FAST MIMICKING DIET: how Triathlon Taren lost 10 pounds in 5 DAYS

FAST MIMICKING DIET: how Triathlon Taren lost 10 pounds in 5 DAYS

– 10 pounds, 10 pounds is
how much weight I have lost in five days doing the
fast mimicking diet. Now before you all start turning
into a bunch of scientists and ripping me apart in the comments below about the dangers of fasting,
the benefits of fasting, how to fast, what the heck
a fast mimicking diet is we’re gonna talk about it, okay? (upbeat techno music) Alright, so fasting,
just like keto dieting, has been all over the interwebs. I’m also gonna preface all of this by saying this isn’t an
endorsement for fasting, this isn’t how I
recommend you should fast. I’m not even recommending you should fast I’m just talking about
what I’ve tested out over the last five days and if you wanna test it out yourself here are some things
that I’ve gone through but make sure you consult
your own physician, make your own decisions. We’re all adults here, except for the kids that
watch this, thanks kids. Okay, so the current science
of fasting shows a few benefits that can help us all out. Number one, weight loss. Number two, it stimulates autophagy. Autophagy is the breakdown and destruction of dysfunctional cells within our body. These are the cells that have the potential
to become cancer cells. So by breaking these cells
down, flushing them out it’s actually been shown
that periods of fasting can extend the lifespan of people. It also stimulates the
production of stem cells. So it helps repair the body. It can kickstart fat loss,
particularly around the abdomen. That is a very unhealthy type of fat. It can reduce inflammation
in your overall body and then it also gives your gut a chance to basically like flush
everything out, resets everything, it gives it a rest from
just constantly punishing it through eating pizza and pasta and oatmeal and overnight oats and morning
shakes and all these things that I’ve been telling
you that you should eat. And all that said, I’m not like a fasting is the
best thing out there for ya. I’ve actually been fairly
critical of fasting over the past couple years thinking that it is
quite a bit of a fad diet because it comes with a lot of risks. Number one is that it can
lower your metabolism. If you do it for a
prolonged period of time it can make your metabolism slow down so that when you actually come back and start eating a normal amount, your metabolism has slowed down and not only do you gain back all the weight that you had before but you gain back more
and you carry that weight. There’s also the chance of muscle loss. There’s also the risk of it
not actually doing anything, particularly I look at this
as intermittent fasting. This has been one of the big woo, everyone has to intermittent fast. Well frankly you don’t really
get many benefits of fasting until you get to about 16
hours of fasting total. So all these people that
are intermittent fasting and saying like well even
if you give your gut a break for like 12 hours, 14 hours, you’re really not doing a whole lot. You’re just kinda jackin’
around with your system. And then finally, for prolonged fasts there are big sleep issues. Let’s get into the benefits though of the fast mimicking diet which is intended to give a
lot of the benefits of fasting without all of these risks. So the fast mimicking
diet is a five day fast. Apparently you get the vast
majority of fasting benefits around day four to 4-1/2 or five. Next, you also get a huge
amount of the benefits from fasting really not by
like fasting, eating nothing. You get a huge amount of the benefits just from calorie restriction. So once you get down to
around 800, 1,100 calories and you are normally
consuming 2,500 to 3,500 like us endurance athletes are, you’re already getting
a lot of the benefits. So bringing yourself all
the way down to nothing is where you start risking
those things like muscle loss. The fast mimicking diet
starts you off with day one at around 1,100 calories and then days two, three, four, and five you’re at about 800 calories. So let me give you a sense
of what I went through. On day one I weighed 158.4 pounds. Throughout that day I’m keeping the amount of
sugars that I’m having low, very low glycemic index foods. So at lunch I’m having things
like chicken broth, nuts. Dinner, 300 calories,
chicken and spinach salad. Snacks, I would often have a
small amount of frozen berries and peanut butter. Snacks I would also have
a Designs for Health bar, I stocked up on five of these things. They’re delicious, kinda stimulates the taste sensation there but it also really doesn’t come with any like sugary calories. Now other things that I ate were potatoes. Potatoes are actually proven
to be the most satiating food. Basically on a per-calorie
basis you feel the most full on potatoes beyond any other thing. Cucumber salad, broccoli and potato soups. Hot, hot, hot. Soups made out of low-calorie
but very nutrient-rich things. Coleslaw and a very light
vinegarette or plain. Some peanut butter at night,
potatoes and asparagus, and that’s about it. And let me tell you
that at the end of this, this morning, five days later, and I’ve still got another weigh in because I’m going to fast still tonight and then I’ll have the
final weigh-in tomorrow marking the end of the five
days, I was 149 pounds. Assuming that by tomorrow I will have lost more than 10 pounds. So a couple things to keep in mind. My energy level has been tremendously low. I have not been training at all. I’m in the middle of a mid-season break. The extent of my training
was maybe biking a little bit to the pool just to pick up my pool bag for some travel that
I’m doing this weekend. I went to the bank, I went
and grabbed groceries. So don’t do this while you’re training, you will punish yourself and you will basically
athletically starve yourself. Also, you may have a hard time sleeping. On day three, normally I
take a nap in the afternoon, could not get to sleep. Last night day four, could not
get to sleep until midnight. Make sure that you fill your body with the bunch of the
nutrients that it needs. Mega Burn Greens, Mega Burn
protein, Four Sigmatic coffee. If you want 15% off Four Sigmatic Coffee go to to get 15% off anything
or use the coupon code Triathlon Taren to get 15%
off, helps us out, thank you. And I put these in the
shakes in the morning so that basically bam,
right in the morning I knew that I had enough
nutrients and enough protein so that I wasn’t going
to be nutrient deficient throughout this and I wasn’t
going to be eating into muscle because I was taking enough protein. Lots of water to help fill yourself up and lots of tea to basically
give yourself something to do. And the results of this, do I
feel okay besides being tired? Yeah, but physically the
things that I’ve noticed are that I am certainly
flatter in the stomach, I have lost that little bit of,
I’ve always had a tough time losing that little bit of fat right at the bottom of
my stomach, that’s gone. I’ve noticed a more defined
line down in between my abs and more in here. Don’t forget, I used to be 215 pounds. This is not normal. And this might be TMI
but my poop was black. That indicates to me you’re clearing out a huge amount of the waste
that’s in your digestive system because you’re giving your
body a chance to flush it out. And of that 10 pounds
I would probably guess that maybe two pounds of it is fat but there’s a good amount of that poundage that is really just the body being able to empty out
the digestive system. What that’s going to allow me
to do is, like I said before, reset my gut bacteria and this
gives me an excellent chance to slam a bunch of
probiotics into my system over the next few days. And because my gut has been reset it’s going to be very receptive to them and I’m going to rebuild my
gut bacteria in a good manner. Am I going to be able to
stay down at 149 pounds? Probably not, I’m likely
gonna go back up to the 150, 155, 158 but the premise
of this fast mimicking diet is that you should do it if
you’re an athlete maybe tops twice a year. It’s going to help keep
your weight on the low end of what’s healthy for you. But if you are say overweight, if you’re carrying 30,
40, 50 pounds or more you can do this once
every two to three months until your weight starts getting
down to a healthier level and then you can start
doing it less frequently. Credit to a lot of this with
the research of Valter Longo, but the Longevity Diet book has been fairly criticized on Amazon and I would probably echo this that it doesn’t even tell you how to do the fast mimicking diet,
even though this is the guy that invented the fast mimicking diet. It’s basically just a sales
pitch for fast mimicking. Valter Longer also has
a company called ProLon which supplies all of the food
for the fast mimicking diet. But you can kinda just piece together your own fast mimicking diet
with really low-sugar foods, really nutrient-rich foods, broths, soups, the things that I told ya here. So, fast mimicking diet success? I don’t know, we’ll have to
see over the next little while. Fast mimicking diet, lost
weight, felt okay, not that bad. Does science indicate that
it’s going to help me out? Yeah, is it something
that you should consider? I don’t know but now you know
a little bit more about it. And tidbit, it ain’t pleasant. When you are somebody that lives and dies by the calories that they consume, it’s been a tough five days. Now if you have any questions
about the fast mimicking diet what you can do by basically
googling Valter Longo podcast, listen to his podcast, and that’s probably gonna tell you more than even the book does. But if you have any questions, ask them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to
answer them for you. Alright, later Trainiacs.

