Eating Disorder or Keto Obsession or Healthy Ketogenic Diet

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these videos because Patrick finds videos on articles online that we find
interesting and we want to go through them because we think that if you find
this kind of information could lead you astray or sometimes lead you in a good
direction this was last week’s situation so today we’re talking about another
topic that I have no idea about so I’m gonna let Patrick start talking now it’s
a it’s somewhat positive even though the title like says may be the opposite but
like we’re talking about six six signs your quito obsession as paralleled into
an eating disorder so pushing quito a little bit too far so there’s another
like me coming here so so I wanna start with the definition of the word
orthorexia so it was first coined in 1998 or toric sia is classified as a
type of eating disorder alongside and alongside an action anorexia and bulimia
and include symptoms of obsessive behaviors such as anxiety and stress in
pursuit of a healthy diet in this case the key to life so six sign that you’re
maybe pushing it a little bit too far and basically you’re you’re stressing
yourself but your diet okay one sign is that all foods take a backseat so you
can so you can eat your macros so basically you you you want to to meet so
much your macros that you’re leaving a little bit like the whole food and the
good food in a favor of like bars and and like all the the those those other
food basically the idea being that people who would eat a bar or people
that might instead of eating a food might have like let’s say a keto coffee
because of the amount of oh my God my fats the facts but I but also like the
fact that there’s not a lot of carbs so right like so they’re gonna have a keto
coffee and especially if they don’t use any kind of
cream if they just use oil then there’s no carbs there and so I’m kind of
getting energy in without issue eating any food yeah but the thing is is it
like my question would be is it such a bad thing that you don’t meet your
number of grams of fat for example by 22 grams one day that’s more like yeah you
have the and then I’m gonna absolutely have to like how to have a bulletproof
coffee to meet absolutely meet that number of grams that’s not that first
one I took it to mean for example that I’m trying to keep my grams of carbs low
so what I’m doing is I’m eating like let’s say how it might have my meat and
if I feel hungry later instead of actually having some food I’m just gonna
have a bulletproof coffee and so like I’m not actually giving myself any
building blocks for my body right like I I might have had a little bit of meat or
a little bit like I’m not really you know if I have a bar because the bar is
having those perfect macros but what’s actually making up the bar is not the
right kind of protein so like I’m I’m I’m trading correct macros for healthy
building blocks to build me and if you’re doing that yes I would agree that
that’s not healthy that’s gonna harm you in the long run you know I have no
problem with people using bars as a treat I have no problem with people
using coffees to make up the extra but you still need food you need a real food
I know but like the idea is like when it becomes so obsessive or or you become
obsessive but but is it is it a big deal that you one day you don’t meet exactly
your big deal if it’s one day but you need to understand they’re talking about
people who have a eating disorder which means that this is not one day this is
every day they’re doing this kind of behavior so they’re they’re going for a
bar or they’re going for a kettle coffee or they’re going for like a fat bomb
over eating a piece of meat with some vegetables that’s what they’re doing and
yes that’s very harmful don’t do that please don’t do that that is actually
very harmful because now what you’re doing is you’re building your
body on processed foods rather than building your body on whole foods that’s
very dangerous another sign so your are not eating
enough so you can again so you can meet your macros so for example for example
let me see yeah basically doing a calorie deficit but like just to to be
able to meet your macros so for example if you had your 20 grams of carbs
because you had like this vegetable or that vegetable not like not eating for
the rest of the day because you don’t want to you don’t want to go over your
car so obviously under eating so you meet
your macros again because you attained here a number of proteins of or a number
of hats or a number of carbs so I would say that probably in the obsession to
try to stick to the diet correctly not putting diet because I so they’re doing
now they’re dining um in their obsession to try to stick to the diet what they’re
actually doing is misunderstanding the diet so they’re because if you’re eating
a vegetable that’s taking up all your curves for the day and you haven’t
finished eating for the day you’re eating the wrong food and so like right
away it makes me believe that you don’t quite understand what you’re doing the
problem is is that I could see that happening to someone and they not have
ortho retire Exia because it’s about that that one to me is more about
misunderstanding what you’re doing right um however I will say that if on one
particular day so again it’s it all the time yeah you’re in trouble but if on
one particular day no let me back up what I would say is you shouldn’t be
even looking at calories so again you’re not doing keto properly if you’re doing
this and you’re looking at calories you’re making some kind of error keto is
not about calories keto is about carbohydrate number being under 20 grams
of carbs per day period how much fat you eat and how much protein you eat is a
pivot it’s not a goal usually if you’re eating normally and eating cessation not
to fullness not to not full enough – satiation where I eat and then I don’t
and I feel okay the amount of protein in fact that
it’s going to be moderate and you don’t need to count the calories in that story
your body does not understand calories it understands hungry
versus not hungry yeah another sign if like meals trigger anxiety especially in
