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today I’m too crazy Kito’s we’re gonna review one of Rachel’s favorite snacks cookies from Heike snacks okay good we will review this right after this [Music] hey what’s up family I made a dumb joke and we are two crazy kids if you’re new to our channel welcome here on to crazy cuz we do different things like recipe videos we do product reviews we talk about various keto topics and then every Monday we sit down on the couch for Q on the couch we just kind of talk about what’s going on in our lives for the week you can find us in different social media platforms like Facebook Instagram and Twitter we also have a website which is too crazy ketosis calm and that’s refined all very different recipes now we do upload at least five new videos every single week so make sure you subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to hit the little belt icon in that way every single time we upload a new video you’ll be alerted to it yeah so today we’re going to review another set of cookies oh thank goodness and these are from Heike cookies I was so afraid when you were like oh we’re gonna review Rena Rachel’s like favorite snacks that it was gonna be like organ me or something now we did actually meet Heike when we were at keto con we didn’t meet heike well we met the owner yeah and we really like the products they have a few different things that we like we had never NOLA we did their granola we did their cereal but they said then we’ve had their cheese crisps which we really like I like their sugar blends the sugar blend and they reached out to us and said would we review their cookies and they actually have two different kinds and we’ve had the chocolate chip ones can we eat cookies yes we can eat cookies for yes and us the chocolate chip and they sent us the snickerdoodle I don’t think our tricks we’re do not try this doodle so this is how it comes they sell them on Amazon if you do this I will leave a link down in the description we are not affiliated with them at all no but we do really like it is the chocolate chip was one thing it’s hard to find the crunch keto cookies a lot of them are very soft yes and Whalley at times so a box of these is you get three of them and again they’re on Amazon and there are 14 dollars for a box of three so one for Jo and two for me and they’ll also make sure you’re following them they put a lot of sales up all the time I always see sales on their Amazon page I also see stuff showing up in Facebook all the time where they be buy-one-get-one-free deals and stuff like that yes where you’re always checking well you don’t get they don’t like blow you up like jo-ann fabrics no it’s like an internet terrorism group like I signed up for their emails and I get like five a day well I actually got in there like the monk fruit erythritol blend because yeah once you start like looking at their product they like kind of follow you on Facebook and stuff and I got it there was a thing in Facebook where you got the monk fruit erythritol blend for like a dollar you can try it Wow make sure you’re following them and checking out their website okay so a little bit on the back there’s some copy says um Heike fuel the journey made with only simple clean ingredients these are snacks that let you fill up on the great taste without slowing you down they give you the nourishment that you need to get your next milestone grab them on the go or wherever you need a boost and take a bite in the right direction and it’s a bite I mean it’s really nice so it says the Heike way gluten free grain free naturally sweetened made with almond flour coconut oil and collagen low net carb and keto friendly so the ingredients in these cookies and this is the snickerdoodle flavor okay we’ve had that we haven’t reviewed the chocolate chip they’re good they’re really good ingredients almond flour natural sweetener which is a root all monk fruit extract and stevia extract it’s a blend that is incredible and they sell the blend yes they say their blends then they have coconut oil butter which is cream and milk and salt then there’s dried eggs vanilla extract baking powder a hydrologist collagen cinnamon guar gum xanthan gum and sea salt look in it is making it so crunchy I don’t know but we haven’t even tried these so we don’t have the question we’ve only had those they have to be crunchy so the nutrition facts on this this one bag is two servings god bless you high key serving size is six pieces okay or 30 grams 150 calories per serving 14 grams of fat four grams of protein nine total carbohydrates 2 grams of fiber six grams of erythritol which makes that how much one net Carver sourcing and that’s six cookies yes so if you to just splurge and eat the entire bag because I would you’d be eating 300 calories you’d be eating 28 grams of fat you’d be eating eight grams of protein 18 total carbohydrates but only to net carbs that is crazy by the way the fiber that’s in there that’s coming from your almond flour and stuff because there’s nothing else in there there’s no like extra fibers or anything like that added to this are you ready yes am I ready Oh No let me get prepared to eat cookies yes I’m ready oh this bags a little broken up oh it’s good so I’m gonna get out a couple of unfortunately this bag made kind of broken into pieces well more more for a reason Rachel that would just stay you know they don’t count okay so I’ll give you one look at how cute these are so these are like little cookies like this that’s it we can focus on that okay should we weigh out of serving since we have our scale sure what if we say it was 30 grams 30 grams that’s more than six pieces yeah that’s 31 grams I say you bust it up before you eat them and you get more okay let me put this back or we’re gonna eat the whole bowl I will right yeah mmm dang those were good okay I want to refresh my memory we could talk with chip ones I agree I think you should those are so buttery let’s do the chocolate chip ones ingredients real quick almond flour natural sweeteners I’m not gonna read all this stuff in okay then you have chocolate chips which are unsweetened okay and then you have chocolate with it and then made with chocolate erythritol cocoa butter stevia sunflower lecithin and that’s all the