[Music] [Applause] everyone say hi yo what is good everybody welcome back to another vlog if you’re watching us right now how you know that means that means that you woke up soreness so that means that you are when it’s or your stress kind of phase me can I face you can I face baby Camila because you and I already went in family so we’re just gonna jump into it I hope you enjoyed this vlog in three two one you go I’m been yawning this whole time I wanted you natural but I brought my power creamer so I’m thinking yes can I get a treinta iced coffee with no classic two pumps of sugar-free cinnamon Dolce one pump of sugar-free vanilla and they can I have extra heavy whipping cream – sugar free – yeah and they’re all sugar-free yes what else and then can I get a grande hot coffee and then can I have a splash of heavy whipping cream and then can I have some room for four additional things so try not to fill it up to the top yeah and that beaut okie-doke sex 71 thank you so the reason is so the reason why I say don’t fill it to the top because when I do want to put some additional things in there like I’ll bring my own sweeteners I’ll bring my own creamers when I open up the coffee it’s like feel to the very very top so I have to get it carefully and like spill some out so instead of just wasting coffee just tell just leave me some room don’t feel it up the top no I’m not bossy and then I’m gonna put a little bit this power creamer again you guys know about this coconut omgt oil grass-fed king with stevia and has sea salt as well but yes starting our day off with Kido Starbucks coffee I know you guys always ask me that Gil what do i order at Starbucks that is what crystal orders she is more of a cold coffee person I’m more of a hot cousin likes to make us coffee at home yeah traditionally I make it at home but we just in that time and we wanted to film so we [Music] [Laughter] [Music] later oh you need your shoes you need your shoes that’s like a yes your dad I can’t have to watch mean huh okay so you guys know how on my last video we said crystal and I are having a very hard time getting baby lo to eat so the only way that she’ll eat when she’s at home is if like if she’s not tied down like I know we really got her in a bad habit and not tying her down like putting her in her high chair or putting or making her sit down at the table we let her run around and then every once in a while she’ll come back and right eat something that’s only we can get her to consistently eat something because when we put her in a high chair she completely freaks out so throw food on the floor and then throw these tantrums Ryan is like gosh is such a headache so that’s why we’re here at hat creek his hat Kirk has a playground so she’s playing around we’re gonna order some food so let her play a little bit then every once a while she’ll come get a bite of a burger so come get about a roof rise this will go back and play and that’s how we get her to eat so that’s why we’re here at Hat Creek when the food gets here I’ll show you what Krystal and I are eating and show you how different our meals are even though they’re both gonna be quito but you’ll see when the food gets here let me show you what I got so I got a big hat with an extra patty and pretty much what that is is a triple cheeseburger with cheese obviously would pickles with avocados and bacon look how freaking awesome that looks not sure if you guys can see that or not but just look at look how amazing it is you got the cheese you got the pickles you got the bacon you got the avocados so like I said I got a triple cheeseburger Cristal ended up getting a little hat which is only one patty ha ha she got the same thing she got pickles she got avocado she’s got cheese and she’s got bacon [Music] [Music] okay guys with Logan a little bit older and this will be her second Halloween she’s starting to like understand it like we talk about Halloween she knows it’s pumpkins go she kind of she obviously knows it’s a little scary it’s a little spooky but she’s not quite sure so we’re here at Target and I took on let’s go see Halloween let’s go so Halloween is like okay yeah yeah yeah so we’re gonna take it to the Halloween section which is right here as you can see let’s see her reaction well you must care what are you scared of there’s nothing to be scared of come on it’s not scary it’s not scary oh man that is scary right there oh that looks like Coco yeah Coco oh I don’t like him [Music] okay okay hi how you doing buddy how you doing so you know anytime I’m in New Braunfels I have to come by Gaines bakery because they have these like delicious and I cannot explain how freaking delicious Sara these these cheddar jalapeno biscuits and they come out to like one gram of net carbs there in sane I’m telling you if you’re ever in the Central Texas area if you’re ever behind New Braunfels I’m the Gaines bakery order whatever you put you put a you by baking you a chicken whatever you want on these jalapeno cheddar biscuits oh my gosh they’re to die for everyone who has came in who I recommended are like dude thank you so much epic I love it also Krystal loves this place because they have these cinnamon cookies and again since she can’t a sweets we’re trying to wean her off the regular cookies because Krystal believe it or not I used to be a huge fan of Oreo cookies and every time I see the Oreo cookies in her house I’m like get these out of our house we don’t need them because let’s be real they are like crack they are very addicting so instead you can come here grab some cookies from one of the gangs bakery I get my food crystal gets her sweet it’s a win-win for both of us so ordering my food I’ll show you how it looks like when it gets here this one is a what again say what so that one is Korean barbecue steak with a fried egg and of course our maple sriracha sauce an American style with roasted peppers and sugar-free honey mustard nice thank you so much love you guys thank you thank you thank you alright guys I order this food and I was planning on going home any but I just can’t like I just absolutely can’t but this is okay yeah so these are crystals treats I didn’t show you the treats so crystal ordered a cinnamon cookie but they also hooked it up with all these other treats i’ma see if you guys can see that because gang bakery always takes care of me and actually takes care of us so hooked up looks like they got you like a this is some cream filling in it huh