Fasting Tips,  Glucagon + Keto: LC Breck Review

Fasting Tips, Glucagon + Keto: LC Breck Review

guys thanks so much for being here it’s Mike mussel and Deanna mussel we are going to give you a review of Lokar Breckenridge and talk about some of the key things the key takeaways in my eyes that can benefit your health whether you’re a low carb keto paleo vegan whatever you know macro nutrient you know priority or you or diet you adhere to you will benefit from this discussion so that’s what we’re talking about and we want to make sure that we answer your questions so we got facebook over here we got YouTube right here and I have the chat here so if you have anything that you want to ask Deanna or I from the male or female perspective please do so but low carb Breckenridge its second year that I went I live streamed it three years ago it’s an awesome awesome event Jeffery Gerber give him you know two thumbs up really with a good event if you guys just type in low carb Breckenridge 2018 you can get access to the replays and all that sort of stuff they’re gonna pull some of them out for free but there was a lot of great speakers are nina ty Colt Stephen Finney been Bickman a lot of people that we’ve interviewed on this channel some of you guys have seen these interviews but some key takeaways that I wanted to share with you and I think one thing that’s kind of interesting Deanna you got a little sick beforehand yes unfortunately I missed the trip I was really bummed yeah yeah I’m supposed to fly out Wednesday and our daughter and I got sick and so we were stuck here so Danna didn’t make it but that’s interesting so as you can tell I kind of got a little bit of what they were getting didn’t totally get fully sick but just a little congested and I think it’s a great tip great leeway into one of the key takeaways I don’t want to share with you and this notion of immuno metabolism and how it relates to fasting and fat loss and insulin and you’ll notice a few guys are testing your blood glucose or your blood ketones you’ll notice that when you’re sick or cutting you know about to get sick your ketones are gonna be way off and your blood sugar is gonna be up and this really has to do with something that I you know I’m very passionate about if you guys have read my book belly fat effect which I know you ready Anna and Stephen Finney gave a whole talk about immuno metabolism and it’s something that we kind of forget about when it comes to this low-carb ketogenic style diet and the benefits of that but a few things you want take away so you didn’t touch your ketones your blood glucose no but if Deanna were to have to test her ketones they would have been off yeah because the body is gonna you know the immune system when its mounting an immune response preferentially likes to use glucose for the to upregulate pro-inflammatory signaling pathways migrating of different immune cells free radical you know release and all that sort of stuff so just key tip guys if you’re feeling off if you’re stressed you’re traveling your blood sugar is gonna be up in your ketones are gonna be down that’s totally absolutely normal so don’t be freaked out these are transient there’s a lot of transient metabolic shifts within the body and as Steve Infinia no Danis got some questions here um you know metabolism so this is this whole connected field between the immune system and the metabolic system Steven phanie talked a lot about this how one aspect of intermittent fasting time restricted feeding and the ketogenic diet that can benefit you is due to how the ketones down regulate pro-inflammatory pathways within the body so it’s super cool you and I have talked about this before and like Alessandra Ferretti we’ve talked about this before too and many other podcast episodes but really I mean if you look at the onset of obesity even in children or the onset of type 2 diabetes were in some resistance like we tend to think that diabetes is characterized by high levels of blood sugar or high levels of insulin but diabetes and insulin resistance and obesity is also characterized by guess what just take a guess immuno metabolism inflammation so inflammation precipitates all these different things right so that’s what so anyway so dr. Finney talked about you know some of the research in this whole field of immuno metabolism and elevated levels of white blood cell count Sam so when we think about measuring you know are you inflamed or you’re not inflamed and all that a lot of people just think about c-reactive protein on blood work right like oh well my CRP is normal that’s a good proxy for inflammation as well but there are many other proxies for example an elevated white blood cell count over five I can remember the unit’s on that we got some questions here we’ll get into in a minute so keep that in mind an upstream if we talk about like root cause resolution this is the whole premise of functional medicine is getting getting at the root cause of why people are overweight why they’re in some resistant why they can’t lose fat why have autoimmune disease and what not getting at the root cause inflammation is at the root cause and and that’s one key here’s key take-home point one main benefit of the ketogenic diet is its inherently anti-inflammatory and so that’s why sure it can help you lose weight sure it can help you have better blood sugar regulation but by the signaling properties induced through beta hydroxy butyrate you know the main one of the main ketones made by your liver when your insulin is low and the next