Godlovessophiia makes Chicken rinds- Keto snacks

[Music] you guys are going to need chicken well you really need the chicken skin so I got two whole chickens from Costco we’re gonna need oil obviously because we’re gonna be deep frying the chicken skin and then I usually clean my chicken with lemon but since there’s no lemon I’m using this I think it’s a 10 jello from the backyard as long as it’s citrus or however you create your chicken put some oil in the pot like you’re about to deep-fry I’m gonna start mine off with a medium and then I’ll brace it a little bit so I’ll start cutting the skin off the chicken poor chicken I know I know I know I know I’m gonna just leave these two links [Applause] with the skin so you’re gonna put the skin in a bowl put some water in there [Music] does it matter that there is raw chicken on there because we’re gonna throw this away anyway so you’re just gonna please please the citrus juice in the water to clean the chicken [Music] [Music] see how they’re becoming golden now but you can tell with the with the tongs if they’re still soft or not and you don’t want them to be soft you want them to be nice crunchy so the outside is still crunchy but the inside is soft still but they’re almost done [Music] okay we’re gonna start putting them on paper towels and if you’re doing keto I mean this is fattening enough but I mean you can add extra butter if you want or something so now you’re going to just let them cool off so I’m gonna go ahead and taste one and and Kido you lose a lot of sodium so they taste good now but I’m gonna go ahead and add some seasoning and this one is Grace’s Caribbean seasoning or you could just put Himalayan salt if you want I got a chase bomb and you can take these with you just put them in a bag or eat them up the house but don’t throw away your chickens good shot right make sure to follow me on instagram @ god loves Sophia SOP hii ate and also on Twitter God loves Sophia as well

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