Fix Your Metabolism: Insulin Resistance Explained – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Fix Your Metabolism: Insulin Resistance Explained – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind lowing
Health and Wellness with Violet Pat Chat Edition I’m Violet and I’m Pat we make these
videos to go over some of the information that we get online so that
we can help you to make better decisions about how you’re gonna live a ketogenic
lifestyle what do we have to attack in my research like in my past research I
came across an article about insulin resistance hey and I realized that I
didn’t know much about I know it’s the source of many problems but I realized I
didn’t know much about insulin resistance over here so let’s do a
insulin resistance for the knees I’m freaking out over here because Patrick
is saying that he doesn’t know a lot about insulin resistance how much do I
talk about it but okay first part insulin resistance increases
the risk of I have three points but I’m challenging oh it increases the risk of
diabetes okay heart disease and I would say psychological so mental so brain
issues and being overweight but I think that before you even get to the part
where you’re overweight your insulin resistance is out of control yeah so
what are your like signs of insulin resistance like in your body and your
like visible like visible signs so okay so they’re giving you some symptoms yeah
things to look out signs yeah yeah so I’m gonna say fatigue first of all
because what’s happening is that your body’s ability to manage the sugar is
going to be affected by your insulin levels because insulin is always on and
you’re always shuttling sugar away you can have less energy like just
free-floating energy to use so I think fatique would be one I do think slight
rises in in weight is gonna be another one even before you become obese you
probably will just notice that you’re kind of slowly slowly gaining weight so
if you for example for me was like a it was that like I was after every meal I
was crashing basically crashing I had like to have a nap after like my
afternoons at work were were like infernal I was like falling
asleep meeting after supper I had to take a nap it was like just maybe the
after breakfast that I was like okay maybe because your coffee but like yeah
so so so look at those look at that sign like an increase in in being feeling
tired and fatigued like is a good sign of insulin resistance extreme thirst or
hunger if you’re hungry all the time okay I didn’t say that but like it I
mean yeah it’s obvious right because if you’re constantly putting away the sugar
so the energy then your body is looking for the energy and not to mention that
dopamine hit your body’s pushing you to eat because it wants more sugar because
you’re always on this treadmill right of like eating sugar putting the sugar way
eating sugar putting the sugar away and so the dopamine so that high we get
after we eat something sweet your body wants to stay on that though so yeah I
could see where that would be I get another another yeah I don’t know if
it’s a pain point but yeah so if you’re in the pattern of like having a
breakfast and needing a snack and I having lunch and having a snack and
adding a supper and needing a snack because you’re hungry all the time
that’s a good swing that he might oh that’s true like not being able to make
it between 1 million xed yeah chasing food so it is a cool time ok increased
our frequent urination so if you need to go to bathroom all the time with your
carbs you know again I guess it makes sense right because you’re eating a
bunch of carbs and you will retain somewhere you’re gonna tear enough also
you have inflammation you’re gonna retain some water and then what’s gonna
happen your body’s gonna put the carbohydrates away mmm what’s happening
but you’re really so far yeah so yeah that does make sense
ok tingling sensations in hands or feet ok this one is to do with neuropathy
you know like so one of the things that when you talk about inflammation out
when you’re talking about damage like I wonder because the other thing you get
you can have as gout yeah so all these place
all these things where your body is having inflammation that the so the
nerves can get affected because of like needs to repair and so again I’m not a
hundred percent sure not a doctor but what I do understand is that every time
you incur damage to your body of course you’re gonna have physical like
sensational repercussions to that and I’ve heard about people having tingling
sensations I think probably even in my history I might have had tingling
sensations and not really known why why my hands get tingly sometimes or yeah
okay frequent infections actually the first time I saw it it was like really sick III have been sick like before but
I even think in that case when they’re saying frequent infections they’re
talking even worse than that they’re talking about for example ladies who