topic we’re going to talk about is glucagon when glucagon is high your liver makes ketones and those are not only alternative energy substrates they’re inherently anti-inflammatory so we weren’t sick for that long by the way yeah you know for the most part in as an I it was literally like 24 hours but I just landed on the day that we were supposed to fly out to the Breckenridge conference of course so I’ve noticed that our immune systems are definitely just so much stronger and it wasn’t like we were super sick it was just enough where it was you know we thought it was best to stay home I noticed a big difference in how much you get sick now that your which is hardly ever and when we do it’s not as severe and it is last that long so alright we got a ton of questions guys so you guys we’re gonna get your comments in very very very soon we I love your live questions I love you all being here live please hit that thumbs up button if you like in this content cuz I go back and I look at this I look at the analytics I just want to make sure that we’re providing value to you you’ve been here live we’re gonna get to glucagon in just one minute but another reason why I Anna you were just a little sick you didn’t get totally sick but Deanna has been super busy launching food products due to your demand to your request her company’s rule Abnett and she was super super busy with these guys so if you click the link in the YouTube video below or on Facebook if you go to real food lab net these just very quick backstory so Deanna has been making amazing recipes and food for a very very long time and we launched with a microbiome bread that was the low-carbon Quito the challenge with that is is people wanted the cookies instead I mean if we eat the bread all the time at home and we have eat courses and recipes and they’re very popular but people like just give me the dang low-carb cookies man so so now there’s a low-carb cookie dough available and we have a tiger Tiger nut one as well you guys which is almost a IP friendly for those who are can’t chew the nuts but it’s totally not free it’s just the chocolate on it chocolate is not a IP so that’s why I couldn’t say was a IP but it’s all good it’s very low car very microbiome friendly it’s very ketogenic I think a lot of people that adhere to an autoimmune Paleo diet would benefit from ketosis because just like we were talking about ketosis is anti-inflammatory the main beta hydroxy butyrate the main function and ketone body in our body down regulates a myriad of pro-inflammatory signaling pathways which are upregulated if you have autoimmunity my phones give me a message oh no all right guys we’re gonna get three questions very very soon but I just there’s something you got to know about Ben Bickman brought this to our attention and we were talking about on a hike earlier Ben Bickman is a he’s at BYU University and I think it’s a pro it’s in Provo I get confused putting probe on Ogden’s sometimes anyway he was on the show back in August it’s one of our more popular videos excellent excellent human being so concurrent so genuine you love that video anyway so in the conference he’s unearthed a lot of old research about glucagon I’m sure you’ve heard about glucagon before but when we talk about fasting when we talk about keto we tend to think of cortisol insulin blood sugar sometimes leptin gets into the conversation but it’s mostly those those hormones but glucagon insulin left and these things are all playing a major role and so dr. Beckmann was sharing the different you know how do we make ketones you know and we kind of prerequisites that we’ve talked about before our you know low liver glycogen low insulin and that’s gonna trigger your body low blood glucose that’s gonna trigger your liver to start to synthesize what’s known as hepatic ketogenesis or the formation of Ketones and so that sounded just so simple and okay well that’s all there is to the story but then Bickman literally has unearthed a lot of research from the 1970s and 1980s researchers that have studied extensively glucagon and ketogenesis again the formation of ketones and what he’s found is that glucagon is a key element to stimulating hepatic glucose or hepatic ketogenesis so I want to take gluconeogenesis but glucagon is involved in gluconeogenesis as well but anyway so keep that in mind so that kind of the recipe if you want to burn become more fat adapted to synthesize more ketones low insulin high glucagon and unique carnitine on board again this isn’t my research this is been bickmans research I’m just trying to share with you the salient points from his presentation he’s going to come back on the podcast send him an email and that yeah so that’s the thing I don’t know if it’s reliably found I’ve never seen it on labs but so here’s the point let’s talk about Deanna’s morning routines so Deanna’s morning routine is a very low insulin hike glucagon routine and that’s how you are able to stay very very lean have a six-pack year-round so your morning looks like so my alarm goes off at 5:30 I have coffee black and I go out and I do just actually an easy jog outside for an hour and it’s my creativity time it’s there’s no sprinting there’s no high cortisol it’s just super chill and it starts my day and I feel like it just kind of balances me out and gets me and going for the rest of the day so that’s it it’s just I look forward to it I get my vitamin D if the sun’s out here in the pnw which way Leah hasn’t been yeah the fresh air and that is it and I’m telling you it’s