social meetings like social social settings yeah so like you you and it’s
not all I’m saying is that for that specific one I think that that’s normal
to all eating disorders yeah yeah and you know if you actually have an eating
disorder then you’re likely gonna have that element is there something in any
case what I want to add is like probably like 98% of restaurants have a Caesar
salad on that menu so just go out with your colleagues with your friend and
have a Caesar salad and you’re gonna be fine
I mean there’s nothing like really to be anxious about I will say have a seat
unless they go to McDonald’s that’s your story but it was to me
yeah with some you yeah chicken Caesar salad but it’s not about that again I’m
gonna back up for you because you’re saying there’s nothing to feel anxious
you can’t tell someone what to feel anxious about I feel like that
particular example is not specific to this eating disorder or all the eating
disorders have that as a symptom so like I mean they’re putting it in there and
I’m just saying it’s normal though if you have an eating disorder you are
gonna feel anxious when you eat food around people that’s what happens and so
like I don’t really feel like that’s keto specific that’s why I’m not really
commenting on it okay what about you obsessively think about keto like
thinking about you all the time especially your next meal and what I’m
gonna eat next and next in the next day and next day and like some people like
stress about like your yeah I think that what’s interesting there is that at the
beginning of a ketogenic lifestyle I feel like most people might look like
they’re obsessing about what they’re gonna eat because they’re worried
nervous which is not anxious it’s just normal to be worried or nervous because
you’re trying to fit it in I do feel again it’s one of those situations
it’s normal in any eating disorder that people behave that way about who so
bulimics and honor exes are constantly thinking about who is part of the
disorder so I would imagine a Northwest say yes it’s going to be the same
situation however I feel like in a Nikita’s situation it could look like
that because you you do start our kind of wandering like like you said I’m
going to this restaurant on my god I hope they’re gonna have something you
know it takes you months I would say yours it takes months to get to the
point where you just know you’re gonna go and you’re gonna find something right
and you know I will put it out there to even say that seasoned people who have
done keto for years the example I’m gonna give you right now is very
recently I watched an episode of keto savage and he and his wife went out to
eat and went to a restaurant ordered a meal and had to leave because everything
on the menu unbeknownst to them had a sugary sauce on it so even the best of
us it could happen right but it’s like I feel like for each person you’re gonna
take your decision right have I ever gone to a restaurant ordered something
and then found out that was there was um I think what mine it was flour that was
on it yeah and you know what I took his decision that day am I gonna eat this
and then you know like I looked at I pulled up my calculator I looked it up I
put in all my numbers and I was able to fit it in so I did but it doesn’t mean
that you’re not gonna find something so I do think most people start there where
they’re worried how am I gonna find what I’m gonna eat that is it you’re gonna go
to a friend’s house so they can have something for me the VIP yeah we all
start there but eventually you get comfortable and you get confident and
there’s another little element that plays into the role that we don’t always
think about today I can go somewhere and if I really don’t see anything on the
menu that I want to eat I just won’t eat right I do have that ability today that
I can just give meal right and I feel like so and that might come up later is
one of the things but but I’m just saying that I do see where in the
beginning it could look like that it could look like that it doesn’t
necessarily mean automatically that that’s an eating disorder and I would
really encourage the other psychologists out there to really be cautious about
calling that initial worried like you know calling that
anxious because most people have it but a lot of especially newcomers to the the
Quito like diet world they do seek you know it’s very complicated and it’s not
at all like once you get to like knowing what you can heat like you just have
some basic stuff like in the kitchen and you can just draw salad some eggs and a
piece of meat or any and you have a key to meal without being very very
complicated and and without being very long so we already spoke about that
don’t try at the beginning to replace what you used to eat on the standard
American diet and and I have a colleague at work that that did that did that
thing that thing where it lasted like two days because from the beginning he
tried to replace the the big oh he was eating in the morning there Brady was
eating at lunch and and since they were not like I think to a point where they
tuned their recipes correctly like it wasn’t tasting good mind that when you
first try to replace it’s not gonna taste it because you’re so used to what
that tastes like then this is not gonna taste right to you and you’re not gonna
want to eat it right and I feel like that’s the other part of the story is
like if you’re used to eating bagels from the corner specialty shop and then
you’d make a Quito bagels well even bread doesn’t taste the same like I am I
am a year and a half away from more than that probably because I don’t really
like bread that much but I’m about a year and a half away from the last time
I had store-bought bread and every time I have any kind of Quito bread I still
know it doesn’t taste right and I’m a year and a half away from the last time
I ate real bread because why because my brain my memory is good and I know what
real bread supposed to taste like it’s part of the reason that I don’t chase
keto snacks and I don’t chase like because I know I still remember what
those things taste like so me eating you know whatever else anything else you