chocolate chips then you have coconut oil butter prebiotic fiber dried eggs and a vanilla extract baking powder hydrolyzed collagen sea salt damn de memoire gum so this one actually does have a little bit of sunflower lecithin because these are not as crunchy see as these were so it must be that these are like melt in your mouth they’re crunchy enough you know what they taste like the most delicious crust that you’ve ever had unlike cheesecake yeah yes these are a little bit softer yeah that is the chocolate chip one there we go okay right they’re tiny but they’re mighty yeah Wow yeah I like chocolate chip better unsweetened my but it’s like so mostly milk chocolate chips were unsweetened it’s like unsweetened chocolate and then they sweeten with erythritol and their stuff cuz it is so stinking good these no kidding identical to Chips Ahoy cookies yeah identical like if you give these to your kids they will not know they are eating a sugar-free custody only there will be like are these new and the ones that we’ve been eating are old because there is a buttery freshness to those because of the good clean ingredients there’s not garbage ingredients in there so you’re getting that crunch that you’re used to is like a chips away crunch but you’re not getting like the stale taste yes no kidding they taste identical to a mini Chips Ahoy cookies that’s what it tastes every kid every buy every I mean you can’t even use usually almond flour cookies you can tell it’s almond flour you can’t tell these wrong no those are really good these are by far my favorite keto cookies and I think they’re the best tasting store-bought keto cookies I think they do okay so since we pulled it out the chocolate chip one is a hundred and forty calories per serving 13 grams of fat a little bit less fat 11 total carbohydrates a little bit higher in the total carbs 3 grams of protein and you’ve got seven grams of erythritol 2 grams of dietary fiber so this is 11 total carbs – net carbs per serving this one is 10 total carbs 1 net carbs like these are good they’re all really good a wrong I just like these better it’s just those are such magnificent chocolate chip cookies that if you really miss like real chocolate chip cookies that are crunchy what this is just reminding me of my childhood it is so good or my adulthood when I actually went and bought that stuff because that’s a when you could get the name-brand one so you want put this through five things I think five things so if you’re new to our channel we review all products based on five things we talked about the ingredients does a keto based on the nutrition label how does it taste how much does it cost and finally would we recommend it so number one the ingredients very nice cleaning very super clean ingredients I mean the snickerdoodles got absolutely nothing added to it that’s bad this one I mean it’s got some more or less oven which isn’t bad I mean it’s just great products well you can tell integrity when they are able to sell their sweetener blends separately yes like they’re not ashamed of what they’re putting out yeah they’re like hey make your own cookies with it if you want yeah so number two I’m doing three number two does the keto based on a nutrition label yes all the way down both flavors 140 calories 13 grams of fat three grams of protein or four grams of protein I mean so it’s super much higher in fat than protein yeah and pretty low carb especially for a ketose snack I’m in total carbs 11 total carbs one carb two net carbs usually the only way that you can get this low and net carbs on a keto like desert option is to go like ice cream route yeah so if you’re looking for something crunchy you this is kind of Awesome and again if you if you eat them one by one and not like I would probably do where I take six and throw them in my mouth it’ll last you a little there their flavor packs yeah they are flavor pop so number three how do they taste they’re so good they’re really good it makes me want to pack a lunch and go to school yeah he does I’m not exaggerating when I say when it comes to Kido cookies in a lot we don’t do a lot of keto cookies unless we’re reviewing them we get them in a pack we don’t really buy them I have actually bought this yeah because we’re not affiliates with them now um I think that the best-tasting keto cookie and I think some of that does come from it just reminds me of pre keto when you would indulge on a Chips Ahoy or something like that Famous Amos say oh we have to his name was didn’t well those are a little bit softer than these yeah these are really crunchy these are really crunchy not crunchy hard just like the protec crunchiness just delicious so number four how much do they cost so I have my computer over here again looking on Amazon they are 13 dollars and 97 cents for a box which comes with three bags okay so that’s about four dollars and sixty cents a bag only two dollars and thirty-six somewhere around so you’re in the bar Bryce yeah bar price nice good taste you know I happen to really like him and again is that their regular price on there they do have a subscribe and save price as well and again watch for coupons because they’re putting coupons on there all the time go follow their website that kind of stuff yeah so number five would we recommend them definitely in fact I’m like thinking in my mind you know what I know I always talk about adding stuff to to ice cream but like this is crunchy like thick you’re not adding this to ice cream this is to just either this man I’m gonna smash some up and I’m like put it on top of ice cream you put everything on ice we reverse ice cream cone well that is our video for today I do is favorite let us know down in the comments section have you ever tried Heike cookies and which ones are your favorite do you like the snickerdoodle or do you like the chocolate chip cookie and if you haven’t tried them which one would you want to snickerdoodle or chocolate chip cookie so that is our video for today if you like what you saw I do his favorite hit that like down below and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the little belt icon in that way every single time we upload a new video you’ll be alert so until next time bye [Music] [Music]

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