Healthy Nutrition Tips for 2020 – Follow a Healthier Diet

Healthy Nutrition Tips for 2020 – Follow a Healthier Diet

hi guys welcome back to the latest
edition of PG Tips today i’m following on from coach sam’s but last week and we
continue in that theme of the new year’s evolution trying to get a new you for
the better so today i’m gonna be talking about healthy nutrition tips for 2020
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friends about it it really means a lot to us so when we’re in 2020 a lot of you
will be taking on some New Year’s resolutions and among that a lot of you
will start to take on new diets so I’m sure you’re all going to go on the
internet go on Google and some of the diets you might come across are as
follows you might come across the term paleo you might come across the term
keto maybe the Atkins diet might come across juice cleansing and maybe some
intermittent fasting so when you’re doing your research what we need to do
is we need to be critical of what you read I’m going to ask the question what
do all of these things have in common and the majority of the time is that
they’re all fad diets and they’re all short term fixes for a long term problem
so the things that they have in common is they’ll get you great results within
those first 30 days but then afterwards you’re gonna plateau and you’re gonna
get stuck where you were and more often than not you’re gonna rebound to a place
that worse off than before you started and what they all have in common they’re
not specific to you as an individual when you are reading about these I
employee to do make sure you try them you don’t know if anything is going to
work for you if you don’t try them you need to know if you can stick to
something or if you can’t so try them all but make sure you keep some kind of
journal or some kind of log of how successful they work for you and whether
or not you would like to continue with that process because we just want you to
do something that you can adhere to no matter what it is it’s all about
adherence and consistency if you can adhere and be consistent to the keto diet
all right and it’s working for you start to lose weight that’s great well done to
you but it’s cool because this for a lot of
people increase in that fat content if you’re not an active person you’re just
gonna be a lot worse off you’re not gonna be able to metabolize that fat
it’s just gonna get stored and you’re gonna end up putting on a lot more
weight than if you were an active person as well as doing this how do we get
around these 30-day fats so the best thing you can do is make that buyer
specific to you as an individual now by any means this isn’t the best thing that
you can do but a great thing that precision nutrition have put forward
recently is to make your portion sizes specific to you is something called
two-hand rule so for males and females when you are eating specifically your
lunches and dinners a great thing that you can do a great tip to make sure the
portion size is adequate for your and appropriate for your needs it’s the
usual hand is your measurement device so when you’re cooking you can’t hydrate so
you press it I see your potatoes your breads it’s used a cocked handful so
literally get your pasta pot stick your hand in scoop out whatever that is in
Rahway so what if that’s wool rice or pasta whatever layers throw that in the
pot and boil that so that’s gonna be your carbohydrate portion size for that
meal when it comes to the protein using a closed fist of protein and I mean my
fist is pretty big but some people might be smaller and if you’re a smaller
person that’s gonna be quite an appropriate portion size for you so lean
meat a closed hand is going to be great so for me that’s a chicken breast but
maybe a hamburger it’s gonna be really really good and you want it to be the
same thickness and density of your hand as well in terms of fat we’re looking
for a thumbs length of visible fat on your plate so if you’re eating a steak
if you’ve got visible fat on there so if you’re upstaging who’s got a nice cup of
fat on it you don’t have to eat a fun a thumbs length of that fat or maybe if
you’re having a salad you want to add a bit of healthy fat to get some probably
unsaturated olive oil to that it’s about two teaspoons were so looking at that
look visible measure it’s gonna be really
really useful and then topping the up round up size of macronutrients rounding
that off is to use your two hands flat and that should be as much colorful
fruit and vege as possible this for making sure we get as many micro
nutrients and vitamins and minerals as possible to ensure that our body
functions send the best possible shape to help us metabolize those
macronutrients and keep us active if we have now become active in one of our New
Year’s resolutions so as I mentioned before keeping the training log is going
to be crucial to ensure the success of diet whether you’re doing one of these
whether or not you’re following what I’ve just suggested as precision
nutrition suggests doing the hand ball if you’re not assessing you’re getting
how do you know if it’s working if you’re not keeping track of it I know it
is tedious for some people and I know it does take a long a long time especially
if you’re in a rush you got busy job busy family life it’s really really
tough to keep on track of these things but there are some really good apps out
there like light Sun is a great app that I like to use my fitness power is
another really really good useful one it keeps track of total macronutrients but
also your total calories for the day as well so make sure that you are assessing
constantly so that you can continue to manipulate and evaluate as you go
through because if you try the Atkins diet for instance you find that it’s
having great results for you love that and then if there’s certain things about
it that you don’t like you can reevaluate you can tweak that one thing
to make sure that you are constantly progressing and that you don’t plateaus
as I mentioned if you just stick to these things they’ll work great for
about 30 days and then you just got a plateau so keeping the log is really
going to help that even it’s just that first month so you have a better idea
because you have visible idea of portion sizes for you won’t need to keep
referring and log in everything and also you have a better understanding how
you’re feeling on certain diets as well so make sure you constantly assess and
reevaluate and then the final thing is in the same vein of that reevaluation is
it’s continually also question how is that working for you if you
in the hand rule and you’ve now seen energy levels are rocking you’re feeling good
you’re feeling fresh all the time and that you’re able to go and complete your
workout you’re not getting tired during that workout anymore you’re not feeling
us fatigued then this is working great for you so I
want you to constantly ask that question alternatively if you’re following the
hand rule and you realize that actually the keto is working better for you I’ve
stuff like question how is it working for you and from there we can continue
to progress reevaluate And redetermine our goals and values to make sure that
we’re actually aligning everything so if we’re now active and we’re now aligning
our diet with that we are then got to move on the right path towards goals and
if we’re not how’s that working for you why is it not working answer that
question fix what’s not working so that you can continually move forward and
meet your goals thank you so much for watching guys we hope you enjoy that
video and I’ve been enjoying the current series on New Year’s evolution make sure
you tune in next week and we’ve got our group vlog which I know you all enjoy
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