52 thoughts on “FAST MIMICKING DIET: how Triathlon Taren lost 10 pounds in 5 DAYS”

  1. Why are you doing a huge caloric deficit only a few days after Coeur D'Alene? Don't you think it could slow down your recovery?

  2. Nice topic. I started intermited fasting a year ago. My energy levels realy ingreasd in My triathlon training

  3. I can't fast like that, it would kill me. Not literally I just like to eat lol. On rest weeks though I just eat more veggies and beans and less meat and that seems to help with iflamation and recovery.

  4. There is a fair bit of solid science behind it. As far as how to do the actual fast he gives the individual a lot of latitude. Chapter 6 gives all the information on how to go about it. He pairs the FMD with his version of a Mediterranean diet which is primarily whole food plant based with small serving of fish. From what I gathered he has very little to no animal fat and protein in his diet.

  5. Yeeaaaahhhhh….. not so much intermittent fasting as calorie restriction. And let's be honest, in no way sustainable. But I was relieved when you said that you don't expect to keep the weight off. So props on that !

  6. Eating a primarily carbohydrate focused diet is more sustainable meaning you will be able to lose more weight in the long run and be able to train in the process. High carb for the win.

  7. Your right on posting this. Not many testimonials to Fasting Mimicking Diet on Youtube right now. Hopefully this is watched by many.!! And I have done this twice now and it's hard but it definitely will make you feel amazing after.