might have urinary tract infections or I was the other one called I can’t read
the other ones called but like you know like lady infections and then then you
also have the the infections like where you get a cut and it gets infected the
reason for that is that you know if you have a lot of sugar in your body you’re
gonna be feeding whatever microbes end up getting into your body right and
they’re allowing them to proliferate it’s the other reason that also cancer
okay yeah cuz I guess that would be the next one right but cancer is another
thing that will be fed and grow better better in a car be body okay yeah of
course like there’s like the evidence and blood work what kind of evidence are
we would be like the high blood glucose well what actually you wouldn’t have
high blood glucose right away right you have insulin resistance you won’t so
high blood glucose since you get to diabetic okay so but what you would see
is that if you do that glucose test and like your numbers like how quickly you
come back down from when you take the glucose solution takes much longer than
a typical person but again because you’re having a big reaction because
you’re not used to having so if I have insulin resistance I’m gonna have a poor
numbers but also if I’m doing it’s a tricky part right if you’re doing
Keitel you do need to let your doctors know that you’re doing keto if you’re
gonna do any kind of diabetic slash glucose test because you’re not gonna
result your results are not gonna be the same as everybody else but I don’t know
exactly what numbers they were talking about just like in just like in evidence
so we’re just like signs of insulin resistance so evidence in blood works
the other one that actually I did myself because I saw it in another article or
like skin tags so so if you have skin tags like usually like you know the
folds of where your eyes are and like for ladies it could be under your
breasts like it’s under your armpits in groin areas that people get them you
know crack about talks those kind of places where you kind of sweat a bit
more remember having them like armpits like since I’ve been eating better
better lifestyle no more skin tags we have signs we know like it’s bad you
don’t really don’t want to get there because it leads to a bunch of help come
out complication most of us already their own yeah true most of us walk
around insulin resistance from a very young age yeah yeah and I’m I wonder
like even our kids will get there even earlier than us in our lives like with
all the junk in all the process and prepackaged food like when you think
they’re doing work kid like did you have as much junk food as your kids I didn’t
know I remember like in my time like my my my mom was like packing me but in my
lunch I always had like this little package cake like you know here that we
had Montreal like the little Mae West and it was white bread sandwich we did
but I’m more talking about the Mae West and whatever I remember my mom would buy
like we didn’t have we would join me so like my mom would buy as you Louie for
us like maybe once a month as a treat for our like so
we’d have like you know I mean there’s like I think eight in a package and
myself and my brother so four days but on the flip side of the coin I do
remember drinking those Bessie drinks which now I looked at is just sugar
water okay so like we had some junk but like we didn’t have like usually was
like a sandwich yeah some fruit yeah and honestly like you’re nearly huntin like
the sandwich with white bread and probably crappy meat and the fruit and
the juice and the jewelry or the may waste or the cake I do think for sure
that we had like some poor lunches I would say like in terms of like what’s
considered like with what we know today but I still feel like in in my house
like my mom was much more like you need to have a good lunch you’re supposed to
eat properly but then of course the definition of properly now we look back
on it right but I could say like compared to my daughter who for the
longest while before we understood all the stuff like I had no problem buying
her like M&Ms and whatever like to put in her lunchbox because they were
allowed whatever and like now I’m like okay yeah you have to be more like you
know and even that that is still hard because what they can travel with yeah
and like although my daughter’s pretty good she likes eating food so that’s
easier but like what she can travel with you know it’s harder like I think I
don’t know if the boys if you have the same issue but it’s like there’s only so
much they can travel with yeah but at the same time it’s once you know what we
know some changes to their lunch buck was kind of and they were easy to make
like a stop putting juice box in their in their lunch like this is all like
already a poorly 830 40 grams of sugar and they go with water never complain
like that was an easy change I can I can I can’t take credit for that one because
Kyler stop having juice in heist in elementary school when the teacher