a big key to keeping me lean all not just for that one beach vacation coming up right it’s all year long which is the key you know it’s nice to feel that way totally yeah Wow I think it’s you know you hit a lot of low-hanging fruit by just going out and exercising and so you feel very productive and so there’s a lot of like from a entrepreneurial standpoint there’s a lot of if it’s too fast and cardio but as I’ve said for many many years and have shared with you guys on Facebook and on YouTube and so forth like one of the time-tested ways that bodybuilders and fitness models stay lean around is by just doing fasted cardio like you’re doing and in in doing that in doing that morning routine like Deana highlight it on like it’s good for your brain it’s good for your gut it’s good for your circadian rhythms because you’re getting sunlight but in the context of making more ketones it’s very beneficial as well exercise is a wonderful strategy to get your body into making more ketones when you’re doing exercise fasted up Facebook is getting me getting to your questions very very soon so exercise in and of itself stimulates the production and synthesis of ketones and this is gonna this is where we’re gonna transition to fasting and gender specific applications of that but also when you’re doing fasted exercise guess what you’re gonna up regulate glucagon so when your body starts to get depleted of glycogen glycogen is stored sugar in the liver and the muscle an hour or 45 minute intense walk or light jog that like Deanna has been doing for quite a while is going to do bleek glycogen free fairly quickly plus if you have caffeine beforehand caffeine helps you know to deplete glycogen and it’s seven days a week okay not because I am obsessed anyway just because it’s the way I start my day and if you’re taking a day off of it you know 365 whatever days in a year right that’s a lot of time off so for me it’s just another day where I’m productive literally if I don’t do it I am my day it’s just not the same and it gives me more energy and you know it and it’s fasted completely fasted so yeah I mean that’s a great point um you know so like when when I was on vacation in Colorado you know cuz I was out there for a ski trip beforehand we do every year and then the low carb Breckenridge I made sure to go the gym and workout and you know by Deanna’s saying is like you know the easiest way to stick in a habit of doing whatever eating healthy abstaining from alcohol getting a good night’s sleep reading books you know meditating whatever it is just to do it even if you don’t feel like doing it just do like Nike right just do it I don’t think about it I just go through the motions and I just do it even if it’s raining and there’s been shitty excuse me asked weather out there some days where I just I just go and I you know at first it’s kind of uncomfortable but I get used to it no excuses right but um it’s not my workout you guys this is just movement this does not include the gym time and I am super busy like anybody else you’re juggling a lot in my life but I’m just very efficient so you can fit it in if you really want it that’s the key right all right tons of questions here all right yeah okay so let’s talk about well I want to talk about fasting so again so that the purpose of fasting is to help you become more fat adapted you know I think one of the best ways to figure out are you a fat burner or sugar burner obviously there’s different testing that you can do ketone testing blood acetone I mean breath house stone and all that but if you can go for an extended period of time without food which humans have been doing forever and that’s why your we have this ability to make ketones as the alternative to glucose particularly for our brain which zaps 20% of our energy every single day it’s very metabolically active so exercise is a great way to get more fat adapted and the question I have for Deanna and I’m going to scroll through some questions here on YouTube guys is for women about fasting so you know females are wired to reproduce and and and all that and so there is like some gender specific applications what’s your general advice what have you found in the clinic like for women and fasting oh my gosh and it’s not that easy okay because there’s it’s not one size fits all so not necessarily what I do will work for you women out there um again I have a background of athletics I’ve been pretty healthy my whole life I’m pretty good at managing my stress and so I’m able to get away with time restricted feeding by skipping a bolus breakfast so I have a little heavy cream in my coffee and I still consider ice I consider that fasting even though it might spike my insulin a bit but it’s a tiny bit however it’s not a lot considering how active I am during the because I’m very very active in every way I’m not never sitting on my ass except for now so I’m go go go and I’ll have my first meal around 1:00 sometimes it’s well sometimes it’s two sometimes it’s three just when I get hungry intuitively I mean that’s the key it’s not always the same every day but I try to keep my feeding window to about five to six hours and again some days are different it just depends on like socially what we’re doing how late I get back home our daughter all those different things but I feel my best when my feeding window is about five to six hours it may not work for you it works for me because I find that it gives my gut a break from digesting all of that food I have plenty of energy I have not lost strengths at the