could replace a keto cracker akita I’m gonna taste it and I know it’s not gonna
taste right so I don’t bother but the people who do they
disappointed hmm okay and last swing yeah yeah but this there’s there’s more
to the air to go after like how to do like so last time you might be a little
bit guilty of that but like not that much but you silently you silently judge
other for eating carbs so like in like you you find that people who are not
like right eating carbs like you’re judging people basically because they
eat carbs so if you tell me that like I think in the beginning it start to be
okay I think in the beginning again it’s normal that people would do that so what
I do think that most of us want everyone around us to be healthy and so we kind
of judge them because we want them to do better but you’re right it’s like it
could come across like like you’re just so afraid to eat that thing that you’re
judging them is wrong which is again when you look at anorexic they’re one of
the ones that tend to do that behavior you know like they’re they’re disgusted
by people eating and and and like say they can have that kind of an attitude
but it’s not the same thing because they’re disgusted because they think
that everything you eat is gonna make you fat I think that most people in a
ketogenic lifestyle are just worried that people who eat carbs are not gonna
live the life that they could be living mm-hmm
especially what’s a family member you want them to live forever right
so it’s hard for you to watch them eating stuff that you know is gonna harm
them in the long run so if you’re doing it in the sense that you’re obsessively
watching people and saying oh you shouldn’t eat that usually kind of I
mean we’re getting to that keto police kind of situation if you’re doing that I
really feel like yeah that might be going too far my suggestion is that
people should take a internal thermometer why am i frustrated by that
because if it’s because you love the person rather than judging them for how
they’re eating you should just try to be the good example and you know what
they’re gonna see you eating the way you’re eating they’re gonna see
long-term that you keep with it and you’re still doing it and you’re happy
and healthy and eventually they might come on board but yeah I can understand
why that they would say that might be a sign of orthorexia because it
is something that for sure you see anorexic do and yeah and it’s not a
great way to interact in the world okay so the following of the article is like
so does this this this does all this mean that keto is a bad idea
so of course not so basically I’m gonna read it so what do I have a problem with
though is how the ketogenic diet is often done today and we have like bad
examples and we like we already thought about like how are they saying it’s
being done today okay and this one you you like because like so no matter how
we choose to eat we have to make sure we really have like nailed the why and the
how I think you in your video you always like you often speak about the why and
them also why you’re doing it and now you doing it are two really key factors
of the right a hundred percent I think that your reason for changing your way
of eating he’s gonna determine the longevity of whatever you’re doing so
people who want to lose weight and if that’s your only reason the longevity of
what you’re doing might not be stable because as soon as I hit my weight I
have no longer a reason to eat the way that I’m eating
so unless along the way of losing the weight I will learn to love this I’m not
gonna continue and what’s interesting about keto is that if I’m doing keto in
the way that I’m using a lot of those replacement foods the chance that I’ve
actually learned to love what I’m doing is not very high right because like I
said one I’m just eating those replacement foods that means I’m still
chasing standard American diet but to those replacement foods don’t taste as
good as the real thing and I’m still gonna be kind of craving that real thing
and at some point I might give in and eat that real thing yeah she’s good so
basically the next paragraph starts with jumping into a new diet when you have an
unhealthy relationship with your food or your body isn’t a good idea
so so as so I’m not sure if like the the other is a doctor or psychologist or
both but like didn’t say but like as ID Allah always
says like you can’t heal about it you hate so you know I agree that I’m always
telling people when you’re starting like when people tell me that they want to
lose weight my first thing is always you need to like where you are right now so
that you can improve on it but if I don’t like the body that I’m in how can
I improve it every time I look in the mirror all I’m gonna be trying to do is
to get away from that and of course if my goal is negative so I’m trying to get
away from this body that I’m in my negative emotions are gonna show
themselves and where do they normally show themselves in emotional eating and
so you end up in this trap where because you hate your body you end up eating
things to make yourself feel better so your reasoning for going keto should not
be to finish your body or to fix things you don’t like but about it rather it
should ideally come from a place but with love and desire and to fuel your
body with the right tools it need to become like better so you always like
excellent I love this word this is going to tell me we can put a link to the to
the article like so one of the main things you can do to help ensure your
keto diet doesn’t evolve into it doesn’t evolve into an obsession is this shift
your focus away from eating specific macro entries numbers like numbers like
is the the and tuning into how you feel so I partially agree with that so the
thing that I feel like people would benefit from is allowing themselves to
see that the what makes keto work is taking your 20 your grams of carbs down
since when you’re less that’s the only number that you need to be somewhat
concerned about in the sense that if I let my grams of carbs a little too high
I could potentially start burning carbs again instead of fat everything else