talked to them about drinking more water and she came home and said I’m gonna
drink water and I think from her on grade three she’s been drinking water
all the time so I can’t take credit for that one another one we made there was
actually a the more think about it like fruits
there there’s actually sure no more almost no more fruits in the in the
house I have one that likes bananas so once in a while I’m gonna I’m gonna get
bananas but like yeah put cheese instead and like so so there’s a few switches
that you can say that that yeah us too like I I mean I wasn’t big on buying
fruit to begin with because but I was buying fruit before for Kyler and she’s
not she I can’t missing them well again I don’t think that it was ever like such
a huge deal for her because but but at the same time she would take it if it
was there and funny enough like Jake the last few times I bought apples they came
back so that’s why I stopped buying them so okay so next section I’ll you treat
insulin resistance sugar that you’re eating so I don’t know what else they’re
gonna say but that’s the answer yeah yeah but they did so I think it all
comes to about to that so medication but last resort like definitely before
getting to medication you should try to modify your lives to change your
lifestyle what I’m going to say because I’m gonna correct that medication does
not treat insulin resembles medication hides insulin resistance when you take a
medication because you’re basically at that point you’re diabetic or
pre-diabetic all it’s doing is forcing your body to either create insulin or
giving you actual insulin that that’s not actually solving the problem yeah so
I disagree with that part of this article that’s not solving the problem
what does that mean it’s masking it’s masking but it forces you to store the
sugar in cells that actually can’t even have like anymore so basically she’s
just overloading your fat cells and that’s like why you usually on that
medication you you become even more well actually in those medications so you
know what’s interesting to me and I think this is something that I’m saying
this as my observation I’m not a doctor but what I’ve noticed is that people
start taking medication so either that glucophage or whatever it is that that
causes you your body to produce more insulin or they start taking insulin and
one of the things that I noticed so you’d go back to infections now they’ve
got infections in their feet and they’ve got infections in their ID they got a
fit and it’s like well yeah if you’re forcing sugar into cells that so
basically storing fat more fat where there isn’t room for fat and then you
become you you start to have parts of your body that are basically dying and
we don’t want to accept and understand that the medication isn’t helping us you
know like it’s very rare that you see someone change their diet and they’re
getting their leg cut off I’ve never seen it before
change your diet usually means that the insulin resistance goes away and you
don’t have to take any medication and you feel better the only thing I might
add to that is like the time be patient if you’re if you’re maybe like we were
like at the certain level of insulin resistance maybe pre-diabetic or it
takes time like don’t expect changes in two weeks so when you say take don’t
expect changes you mean like I do see changes but like maybe if you’re
followed by a doctor that like is taking your blood like your your bloodwork like
every week like should we expect so what’s interesting to me okay
so what’s interesting to me is we go back to those triglycerides and
cholesterol and those things because what’s what I think gets a lot of people
in at odds with their doctor when you start eating properly keto lifestyle or
carnivore what happens is that your body is able then to use the fat that you
have stored on you well what happens when your body breaks down fat well you
have more free-floating fat getting used and so sometimes when you take blood
tests it’s showing that you have excessive amounts of triglycerides it’s
showing that you have excessive amounts of cholesterol it’s because like what
you’re saying your body hasn’t regulated yet and so one of the things I find
interesting is that if your doctor is concerned
like yes you need to be transparent that you’ve changed the way you’re eating
still many doctors won’t understand it’s up to you I can’t tell you what to do I
know for myself that there was an acceptance that the research shows I’m
gonna go to the doctor there’s gonna be blood work saying
you’re not okay but if I would persevere eventually my blood work would say well
it’s okay right and I think this is the thing is like if you have confidence
what you’re doing if you feel better if you’re seeing that your weight is
regulating if you’re seeing that you have more energy if you’re seeing that
you know like your skin is improving and so when you’re getting all the evidence