gym I’m strong for me in fact I’m probably stronger since doing this compressing the feeding window protocol absolutely and but there’s some weeks like for example this week when Inez was mainly sick and I was creating a lot of the products that I was a little kind of off and so I did have you know breakfast on Wednesday you had my god chickens yeah but you know I’m just saying that again there’s no like oh you know I had breakfast it’s like I had breakfast great on days that I do have three meals I don’t snack or I try not to snack and if I do snack that’s okay I just pick good options such as like high fat like sprouted nuts that have been soaked so I I prepare those things so I’m always prepared with good stuff in our fridge and our cupboard so I’m not grabbing for sugar treats and stuff like that so yeah but to answer your question more specifically well let’s the I don’t want interrupt you but I think that’s really really good point that you talked about like so you strive to compress that feeding window to six hours right but if you feel hungry then you’re going to eat and so that’s I think the key thing like it doesn’t matter who you talk to on the internet what expert or whatever there’s no one right way to do this the there’s this whole field of precision and personalized medicine emerging because there’s we’re all so different from hormonal epigenetics microbiome biochemical I mean signal news snip a single nucleotide polymorphism there’s so many variances right and that changes with age and seriously like do you really like really are you hungry and that is an art okay it’s not easy because there’s so many factors like even with dopamine related things like do you if you get a massage it maybe get a massage if you feel like you’re always hungry or some sunlight or vitamin D or exercise go for a while all those good things in your life that make you happy and loved and you’re pretty well balanced and you’re like meditating and you’re still hungry Benny okay but if food is the answer for every time you’re feeling like there’s probably something you have to evaluate in your life to change it and that’s where you get into the problems of snacking and grabbing for food and like getting into weird habits like going for the fridge every time you walk in the door in the house which sometimes we do that you know I can we catch ourselves like what are we doing I’m not even hungry so it’s like you’re only human okay and you’re gonna fall off the way again we all are human it’s just as long as you can catch yourself in the moment and I kind of reset yourself and your life and and you know your support group and and everything just make sure you’re getting your needs fulfilled and you know your plants are being watered your tree then you know you’re doing the right things yeah great point though no no that’s awesome man but differentiating true biological hunger versus like emotionally triggered you know bad eating patterns and habits and one small tip that I didn’t think we were gonna get into this but I think it’s really awesome is like that’s why traveling and going on a vacation is nice because it interrupts that pattern I find myself like just being gone for six days when I come home it was weird it’s just such a habit and I open the fridge it’s like why am i opening the refrigerator I can fork it and like what am i doing so it just it get it’s just these habits and when you you’ll notice and I know a lot of you have done this you travel you come home and you buy interrupting that pattern sometimes it’s easy then to like make sweeping lifestyle changes so if you’re having a hard time kicking a food habit or a snacking habit or a mindless eating habit just go on a quick vacation if you can’t go stay with some in-laws or your you know spouse whatever spouses family do whatever you can to interrupt that oh yeah super weight is just write in a journal you can’t go on a vacation I’m kidding well yeah just being but noting so in meditation in the pastina meditation then talk about noting so when you think a thought of like anger resentment irritation and so if we’re just noting that not judging it not putting any attachment to that thought but realizing that okay I was really pissed off in this moment why was that okay and like so what Deanna said is just noting it down okay even if you did have the Twinkies or the ice cream in the cupcakes or whatever low-carb you know cookies you know from real food lab whatever it is just note that down and just realize that okay what you know what were the circumstances that drove that behavior getting to know yourself to yeah so if you know you had the potential of grabbing for sugary snacks don’t put the freaking things in your cupboard don’t buy them because if you buy them were they going they’re going in your mouth right or your family smells so just do not just go in your family’s mouth to put in your mouth vote in your mouth you hide them from your family and then you find them you know a month later and it’s that bag of chips and it’s just look if you know you which I know my bad habits my weaknesses and I’m human that’s okay I know me well enough to know that I’m a picker sometimes when I’m like at home so I try to get out of the house and I work in coffee shops and I you know i’m at home i procrastinate more so i know me and that’s okay it’s just you have to know you so that you can like get out of these just bad habits are we off on a tangent no no i think it’s i think this is really really good stuff i mean everyone wants to