMeat

High protein, High Meat Air Dried Diet for Your Dog – Only Natural Pet MaxMeat

– Only Natural Pet’s MaxMeat was
formulated to offer an easy-to-serve, high protein, real meat diet. We found
these high-quality, free range meat sources. And our holistic
veterinarians added nutrient-dense organ meat. Because in the wild, our pet’s
ancestors were eating the entire animal. The benefits of MaxMeat are
its high protein with 90% meat, air dried for optimal nutrition,
and a grain-free complete diet. We call it MaxMeat because it’s a whole
prey diet maximizing the incredible source of animal protein only found
in muscle and organ meat. These meat sources are combined
with stomach-soothing pumpkin, and nutrient-dense parsley, which combine
to make MaxMeat an incredibly healthy, high protein, high meat diet. MaxMeat is gently air dried as opposed
to being cooked to high temperatures like kibble. This process preserves the
naturally occurring nutrients like protein and amino acids. Used as a topper,
a treat, or a complete meal, Only Natural Pet’s MaxMeat offers
a variety of uses. Preparation is simple
and dogs can’t resist it. ♪ [music] ♪

3 thoughts on “High protein, High Meat Air Dried Diet for Your Dog – Only Natural Pet MaxMeat”

  1. I really love these wonderful videos. Please keep making them whenever possible. I am happy to be an affiliate and support your store on my website: http://www.dogperday.com

  2. I wish there was a way to get a sample of this product?  I have tried other natural dog foods, via mail order – and it's always a risk that my pets (2) won't care for it, and then I'm stuck with a lot of dog food.  I purchased from CHEWYS.com – a dehydrated brand that sits for hours, before my dogs finally eat it.  It's suppose to be Human Grade.  (The Honest Kitchen brand)   I have two dogs, so spending this amount of money – I need to be sure.   Juliana in New Jersey USA

  3. I have used this for 3. mths as a boost to my 4 dogs kibble. I rotate the different proteins and they love it. Having a movement disorder l can’t always cook for them. I feel good about using this product in their eve meal. They get the Wholesome Homemade Stew with their am meal.

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