EASY MEAL PREP WITH ME! | Healthy Meal Prep for Weight Loss

EASY MEAL PREP WITH ME! | Healthy Meal Prep for Weight Loss

85 thoughts on “EASY MEAL PREP WITH ME! | Healthy Meal Prep for Weight Loss”

  1. I love an easy granola recipe!! This one looks so delicious!πŸ˜‹πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  2. Meal prep videos are my favorite and this one was really good! I'm actually making your granola right now πŸ˜› Looking forward to my breakfasts this week!

  3. This video was amazing. Loving these meal prep of the week! Your hard work definitely shows and I can see myself recreating all of these!

  4. I started my weight-loss Journey last Monday I will definitely try your recipes I would like to see meal prep done for vegan or vegetarian

  5. The recipes look good! One thing that would be helpful to know how long this whole meal prep takes all together. Half a day, whole day? Could you kindly let us know? Thank you!

  6. nice video! But don't really think this will work for weigth loss for alot of people. Way to much kcal dence food, like rice, oat, almond, honey, peanutbutter ect. i think i would use more veggies and less kcal dence food.

  7. Looks Yummy. would love to see a Vegan meal prep. Thk youπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰πŸ’š

  8. With the butternut squash instead of water in the pan to steam it I would of used some of the leftover soup broth, it would give it some great extra flavor!

  9. Hi! Very Good ideas!
    i would like to Tell you a simple tip for the granola. pur the mixture directly into the pan and mix on Low heat. It will result more homogeneous!πŸ‘

  10. I've had an YouTube account for the longest, however you're the first person I ever subscribe to. I'm binge watching all your videos and now feel inspired to practice many of your tips and recipes. Thank you & greetings from LA, California πŸ™‚

  11. Love all the recipes! Can't wait to make the marinara sauce and Brussels Sprouts! (I am a vegan so I will adapt some recipes for myself!) Great video! Love the short easy recipes for food prep!!!

  12. Did you have a hard time cutting your spaghetti squash in half? It took me 20 min and 3 different knives. Is it usually this difficult? LOL

  13. L-O-V-E-D the granola recipe! I'll totally make it for my mom! I didn't know the channel and bumped into this video. I'm already a fan. Great job!

  14. I had a question I noticed that on this video it says you can cook the chicken on high for 4 hours but on the other video with the recipe it says to cook for 6 hrs on high, I just want to make sure that if I cook it on high for 4 hours it'll be fully cooked and safe to eat😊

  15. The food looks great, but "intuitive eating"…I don't know. I got heavy because my intuition tells me to eat all the things. Perhaps my intuition isn't the best thing to go by.

  16. Can you do College dorm meal prep? I hate having to eat campus food bc I like to eat healthy and there aren't always healthy options

  17. any links for the reusable snack bags I see you using?! Trying to get away from plastic 1 time use containers. Thanks!! Great content πŸ™‚

  18. Im on a diet, already lost 20 pounds..and chicken broth is amazing… But eventually I get tired… So, I try to mix different flavors.. for example.. I like to add an small chipotle chillie or maybe sauce and some avocado in cubes to my broth.. it's completly amazing!

  19. If you save the apple sauce individual containers….they also fit in the mason jars for the granola…I do this for my husbands grab and go breakfast

  20. I love that you’re just tossing the granola on an old cookie sheet and going with it. Your videos are very informative and healthy and you do it without being pretentious. Really love these videos!!!

  21. Dear Nicole, your videos are truly fun to watch and you have such easy and fun Amazing and very delicious recipes!!!

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