like I said is a pivot if I just eat to satiation so this is where I talk about
where I agree with him how you feel I keep my carbs low and
then I eet’s association so what’s gonna end up
happening is that in order for me to do both those things carbs low eats
association I’m gonna start to realize that the vegetables and salads that I’m
eating here alongside of healthy fat and protein is gonna so rather than rising
this which is what most people do a low-fat diet is a bunch of salad and
like right now and a little bit of fat but then we don’t realize that these
carbs what’s hurting us what we do is that we keep our solid level and you
know what you eat so much salad and so much low glycemic vegetables like it’s
it’s crazy to me how much you can actually eat and still be under 20 grams
of carbs per day like when dr. Berg tells you that you
can eat seven to ten cups of vegetables and salad he’s not joking you actually
can if what if we if you all of your carbs are coming from salad and
vegetables you actually can eat seven to ten cups you should and still be under
20 grams of carbs per day so with that being said the pivot becomes how much
protein and fat am i eating and so if I eat a normal amount which means think
back to before you started this diet as long as you weren’t being extremely
small on the amount of protein that you were eating if you’re eating a normal
amount for your body and we can calculate that number although again it
doesn’t matter but you know I would I always tell people before I did keto I
ate one chicken leg for supper and after doing keto I eat one chicken leg for
separate the thigh and the leg I I did that before Tino I do that after when I
do before I did I was eating keto I ate for example one pork chop approximately
five to seven ounces and after keto one pork chop approximately five to seven
ounces like none of the meats changed the only thing that changed I am
allowing myself to eat the fat that was on that workshop I’m allowing myself to
eat the skin or the fact that was on the chicken that’s the only thing that
changed like size of the portion didn’t change
so I feel like the thing I’m trying to help people to understand is that if you
pay attention to your carb number that’s one number not how much you weigh
on the scale not not you know like anomaly just getting exactly the number
of grams of fat nothing like not even getting the exact number
of grams of carbs if it’s 20 or less you are fine if today I got five and that’s
all I was hungry to eat that’s fine if today I got 19 that’s fine if one day
I’m at 22 it’s not gonna be the end of the world right it’s it’s really about
overtime making sure that I’m aiming for 20 or less right and the more that you
do it the easier it becomes and the less you have to weigh everything
once you know your serving sizes but I do agree with him that if you are more
paying attention to and now I’m not hungry anymore
not I’m full I stop eating when I’m not hungry anymore
so if I eat two satiation rather than fullness maybe fine okay in conclusion a
quick how-to like seven eight points being you can come in and you can come
in how do how do keto like so basically eat real food I absolutely agree like no
bars or trying to avoid the bars in all the processed stuff real food no matter
what diet you’re doing if you’re doing paleo if you’re doing ki – if you’re
doing low-carb if you’re doing vegetarian eat real food goddamn it yeah
don’t feel the vegetables we’re just like don’t what don’t fear the
vegetables we just talked yeah just low low glycemic vegetables keep you carbs
low absolutely 20 grams or less healthy fats high and healthy is important here
like the fat from the meat like good thank you agree it shall be the most of
your like it should be the most of your daily did you take healthy fats moderate
not high moderate okay if you add extra fat you will end up gaining weight
healthy fats moderate yeah eat when you’re hungry yes
stop when you’re satiated and stop when you need it oh yeah so that’s all I got
perfect so you know what actually what I enjoyed that article I enjoyed that
article I think that it’s interesting to look at eating disorder and look at keto
and see like are there possible ways that we might fall into that I don’t
think it’s I don’t think people have to worry about that though because if you
are coming into a ketogenic lifestyle without an eating disorder you’re not
gonna magically get an eating disorder because you’re doing keto that’s for
sure the thing that I will say though is that
if you do have tendencies towards eating disorders then you want to be careful
for some of the things that this Arthur is talking about because then that could
become an issue for you as with anything in life if I’m for example if you’re the
kind of person that’s addicted to alcohol the chances that you could
become addicted to drugs or could become addicted to food or could become
addicted to say like it’s higher because you that indicates that you have an
addictive personality if I’m the kind of person that has disturbed eating
tendencies so right like if my eating habits are towards eating disorder then
orthorexia might be something I want to be more conscious of mm-hmm that being
said our ketogenic lifestyle is a very healthy way to manage your weight to
manage your help it’s a simple way it can be simple it can be very simple if
you use real food and keep you and just folks and keeping your carbohydrates low
it can be very simple so I want everyone to do your research I say this all the
time do your research do keto in a very healthy way and you’re much more likely
to have success it really that was a great article and what was it detail
six signs your keto obsession is as a spiraled into a eating disorder so it’s
a very interesting article um thank you for finding that was very interesting I
wanna thank everyone for watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet Pat Chat
Edition as I mentioned I have a patreon account now if
you’d like to go there it’s possibility Violet Reveira is the handle so patreon
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16 thoughts on “Eating Disorder or Keto Obsession or Healthy Ketogenic Diet”

