High Protein Chickpea Jollof Recipe | 75g Vegan Bodybuilder

High Protein Chickpea Jollof Recipe | 75g Vegan Bodybuilder

it’s your brother Paul, the vegan builder, listen I want to show you guys something I made recently o my lord it was tasty, chickpea jollof is what I’m going to call it jollof is a Nigerian dish normally made with rice for those who do not know but this one here protein-packed nutritious, let’s get this party started the first thing you should do is keep your chickpeas soaked over night but if you can;t, get yourself pressure cooker put your chickpeas in put it on the fire get water to cover your chickpeas then close it, it will take you about half an hour to boil, to cook, the cherry on top baby, ite guys while the chickpeas is boiling I want to talk you through five signs that you need to be aware of that your body telling you you know what you need to cleanse you need to change how you eating you need to just be a bit more wary losing weight baby, losing weight, buying jeans is the hardest thing for a bodybuilder, one minute you’re bulking, next minute you’re shredding, look at me man, see how much weight loss I’ve lost everybody down don’t worry be happy Look i ain;t got a tripod, so i’m using this. life… we’re going to let that sit down for a bit and then we’re going to focus on the stew make sure it’s right, i’m doing mine oil free but the original nigerian recipe does have oil but they use seed oil, vegetable oil, personally i stay away from that but this is tasty regardless, so we’ll focus on this, fresh time, all vegetables, when you cook them they strink so you don’t have to worry about a big bunch, it’s just for taste that natural taste, as you can see it’s shrinking already I’m going to cook it from all 50 minutes let the water evaporate. don’t worry about too much spinach, it will shrink it would just be like an extra delicacy that you can taste, food is ready this has got to be one of my best recipes you lot should definitely try this

26 thoughts on “High Protein Chickpea Jollof Recipe | 75g Vegan Bodybuilder”

  1. Man, jollof is tasty! I haven't had it since we lived in Walthamstow a few years ago, I'm so glad you brought that back to my mind, thank you! Making it this week 😊🌱👊

  2. Joloff is not Nigerian, it is west African. It originated from the Senegalese Joloff dynasty. Now African countries like Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal make it. Fun fact!

  3. #ouuuu!! So question – Do you fry any of your foods? And if not why? is it to do with the toxins that are produced when you fry oil?

  4. that looks great! I made chickpea curry the other day and I used to do a recipe similar to this so I'm defo gonna try this

  5. got question how many reps should you do and how many sets e.g is doing push ups or weight liftining genral good if you do like 5 sets of 20 reps or more like 8 to 12 reps of 5 sets?

  6. cookin with no shirt on though, good god!!! 😋 looks tasty, and oh yeah the food too! haha i need more vids more often from you, ASAP.

  7. I ain't vegan, 18 n still live my mum but when I move out I'm gunna go vegan or try too. You really put ur point across rather than just slating an belittle people like vegan gains. Keep up the vids bro

  8. Looks great definitely gonna try this ,you planning on showing us any more African inspired recipes?I dont know if you eat it but Okro soup has to be my favourite

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