FATHEAD PIZZA Crust With A Yummy Twist  Keto Pizza Crust

FATHEAD PIZZA Crust With A Yummy Twist Keto Pizza Crust

what’s up guys welcome to Kido rewind I’m Jess and today it’s we’ve made it till Friday and it’s pizza night so I’m using the fat head recipe for the pizza crust but I know some people are either love it or you hate it but if you were one of the haters of the pizza crust you’ve got to try this version this version uses the Fathead dough but the only variation is there’s two tablespoons of vanilla protein whey vanilla whey protein powder so here’s how to make it okay so to save time I’ve mixed the almond flour I’ll put the recipe in the description but this is the almond flour mixed with the vanilla whey protein powder and then here we have cream cheese and the mozzarella melted I’m gonna have to read who nuke that because it’s already hardening up in an egg that’s been beating so we’re gonna add comeback when all these three have been added so cool done all right so you can see that the mozzarella cheese and the cheek cream cheese have melted together and now all we’re going to do is take the almond flour that’s been mixed with the vanilla whey protein powder put that in the bowl and your one egg that’s been scrambled keresh they beat you put that all in there and give it a mix and it will form a very similar crust like dough why should they do like dough even though it’s not made with any flowers unless you consider almond flour a flower but I’m talking like the traditional pizza flours and then if it doesn’t want to mix you can always reheat the dough because it does cool off but I have never had to do that I just go really quick and fold it in there and it’s you can actually smell the vanilla whey protein powder I remember laying the first time I tried this my god I know shouldn’t snow so and then you just keep folding it in on itself you could use your hands if you want but I just like it good mix so the flavour is distributed evenly and then all you’re gonna do is put this dough in between two pieces of parchment paper and roll it into a dough but as you can see this pretty much resembles a ball of dough so I’m going to get some parchment paper and I’ll be right back okay now we’re at the point where we have a piece of parchment paper we’re gonna dump the dough out and so that you can either use your hands like wet your hands first and then touch the dough or you can just get another piece of parchment paper and sandwich it in there and smoosh it all out to a whatever shape that you want I’m using a circle pizza pan so I’m going to use that and you want to make sure the dough is very nice and even so you have even cooking when the whole thing so I just like twist it and spin it hit it so it’s nicely flat and shaped to like you can even make a faux crust okay so I have it nice and smooth down and I kind of made a little bit of an edge if you will and now all you’re gonna do is take a fork and puncture use my egg one puncture a bunch of holes in the crust this way it will get rid of any air bubbles that might make it look weird I don’t know how many rows to do that’s how many I do and then you’re gonna pop this in the oven at 425 and I’m not sure how long but I don’t post in the comments okay so it’s been in the oven for about eight minutes it’s golden brown now we’re gonna put this tomato sauce on and you can literally measure but I’m just gonna eyeball it and spread it just like you would on a normal normal pizza we’re gonna make two pizzas this pizza is going to be our kids pizza all right I’m just gonna put pink salt just a little bit and then I’m gonna put mozzarella this is the kids pizza that’s just going to be cheese and then I will put a little bit of parmesan sprinkled on there and then last I’m going to top it off with just a little Italian seasoning and then it’s going to go into the oven until the cheese is melted and that’s it and we’ll do pizza number two in just a second let me switch mouths okay so it’s a number two this is me and tiles pizza again the same thing put some sauce on there and this is a very low carb sauce and has very minimal ingredients and it tastes delicious and it’s just their marinara so spread it out nice and even and then put a little salt same thing and then mozzarella and this one we’re going to put some variations on I like Canadian bacon on my pizza and I also like pepperoni sometimes I’ve had bacon as well but now parmesan and I’m going to put pepperonis down first I measured two ounces of pepperoni basically a serving for each of us how do you put your pepperoni on two you type a where they’re all nice and straight or do you slap them on there and wherever they go is where they go as you can see what type of person I am and then last but not least oh no I put this on this is the Canadian bacon I diced three slices of Canadian bacon up and then lastly I’m gonna put finish it off with a little Italian seasoning and now again we’re gonna put this in the oven until toppings are done so we catch you back here Whitney all right and now you have the cheese pizza I may give a cut and show you how nice that looks on the inside or underside they’re serving size is 1/6 of the pizza but you know it’s pizza there is a serving right here delicious and here’s the underside of the dough looks just like traditional dough and it’s delicious so I’ll be back with the other one in just a minute all right we have geeks and number two fresh out of the oven [Music] there you have it delicious AHA there you go enjoy I’ll put all the macros and the link to the recipe below thanks for watching this I’m Jess and you’re watching keto rewind you

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