from your body to say yep this is a better way to be eating you’re gonna
have more confidence to push forward now where does it become tricky there’s so
many people who will do a key to lifestyle for three weeks and then
they’re gonna cheat and then we’re gonna do ‘quite a lifestyle for two months and
then they’re gonna cheat then they’re you know they’re gonna oh it’s Christmas
and they’re gonna eat something and when you do that to yourself what you’re
really doing is you know you’re dieting and you’re also creating this situation
where your body it can’t actually fully heal because you keep reintroducing the
poison and then when your doctors doing the tests the tests don’t actually end
up changing and so now the doctor has evidence to say to you we’ll know you’re
wrong because look you’re not just not getting any better
so I would encourage people you know if you’re gonna live a ketogenic lifestyle
live the ketogenic lifestyle commit find entertainment in people and activities
right find a hobby and let your food be what it’s supposed to be to build your
body and to fuel your body you’ll do better yeah okay so medication last
resort then we talked about like carb intake so much carb intake like you say
we just like make sure you’re 20 grams or less eat veggies of course like but
like avoid the starchy ones so we know like salads or the best I will call
good because they have a lot of fiber so do you do your research broccoli
cauliflower good consume fish frequently so fish meat good meat I guess
and that wasn’t that’s that’s one is interesting smaller but more frequent
meals wrong yeah they they’re saying that is that bigger meals will trigger a
higher insulin response compared to a smaller meal will trigger a small engine
response every time you eat a meal you trigger an insulin response because your
body has to put that stuff away when you have carbs in your meal and large
amounts of carbs in your meal you have the most insulin response so if I eat
smaller but more frequent meals and let’s say I’m doing perfectly so let’s
say I’m doing carnivore mm-hmm and so I’m not eating any carbs but I’m
doing carnivore if I have six meals just meat I’m gonna have six medium responses
if I have one meal just meat I’m gonna have one medium response because I’ve
eaten protein in fact there’s no carbohydrates in the meal so it’s like
they what they’re misunderstanding is that there’s like if I eat an ounce of
meat versus three ounces of meat I need more insult no it’s not about
that it’s what did I eat this is where it goes back to that whole thing of when
you drink sorry when you eat an artificial sweetener versus a real
sweetener if you remember that all your body knows is that this foreign body is
coming in that it needs to get out its gonna mobilize itself right with the
force that it takes for that when you’re talking about a fat protein and
carbohydrate these are not foreign but our tongue tells our body that sugars
coming so what does it do well sugars toxic it makes space right
so eat you haven’t even eaten the full amount and it’s already down there
making space is part of the reason that it’s better for us to rather than have
an artificial sweetener to eat something so if there’s no sugar in it to let it
taste like there’s no sugar or there’s less sugar
because when our tongue gets the oh this isn’t sweet it doesn’t trigger that
reaction like because again the the cephalic response to sugar is to protect
us right so this is where I’m gonna go backwards now if I have six meals but
each time my tongue is tapped that’s fat and protein it’s gonna do an
insulin reaction for fat and protein so but it’s still doing the reaction right
it’s like put the card down on the table Oh put an ace it’s fat and pro it’s fat
Oh put a five it’s protein whoa put a king its sugar right the reaction is
there because you’ve ingested it right it doesn’t know how much it’s coming
it’s just gonna keep reacting to the up it’s coming in I’m so I don’t I from
everything that I’ve read from the doctors that I’ve been paying attention
to having multiple meals is absolutely worse for you than having three meals or
even better two or one meal you’re having one insulin response and even if
there’s carbohydrates in it it’s one large insulin response rather than
having five large insulin responses because your body’s responding to what’s
coming in it doesn’t know how much yet but it knows that sugars coming right
you know if our body knew how to react to strychnine right so that’s a very
poisonous like substance that you have the smallest amount it kills you but if
our body knew how to react to that to get it out of this it would but guess
what it would be the punch like the gigantic is most gigantic reaction
because it’s that poisonous now it kills us because there’s no way to get around
strychnine the smallest amount will kill you but you need to think of it like
that like your body when it sees toxin throws the big reaction protein and fat