  1. I think a lot of vegans are orthorexic. They eat only plants because they believe that this is THE ONLY CORRECT WAY TO EAT, and end up harming themselves.

  2. I think our emotions are responsible for most of our bad decisions in life. I came across keto on you tube about 11/2 years ago. I watched many researchers lectures until I was convinced that this was the way for me. That's the why I had to satisfy. I learned through the years that our tastes would change and that I could be happy with a new eating plan. TV commercials promote sweets and drugs. Thank you Violet for your videos. 😊

  3. Thank you, Violet and Patrick, for another informative and interesting video – very thought provoking too. I am more of a keto bandit than keto police tho because I don't like to advertise my keto-ness. I find it only invites nay-sayers and people trying to tempt me off it, which is impossible because I have no desire for any food not on my "list". As for obsessiveness, I think it has to do more with mindset rather than diet. The diet is the perfect path (for me, anyway) and obsession with it wouldn't be unhealthy for your body, only for your mind. I follow Dr. Berg's advice most days and stuff myself with 10 cups of leafy greens, homemade dressing, an avocado, and some meat or eggs and I am continually surprised each fortnight when my scales say I've lost another couple of pounds. Thank you both again!

  4. I ran into a newsweek magazine on keto. I liked most of the recipes. I found most of the articles to be misleading and passive aggressive in wording. Would you have a look?

  5. I have binge eating disorder and Keto has been the only thing that has helped me fight it. Keto stopped the physical addiction to carbs, and allows me to fight the mental issues of the disorder. The biggest thing? Eat only when hungry. Keto has taught me what real hunger is, so if I don't have real hunger, then it's my eating disorder talking. Now that I can identify it, I can fight it! I'm not "blind" to it anymore. Go Keto! Thanks for your great info, Violet!

  6. Pushing keto 'too far' ?!?! What's 'too far' ?? It seems 'being obsessive' is the issue, not keto itself. Having an emotional issue is the problem, not the diet. Being keto has doesn't make having an 'eating disorder' inevitable or 'easier to get'. I can see that being uncertain about food choices might seem odd but change is always going introduce uncertainty. Chill. Falling out of ketosis is not an immediate death sentence. Just get back into ketosis later on and carry on. I find eating keto is so easy and so effective that I don't understand all of these myths of and attacks upon keto.

  7. Hang on – who actually likes being diabetic? If your body is sick, not liking your body is OK. So doing keto to lose weight, which will help reverse diabetes as well as other problems, is an entirely valid reason to do keto. Thus what may at first appear to be 'unhealthy' or 'emotional' might actually be an entirely rational and the sensible thing to do – esp if you use that dissatisfaction to make healthier choices.

  8. Since carbs give us very little and require us to eat huge amounts to get anywhere and because we do not need to eat any carbs whatsoever – I don't waste my money and time eating them. Instead I focus upon meats, healthy fats and full-fat dairy because I get more nutrients in smaller packages for less money. Tonight I had pan-fried steak, stuffed with pepperoni and sliced cheese and a glass of milk. Not a vegetable in sight. Last night I had chicken meatballs, in tomato sauce with cheese sprinkled on top and a glass of milk. Tomorrow I'm having saute'ed veges, steak and broccoli and a glass of milk and maybe a glass of wine. Yes, I plan out menus for the week in advance of grocery shopping. Chili, oxtail stew, pork belly, lobster tails, roast chicken thighs with a vege or a salad here and there. My husband has joined in cooking for me now. He spent time tonight thinking of what he could feed me while he chows down on a big bowl of spaghetti. Used to be just my daughter who did that. I'm counting this as a win. What I made is cheesecake…without the crust of course… eggs, cream, cream cheese, vanilla, and stevia with a few blueberries just for fun. Yummy!

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