talk fasting but the fasting is great for you guys because you know the cool thing about fasting is that you’re not worrying about food because you’re not eating until like two so that’s why i think it’s it adds some structure to this so that if you do have these emotional triggers if you do have these mindless eating behaviors that we all are susceptible to and probably have at some level that’s why i like fasting for that application because it provides some boundaries and some buffering time and control yeah for the type errors you know you can be your best and worst enemy so it provides structure and control which we all love that right so i think that’s why it’s so popular now fasting because it per you know it adds like the parentheses around your feeding time I did it yeah but the trick here though and then I want to share with you from Steven Finney and others too you know this whole refeeding syndrome which to be honest I wasn’t really aware of that and well I mean so this is really you know kind of had to emerge from total parenteral nutrition people in the hospital getting you know like you know their stomach is ruptured or whatever getting TPN and when they would go back to real food they would just like be ravenously hungry and when you’re rapidly replenishing your glycogen getting sugar into your cells there can be a liberation of potassium and phosphorus and all that and that can actually cause like sudden cardiac death but obviously we don’t hear about this very often there’s so many people fasting nowadays but I wanted to provide that as a context and and something to consider if you’re already lean you’re already healthy you don’t have a lot of blood sugar issues you know I have friends and at seminars like this I meet people and they’re like oh yeah I’ve been fasting for seven days and it’s like well you’re already lean like you don’t have diabetes you’re only 24 and I recently met some someone just random really nice person I love when this happens at Whole Foods bumped into me he goes Mike like your YouTube channel then listen your podcast for a while what do you think about prolonged fasting and I quickly just did a glance I don’t know his blood work I don’t know his health history but he was kind of a biohacker of sorts I wasn’t judging but I was just like sure he wasn’t the type of person that should probably be fasting for that long right now if he were told me that both of his parents had Alzheimer’s you know his mom died of at age 30 of you know breast cancer or PA cancer it would make sense but if he’s just if you’re just experimenting you know what can happen with prolonged fasting is you have to worry about refeeding syndrome and see but infiniti talked about that so thank you dr. Finney and then also we’ve known about this for the long a long time when you restrict your calories like that you can cause a reduction in your resting energy expenditure so right now all of us watching whether you’re Facebook or YouTube your body it has your metabolism is burning macronutrients you know whether it’s from stored fat or things that you recently ate and that that thermostat can be turned down if you’re chronically fasting how long would you go Mike would you go do a 24 hour faster whoa Deana teases me if I go like if I do too much time or citizen feeding you like you look skinny so me if you’re healthy if you don’t have a lot of that to lose if you’re a young person I’d say under under 40 you don’t need to fast much more than like a day a week I mean and it’s in the nicest possible way that I tease him by the way it’s Oh Mike what have you been doing because that normally I know he’d time restrict he restricts his feeding time more so when he’s traveling either because he’s too busy or the foods not food availability I just notice these things you know yeah and I just noticed maybe his face looks a little bit different or I’m just I comment because again we’re a part of this we want to share with you you know what we’re kind of going through a soul oh yeah you don’t have to justify it it’s all good um but I think if you’re over 50 if you’re worried about you know preserving your brain you’re not very active you know you can fast like every like three days a week like for you know Robin Walsh great practitioner in she’s in Waterloo Ontario you know what one of her recommendations is like to her mostly female clients is okay Monday Wednesday Friday you’re just not going to eat those days so it’s very simple so like it’s Sunday night you would stops at 7:20 here where we are you just you wouldn’t eat Monday until 7:20 psycho 24-hour fast there’s every other day there’s different ways to do the fasting in other words like that’s like is it right yeah Brad Pilon eats a beat so it just depends on you and you know what you can change it up oh my gosh you can do 16 8 and then you can do maybe eat stop eat you don’t have to just do it one way yeah play around with them you know it’s just play around them um but you know the thing is I think it’s a mindset shift and Jana and I are others belief and so we’re biased inherently like we’re all humans are biased but but we favor exercise over fasting yes because you know I found this to be true that there’s a lot of gurus and experts in the kyoto space and be like well yes if we like food so just you have a lot when you exercise you have a lot more buffer room right you know you can have a cheat meal here and there you can have a low carb cookie you can have a little bit of kombucha beer or whatever it’ll buffer room