or not toxins just giving a moderate and in a small reaction right but it’s the
same reactions from what I understand okay okay so when I did Google for
insulin resistance like there’s always a little section that that are the related
question so this is Q&A quick response can you reverse insulin
resistance yes yes what is the main cause I mean soon
resistance eating too many carbohydrates of course I mean all of them right
whether you eating too many bananas or you’re eating too many cookies like when
you’re eating too much sugar eating too much sugar too much rice so it can be
any of those healthy or unhealthy foods okay can you have insulin resistance and
normal sugar absolutely because when you have insulin resistance it doesn’t mean
that you’re diabetic yet so you can have insulin resistance and so your body
struggling to put the sugar away but it’s still able you know what’s amazing
about us we work until we don’t work right like your body is gonna be perfect
it’s gonna do everything it can to keep you as healthy as it can and by the way
just for anybody to understand but you have insulin resistance and you’re
getting factor your your weight is going up that’s your body working perfectly it
is better for you to be fat than dead yeah that’s your body working perfectly
so keep that in mind okay what food to avoid if you’re are insulin resistant I
feel some permutation of the same question I mean you’re you’re avoiding
groups I I really encourage you because I can’t go through the list of every
food you should avoid what I encourage everybody to do get a tracker start
weighing your food and you put for example mozzarella cheese I had 3 ounces
and you let it tell you okay how many grams of carbs was that you put salad
let’s say romaine lettuce and you say I took 200 grams of romaine lettuce how
many carbs was that and when you start doing that for yourself what you’re
gonna start to realize is that you start to understand where your carbohydrates
are coming from half a glass of rice how many grams of carbs is that you’re gonna
start to see like where are my carbs coming from and that’s the other thing
that’s kind of cool is that because when you weigh it you actually start to
understand how much you’re actually putting let me tell you something when I
look back on the amount of rice my mom used to put on my plate like if that
wasn’t five glasses of rice it wasn’t one mm-hmm right like we don’t even know
how much sugar we are eating at a sitting is the same thing goes for pasta
and breakfast cereal if you if you look like one serving of 85 grams of pasta
that’s like small and it’s already likes I think like last time it was like 60 70
grams of carbs like just like regular penne or so same thing goes for a bowl
of cereal if you look if you look one serving I think it’s 3/4 or cup like at
least my boys I know they have at least that 5 or 6 times that amount like in
1:1 breakfast sitting so what food to avoid like all the cereals forever here
you need to get a tracker yeah and you need to start tracking your stuff and if
you’re willing to eat a 16th of a cup of cereal with you know however much milk
you can possibly put in there to stay under your numbers I mean do it yeah I
think that that’d be much less satisfying than eating a nice big bowl
of vegetables mmm right so but that’s my choice I would
rather eat a nice big bowl of vegetables that are low glycemic than to eat a
teeny tiny portion of you know frosted flakes yeah easy 1 or bananas good for
insulin resistance absolutely not bananas are actually one of the highest
carb fruits that you can eat so no is there a difference between diabetes and
insulin resistance so yes your your insulin resistant until you become
diabetic so and what that means for me is that you know
so basically diabetes is an extreme form of insulin resistance but when you look
at it from a very definitional point of view when you eat food and your body can
no longer manage the food you’re eating so the sugar that you’re in taking
that’s when you’re diabetic and what that means is that when you’re eating
the food your body can’t put that sugar away and
so if it stayed in your blood of course she would die so they have to give you
medication or you need to stop eating her yeah like what does it mean when
your body is insulin resistant it means like you just gone too far I think no
like you just pushed your body to a point where it’s not
properly if you be coming soon who’s this thing but my problem with that is
that that’s every person on the planet almost I mean most children are insulin
resistant we just don’t test them for it yeah but
so like I mean is it that we pushed our body too far yes but at the same time
like wow like what does it mean it means that you’re on the road to poor health
right and it’s you think about it right how many kids do we have on the road to
poor health how many adults I mean that was for Denis is that what it was called
in my own eye so this this article I think kind of puts us back to basics