look at this Wow okay this is gonna be my I think this is a this is yeah there’s a people yeah this is peanut butter with like cream and again all these desserts are all keto friendly and super super low carb which is why I absolutely loved games bacon yeah they’re gonna be all gone when I get home everything can have a bite okay so I showed you how the food looks already jealous guys going in we’re gone oh so good alright guys so we’re back home getting ready for the gym but someone DM me on Instagram for not following a scrim boom make sure you’re follow me on Instagram and they requested that I talk about this or make a video about this so someone asked how do I turn man boobs into like a man’s chest like muscle like a regular bodybuilder chest right and the question is like do I need to lose weight or do I need to like build muscle and the thing is guys when you have a lot of body fat yes you’re going to have really big man boobs like for me I hold a lot of my body fat here in my chest even though like okay I’m obviously I’m not overweight but as you can see like my boobs my chest my pecs whatever you want to call them that’s where I hold a lot of my weight I hold it right here and in the midsection if you guys remember my over right picture boom right there you can see like I had completely man boobs right when I started working out and I started training chest that’s when I started building out the muscle now when I started building out the muscle are you gonna see your man boobs go away no you need to lose body fat first so it’s like a two-step process right lose body fat and build up your chest now obviously there’s are tons there’s tons of chest exercises but really at this point it really doesn’t matter using your trained chest okay whether you have loose skin or not I definitely recommend build up your chest train your chest build your chest up once you lose enough body fat you’ll be able to see it so I recommend doing it all at once obviously like you’re not really like thinking about right you’re just you’re getting in shape you’re eating healthy you’re staying active you’re going to the gym training so all together you’re losing body fat and building up your chest so you’re turning your manboobs into a big man’s chest or a thicker bigger chest whatever you want to call us so there you go I hope that did answer your question I just know a lot of people were confused about that they’re like hey man I’m overweight I want I really want to get man or get rid of these manboobs what I do first and foremost guys it’s gonna start with your diet okay diet nutrition and exercise if you can do those three things you will eventually get rid of those man boobs over time you’re training your chest you’re building up your chest and over the next couple of months maybe years you’ll start to define that bigger thicker chest and get rid of those man boots so I hope that did help you out hi guys so it’s like day I’m gonna bring you through my leg day workouts for those who are new I keep my leg day pretty short pretty simple only four exercises squats front squats and then leg extensions and maybe some lunges but like in keep it short and simple gotta get in here get done so let’s do it baby [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] boom alright guys so we’re back home for the gym and we’re gonna whip up our last meal of the day keeping it very simple guys so we’re gonna do some sirloin steak right here I got two of these right here we’re gonna have a little bit of this cauliflower rice not going to eat this whole bag prob about half of this bag and then I got something special right here so I’m going to have some mushroom barbecue chicken bone broth so this is pretty much like a soup to go I really wanted to show you the one ahead here say I had a broccoli and cheese one oMG guys for those of you who miss broccoli and cheese soup cuz a lot of restaurants the way they make broccoli and cheese soup it is packed with tons of carbs and you can’t have it unfortunately kettle and bone broth got you covered so this one I’m gonna go with this mushroom so I’ve never had this one but it sounds like it sounds like it it’ll taste pretty good that’s gonna be my deal so enough talking let’s whip it up what are you doing just sitting on mom you just said now mommy hello yeah yeah yeah yeah alright guys so dinner is sir see this is going down look at it so we got two steaks we got some barbeque mushroom soup or I said it backwards but mushroom barbecue soup with some chicken bro broth and then we got some cauliflower rice also through some Redmon’s real salt we going in on this this soup first right here give it a little taste test oh man Wow that is rich well that’s really good Kendyl far you guys knocked out a partner this one is really good but still by far my favorite is the broccoli and cheese soup guys I’m telling you man so they actually really good friends are from Austin so they’re from Texas guys you know me good it beats anything and all things Texas you know I’m gonna show love for it’s the same thing I do with h-e-b American medabots water burger anything made in Texas you know I gotta show love so they’re actually from Texas actually from Austin so right up the road shout-out to them if you guys are into actually have a discount code really really good but like I said this is gonna be the last meal of day also babe I’m so glad you brought it up so guys do you remember my last video we did at HEB woman grocery shopping and crystals like so am I gonna be able to get my nails done this and that and I told her no and all the moms were like yo you better let her go no yeah so babe let them know did you go oh whatever look just answer the question yes or no yes or no did you go okay yes yes so for all you moms yeah she did go if you want to see what they’re doing and why I’m eating there by myself one moment so this is why so the crystals trying to watch housewives but baby Lo is just like laying on her head as a pillow so that’s pretty cool pretty cool Oh trust you with that I don’t trust you with that No all right guys so this is gonna be the end of the video thank you so much for watching I appreciate it chris’ll appreciates it baby love my whole family crew chain so thank you thank you thank you if you haven’t subscribed already guys please hit that subscribe button as always guys we love you on sale next video [Music]

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