  8. Are you concerned about getting sick? Is there anything to say whether it lowers your immune system?

  9. Been intermittent fasting for about a month every day. Finish eating at 10pm, don’t eat until 2pm the next day. Solid 16hrs. Since I started a month ago, I’m down 14lbs. Also, fruit is the key for me. Body needs energy to break down the fibrous fruit, and natural sugars keep me stable, personally.

  10. Very interesting Taren…solid solid science behind and Dr. Valter Longo who is behind the research about FMD is on the route for a medicine Nobel prize.

  11. Yeah I have a question, I think if I tried this my wife would kick me out of the house because I would be hangry and irritable the whole time. Did you deal with any of that? and / or how did you mitigate it? Thanks Taren!

  12. Been thinking about trying this for a while. Definitely need to wait until there’s a good rest week ahead of me though. Hats off to you for trying it out.

  13. How many times have you switched to smaller sized kits/shoes. Lost some as well and put on a jersey i bought last fall and it was so loose… Another downside to losing weight but you get to buy new stuff. 😁

  14. I would be super interested in a fellow up a week or two to see the effects. It sounds like a good idea overall because of it's short, I may use it to kick start the loss of my last 20 lbs

  15. Give us some short updates on the next week to 10 days. Curious when you start eating if it comes right back or if there is a way you slowly ramp up your caloric intake so as not to shock your body into storing all the calories as fat.

  16. Im fasting for 18-20 hours then I eat between the rest of the 24 hour clock twice during that period of time. I feel great so far just that i struggle a little bit between hour 17 and 20. So thats when I decided I should break mu fasting. Btw this is on a Keto dieting

  17. I just received stem cell treatment for a second time on my knee and I need to be relatively immobile for the next few days. I'm gonna give this a shot as it's mid season for me. I'll let you know how it works out.

  18. Back in January I made the decision to get back into triathlons and to run half marathons with our boys. The first phase was weight loss on a calculated scale. I’m not into fad diets so I started reading and surfing the net. Without going into any details, I’m down 55 lbs, eating protein, fats, and what I call good carbs. I’ve not had many cravings and I’ve been consuming over 2k calories a day, closer to 3k on intense bike days. Training wise has mostly been on the bike since I didn’t want to run while being heavy. So far so good. Throughly enjoy your videos so keep up the filming and stay positive. We all have the distractors in our lives.

  19. Interesting. But in other opinion light all wrong. People are genetically different no one diet works for all. There are many people sensitive to ANY plant foods and I suspect most people don't even know that fact. Heck lose water weight and glycogen you can lose pounds quickly not to mention get rid of all the human waste caused by so much fiber most people eat. I think life style diet is best something you can do everyday and enjoy your eating AND not carry extra fat body weight. Just a point, steak makes you feel full.

  20. Hi Taren, great job of shearing those ideas and trying it.

    I am trying low fat vegan diet and have 3 Cycle Fasting mimicking diet already, every 6 Week a 5 day cycle. My bodyweight is very stabile 76 kg. from 82kg, and even I have 1 time weightlifting training during the diet. iI don’t feel much of improvement in Training, maybe a bit because of weight loss. But longevity and health are more important for me. And who knows it may be the secret Tri weapon.

  21. Black poop could be internal bleeding. 4.5 pounds will be glycogen loss from muscles and liver which will return as soon as you eat carbs.

  22. I lost 10 kilos (20 pounds or so) in first 8 weeks of my keto and kept my ftp in 330W. Zero power loss. And I was pretty learn to begin with. now 8% BF. Also high fat low carb took my cholesterol from 4 to 3. High carb diets for me get just converted to cholesterol in the liver so this was not just beneficial for weight but to health too.

  23. Thanks for trying the diet out and sharing. It's also nice that you've explained the benefits (besides the clickbait friendly weight loss part). I think longevity is almost as hyped these days isn't it? I read The Longevity Diet a year ago and didn't think too much of it. But it has actually been getting more attention in the science community lately the last two issues of Nature magazine have published more and more breaking news about tests performed with FMDs. It's not a joke, and the research shows Dr. Longo is really onto something… So everybody out there should not knock it. Maybe if we focus on the other benefits and stop thinking of it as a paleo or weight loss hack, it will become more legitimate. Final note, you mentioned that Dr. Longo doesn't say how to do the diet… while he doesn't provide recipes, the diet is explained in chapter 6, with a specific breakdown of calories by food groups for days 1 and days 2-5 fo the FMD, see page 114.

  24. Intermittent fasting is generally a 16hr fast 8hr eating window. Hence why it works. Because it’s 16hrs…. 12hrs is NOT a fast.

  25. I have been doing IF for 18hrs for over a year now. Initially I lost 5 kilos, but regained it 6 months later while continuing IF.
    What are the reasons for this and what alternatives can I have for substituting bread??

  26. Ummm….7:40 – "black poop" to a healthcare provider would mean maybe we need a stool check for occult blood. So if you literally meant it was black, if it's still black then I'd talk with your provider. If it's "coffee grounds" appearance and "black" then no maybe, go talk to them. Thanks for the video and info. Helpful.

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