there’s a lot of questions on there that I answered the very beginning when I was
on my investigation of whether taking sugar out of my life was really the
answer for me and I feel like this kind of put me back at thinking about that
again like is that really the answer and what would I do in that data so that’s
good and I think that like I what’s um that’s scary but like I think the thing
that it makes us wonder about is whether or not we’re taking enough care even
today like am i well I know that I still like verify how much of what I’m eating
like every once in a while just to be sure that I’m not over indulging but how
many people do that right like I encourage everybody at least once every
other month to start tracking again even if it’s just for a week to make sure
that you know your hand isn’t getting heavy while you’re sharing your food
right like just to make sure that you’re eating the amount you think you’re
eating because sometimes it gets really easy to think that you’ve got you know
oh I just have 50 grams there especially with nuts nuts are delicious and like it
can really be yeah we can go overboard with nuts all right look I’ve taken
breaks from that’s because it’s you can go overboard when it’s the last time I
did like when we went ski last weekend I did prepare two little containers of
nuts that’s what like just the little amount was actually tree servings I
don’t know no carbs it was like not bad maybe net carbs was six or eight maybe
between three servings but like it is I could have like had probably twice of
that small amount the tornadoes point out that six or eight sir grabs a card
for me it’s like it’s like almost half your day yeah well considering that most
times I eat 15 grams of carbon and a it is half my day actually ish so careful
with knots but not so delicious and yeah but you need to be careful she’s like is
this Corby but like it can also be yeah you know what I find interesting too is
that I think sometimes we get caught up in eating again the fun and that’s
overeating the healthier nuts because like if you eat pecans and walnuts I
wonder like how much you would be able to eat versus versus eating the cashews
and the almonds that well almonds I’ve tried to actually I’ve avoided almonds
and altogether lately just because of all the oxalates in them but like the
cashews like I’m starting to be like more like okay yeah you know what if
even if I would buy nuts I think I would try to bind this and don’t have caches
in them because which is funny because go back in history I didn’t you select
cashews get into Akita lifestyle I started liking cashews now I’m back to
like not wanting to eat cashews you can but as you learn things you modify
things but this was kind of cool about educating yourself about food right and
this is where I come back to they always say that there’s no flexibility in Quito
like how many different things have I added taken away moved shifted like like
if you think about it like I probably have more flexibility and variety and
what I’m eating now than when I was doing great pizza hamburgers rice
chicken that was pretty much like what I ate most of it it’s like I have so much
more variety now it makes me laugh when they say isn’t over I thank you I’ve
even started to like artichoke hearts hmm right who would have thunk it I want
to thank everybody for watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet
Pat Chat Edition love when my wellness warriors stop by
and everybody who is new consider subscribing because you make these
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  1. I have been doing keto seriously for almost a year, I have lost 50 lbs in the last 7 months, I'm looking into Carnivore thinking about doing that for two or three days a week. And keto the rest. Strangely enough I have actually done Carnivore without realizing it at time when I was younger. Which I find extremely funny.

  2. It seems to me the problem with frequent eating, especially carbs, is there is also a frequent insulin response, but there isn't the chance for the insulin to drop down to a lower level before it has to react to the next carb meal. One or two meals a day, or even a prolonged fast allows the insulin and the digestive "mechanism" to rest and heal. Besides when did we start this constant eating practice? 1980 something? Growing up I never got to eat six times a day. Neither did our ancestors.

  3. Oh great! One of the videos I was waiting on. I was a bit confused about what insulin resistance was too. This cleared a lot of things up. Artichokes, my favorite; but they're the marinaded type. Once you start eating artichoke hearts, you won't want to stop. They make a great topping for salads or just eating alone. Delicious! This was a very informative video on insulin resistance. BTW, @5:25 is a Yeast infection. Sugar and yeast don't mix in some situations. Thanks so much, Pat and Violet. 🙂

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