and I you know I think just fasting all the time to me I makes you tired for when you want to work out so then you have crappy workouts and then you know we’ve talked about the metabolic effect of muscle how muscle contributes to insulin sensitivity to leptin sensitivity to fat burning I mean if you want to burn appreciable amounts of fat you’re not gonna get it from thinking all the time even though your brain loves ketones you’re gonna get it from moving your muscles and you know and that’s why we started the the supplement company Milo science muscle science to give you all of you throughout the world very clean nutritional products that support the growth and the maintenance of healthy muscle so it’s key here and so anyway that that’s why I wanted to talk about fasting that did come up refeeding syndrome google it be aware of it so if you’re going to go on a prolonged fast and what I mean by prolonged I would say over 48 hours you want to have your electrolytes sodium and make sure that when you break the fast when you start to refeed go low and slow maybe don’t even call it asking you guys because I can scare some people like oh no I’m gonna starve like just call it time restricted feeding I’m just yeah well those are different time it’s not the same not the same no time restrictive eating means you’re just having your feeding window for a certain period of time fasting means you’re not eating now people do you generally use these interchangeably so I’m not trying to say that that you’re wrong or anything like that okay but but TR f is like controlling your feeding window okay it’s my preference then yeah I think that’s that’s a key but fasting would be like I’m not going to eat for 20 so it’s so it’s 24 hours then okay well no I mean yeah yeah so that’s what I would suggest it doesn’t really matter just a matter of semantics that’s we’re traveling to like you know Korea or something like that you know we’re on a plane sitting on our butts for 12 hours it’s a great time to fast cuz you’re inactive anyway so you’re like you don’t need to be eating well Julie I’m not hungry when I’m doing anyway because I’m so used to moving around but again you know what like it’s just everyone’s different so yeah alright we’ve been rambling what’s make sure we get all the questions all right so we got Facebook questions here meat and mental health Mike you gotta get to that too um I will I will alright 14 comments here on Facebook okay Robert hello from Utah Carolyn thanks so much for being here Tracy what is up I’m glad that you’re here thanks so much for that Robert says fasting up to 30 day can trigger detox through stem cells of regulation okay that’s cool Robert I did not did not know that all right so we got a lot of stuff on YouTube let me let me jump to the YouTube stuff here hello from Tulsa Glenn thanks for being here from Tulsa that is really really cool Ross on toast love you that’s why I feel good and low-carb after exercise thanks for that comment that is really really cool someone said that their hair fell out on keto and all that sort of stuff yeah so just make sure you’re getting protein and look if your hair falls out and all this then maybe keto isn’t right for you I know you may not want to hear that but look if all these adverse reactions happen then try low carbs try low carbon and exercise Bobby says it was great yes Bobby awesome hey so I’m gonna do that video on Ritalin and Adderall because I think it will help a lot of people with ADHD and so forth so I was really awesome to meet you thank you so much for saying hello someone says real cage says meals at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. locked in Nikita with weight training making steady gains heading to 165 pounds down from 265 fantastic 191 real cage that is so cool I’d love to hear more about that please send me an email Mike high intensity health comm I want to talk to you more about that but the weight training is huge in all of this yeah why such a big part I because well it’s just I think it’s a lean all year long five days a week lifting and not like super heavy every single time just making sure that I’m there five days a week in the gym lifting for an hour because muscle I mean you just go back to the interview that would just post it with Ed Napper you know as like just yeah if there’s if there’s one thing that you could do lifting versus cardio you’re gonna pick lifting any day of the week will have stuff on that to you guys I know a lot of people in asking me just for women’s perspective we haven’t done a lot of fitness and that’s going to change a lot it’s going to change because Dan is not wrong anymore I have dropped Kairo as of today it’s a big deal except I’ve been doing chiropractic for 20 years because I want to reach out to more of you and kind of give to as many people as I can regarding fitness nutrition so yes regarding raw breads we will eventually launch it again for sale for those who don’t want to make it but back to Fitness fitness is huge and there’s you know an art to it for sure and we’re gonna help with that so we’re super excited to kind of go after it yeah so hit that like button if you want to learn more about fitness from squatting deadlifting how to get a six-pack through training post workout pre workout seriously hit that like button and type in a comment we’re gonna go back and review that and you’d be surprised it’s not some of it’s not traditional stuff that you think mm-hmm for a woman over 40 especially like my workouts have changed a lot and I’m probably leaner than I was in my 20s so women out there over 40 let me give us a thumbs up if you do want more of that please because it takes a lot of time to do it and to get the content out there and we want to know that it’s benefiting everybody so yeah alright so Chad says how to increase beta-hydroxybutyrate or butyrate on keto rather than resistance start so Chad great great question there so how do you increase butyric acid well here’s a little thing that a lot of people don’t really recognize beta-hydroxybutyrate the main ketone body is very structurally in biochemically similar to butyric acid made by you’ve got bacteria so I would say don’t really worry about specifically trying to increase butyric acid from your diet focus on dietary diversity a wide range of different colors and fiber sources in your diet not from you know grains and all that but you know this is stuff Deanna has a lot of videos on this and in her you know real food lab raw veggie bread eCourse and all that fur stuff if you just go to high intensity health calm look in the course section you will see all that but leeks onions curcumin garlic rosemary these are all fiber sources and phytonutrients sources that are low carbon and keto friendly but also good for your microbiome and to answer a question about butyric acid they will increase butyric acid so hopefully that helps Mandy says so I tried 15 times a day and bodyweight slows so much Mandy I don’t know what you talked about 15 minutes a days that exercise I don’t really know you want to make sure that you’re doing resistance training probably was it a Chris but Chris um I like bone broth when I’m fasting or any kind of broth in general I make homemade homemade because you know what’s in it and where they come from so I I think it’s good and that’s what I do when I’m fasting if I’m hungry if I’m sort of hungry in the morning what do you think you know I think bone broth is not really fasting I mean if that’s that’s fine but no no I mean a lot of people like to do it and that’s fine but I think thank you if you’re going to get get the most benefits of fasting yeah veggie broth would be better than bone broth not bone broth yeah and so that’s really rich and potentially and I we love bone broth had like the bone broth videos one of my first videos it’s got 300,000 views I love bone broth but it also has you know collagen and protein and it could spike insulin and the whole thing about fasting is you want to drive insulin down you want to get a toffee g-going you want to do cellular renewal all this for stuff so I think just electrolytes seeking health makes an awesome electrolyte seeking health calm check them out or you can get some like as James D Nichol Antonio has talked about just celtic sea salt or redmond real salt and use salt yeah I think that’s probably fine but you know we should do a video on how to make a vegetable broth yeah I do it all the time and they’re good and it’s like zero calories you’re a protein it’s not the rant a meat or aunt animals nothing to do with that it’s just it’s not going to trigger insulin release and it’s gonna just be chock-full of these minerals that you’re going to need whether you’re a keto low-carb or we’re fast a lot of it’s made with just veggies that need to be eaten in the fridge you guys so it’s like literally dumping it into a pot so Mandy Mandy Beto’s who have like a million questions here I’m not really you have a look it says you’ve got a lot of lab work you’ve had a lot of trouble I would we’re doing a spring in Aikido master class I would hit that link below you may want to sign up for that you would probably benefit from that regarding fasted exercise and when you shoot your first meal maybe do a little test and and see after your fasted exercise how do you feel do you have to eat right after you know isn’t there a benefit to kind of going even longer like with girl growth hormone totally so like you know I think as you get more fat adapted could be wrong here and used to doing fasted exercise you’ll notice you can still go till about 1 or 2 if you really want to do it yeah I do all the time and I’m doing an hour and then you know back beforehand was going to the chiropractic office and adjusting patients active active active and then around 2:00 I’m like oh I think I could eat you know and I really try to think that and I and then I have stuff prepared for that first you know breaking the fast you’re not eating bonbons or a big pizza or something like that yeah a great thing so Sarah it really depends you know a couple things how long have you been training how intense are your workouts after your workouts are coming you know I’m just going like this I’m not saying they are then you can definitely fast for long after you workout but if you’re like squatting 250 pounds or you’re really going to true failure and you’re hungry afterwards then by all means eat and recover or get a desk job that you’re going to after fasten you know exercise maybe maybe just try to get through to that yeah thing for a little while and if you’re like Microsoft or Amazon or Google you know most people have a desk job and maybe you really don’t need to eat yeah you know after lifting yes you could get some branch chain amino acids you you know stuff like that so anyway it really depends what how intense your lifting listen to your body like Deanna has been saying this whole time it’s not so yeah I mean the fitness industry has has tried to sell us a lot of protein powders for many years and so they’ve they’ve there’s been a lot of bias research suggesting that we need to eat like within this post-workout window you know I mean if you look at animals and hunters after they exert themselves very extensively for killing predators and stuff they don’t eat right away they’re like I’m gonna take a break you know and I mean exercise is very stressful up regulating catecholamines in adrenaline and noradrenaline cortisol and all or stuff and when you’re stressing your body out when you’re working out intensely that does cause intestinal high permeability I talked about this in my book belly fat effect at length there was a research study actually in it was Marines that were doing some training and after they did a lot of physical activity they looked at their gut permeability and there was a you know you know the lactulose mannitol test and they looked at zhonya and that was off so if you do if you like balls-to-the-wall crossfit workout you know we do an extensive workout you’d probably want to wait a little bit before you eat anyway because your guts gonna be pretty inflamed let me just yeah okay what was that one documentary we watched we’re ongoing documentary about the meat-eater that’s out there hunting where it’s basically a tribe they go they killed an animal yeah it’s it’s called me either on the right yeah they did the whole process of dragging it cleaning and cutting and all that stuff instead of just going to the grocery store and you know opening a package think about the time that it takes to do that okay and then getting it back into their tribe and then cooking the food and sometimes they don’t eat one meal a day so I loved that show yeah you know and they all looked healthy and lean and mean and energetic and I’m not saying it’s the right way to do it but you know I mean that’s just kind of how was hunter-gatherers they didn’t eat right away when they kill the animal right like it wasn’t you know ya know makes a lot of sense so it’s like an industry has taught us that we need to do certain things but in the real world and not that we all want to be unand us tree alized hunters and you know Bolivia yeah but you know the bodies it’s that you know the body will function that way and you can build muscles so Carl says is there a way to do a consult yes email me Mike a high intensity health calm I will get you set up hello from Montreal Carl again why some food stuck on my tooth and ingesting it during fasted State probably not if there’s a little piece of food on your tooth raha that’s a good question but hello from Massachusetts so if you’re not hungry do you just know any Robin yeah and so that’s kind of a catch-22 with the whole keto thing because it can kind of foster some people are have brought this up before Tamsin Lewis we did it with her I think it was in September range you know anorexia so is anorexia and these eating disorders are they chasing the mental elation and mental clarity associated with ketosis it’s kind of an interesting hypothesis and something to think about so you do have to be aware I mean when you’re keto you’re basically not gonna want to eat sometimes and so that can be tough if you’re trying to put on muscle and if you’re very active so good point if you’re at a point to like a lot of people who have those eating disorders are constantly like you kind of know you have a problem well maybe not maybe not but you’re thinking about food all the time like when it becomes an obsession maybe it’s something’s off but if like you’re fat adapted and you know like emulous coming I think that that’s different right I was just reading sunny stuff on here yeah there’s a lot of stuff that has come up about soy and all history stuff bolus workout so dude vegan guy bro says bolus of protein after workout like 30 grams you know really depends I would say dude vegan guy bro play around with it a little bit experiment and just kind of see start writing these things down Deanna’s great about tracking everything just tracking super crackers yeah so Richard says I love this channel hey thanks for that guys and I think that’s pretty much it there are a bunch of different things but but Tom says quick thought on increasing protein as we age yeah so you do want to increase protein with with age so Gabrielle Lian talked all about muscle protein synthesis and how we become more desensitized and so I do think that protein requirements with age is something to consider so friends this was really really a lot of fun I’m so grateful that you’re here that you’re watching please hit that like button tag a friend that may benefit from this share this video subscribe the channel got some really really really awesome interviews coming and if you want to try Deanna’s amazing cooking definitely go to real food lab dotnet this cookie dough is it is freaking amazing it’s it’s vegan you guys it’s low carbon steel friend it’s really good stuff it’s made in small batches we worked really hard to get out there super cleaning and you guys love it any personal message me real food love on Instagram if you have any questions regarding ingredients or anything like that’s cool alright friends we’re gonna sign off hope you have an awesome week thanks for being here on a Sunday night and uh I don’t know where we sign off on in where is the YouTube thing there we are we’re gonna stop 42 minutes wowie minute oh sorry alright if you’re still here I really really am grateful for that we will catch you on the next podcast thanks for tuning in

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