Easy KETO Bread Recipe 🍞 Aldi Loven Zero Carb Bread style + Bacon (Sukrin Bread Mix Recipe)

easy key to bread recipe cheddar and bacon move to seed love homemade Sukhram bread mix welcome to the great quito British Bake Off week 3 hi I’m ginger I’ve been hit over 6 years and if the street ends up being useful to you please don’t forget to subscribe before you leave so you don’t miss the next one bread week is always the week we fear that if you try to get a fire make low carb recipes from the Great British Bake Off or the Great British baking show as it is in the US because it’s bread and bread requires flour and flour is a no-no in Quito and it’s always an adaptation a substitution a replacement and make new kind of game with bread however there is a recipe that I’ve wanted to do a share for a very long time it’s one of my oldest recipes actually it has to be a senior year with the cheesecake squares and the tahini bread when I stopped from sharing something that I’ve done just because it was a very very long time ago it ends up being very easy and something that you really really like so it’s bread week it’s a good excuse to share this with you this is basically the homemade version of the SU cream bread mix which is something great in all fairness and it’s the ultimate concert of mix boom done because you get the mixer you add water you bake it and you have a multi see that loaf that is completely Keith oh if I I don’t remember correctly how low in carbs but very very low in carbs nothing even to do with live life or the other low carb brats that you can get here in the UK which are not really low carb that is proper but that is incredibly expensive a kilo of that can go up to 20 and more quid I will put the link down inscription below if you don’t want to go to the effort because ultimately flavor-wise bread wise it’s really really good but we can save and make it at home and this is how we’re gonna do it to make the bread mixer by Sucre sort of at home you’re just going to need psyllium ask flax seed seed mix eggs baking powder almond milk or water and olive oil that’s all you need I’m gonna add a hint of soul to because I like it a bit more savoury and because as I saw from the last week of bake-off that they’re gonna do all the filled bread and stuff Brad this one is gonna be cheddar and bacon mostly because I think I saw actually baker and in the preview for next week but also because what’s not to like about a brand that its savory and is cheddar and bacon so for this occasion we’re gonna have three fried very crunchy bacon and cheddar we’re gonna figure out how to incorporate the cheddar during the line because I think I remember how the dough comes out but I don’t want you to get a oily dough that actually has just separated after you bake it or better so I would have done it but longer sister Robin who is much much more hindsight and than I am told me I don’t think we need to do it that way but let’s see how the dough goes and then we get there so let’s start off because there’s no time to lose here it’s Monday already we need to test this bread to make sure that we can make it for tomorrow and then whatever they put in front of us at the bake-off we can easily enjoy our own bread and nothing will tempt us however if something ends up tempting you don’t forget that Elliot from the keto kitchen is trying to get a pie one of the recipes that will come out tomorrow so check out his channel I think on Friday usually it comes out with the recipe so anything that are doing at the back of tomorrow Elliot will try on Friday don’t forget to check him out this is an amazing things are kind of a recipe because this music spoon Don which by the way the merchandise for that is coming too finally I made it you probably can see it here I don’t have a t-shirt myself yet because it hasn’t arrived but that is an option now and mix bloomed on is the ultimate way to do simple things if you ask me just as it would be for the SU cream mix let’s mix the dry ingredients first so I’m using flax seed here I’m using brown one if you use the golden one it will give you the look of more of a white bright if it helps if it’s something that you into my seed mix it’s personally up to you I’m doing pumpkin sunflower and sesame you can do chi i stead of sesame you can mix it up as you like you can actually add more flux seed in seed form rather than just ground completely after you see Liam are the hated hated psyllium psyllium is a very delicate thing to work with that I have realized in the years that psyllium is not just an ingredient you need to know a good brand to get because if you get a full brand that you’re gonna very hard time cooking properly with it which is the reason why I had to realize that who spends more spends 1 sir who spends less spends twice you need a good quality otherwise you’re gonna waste your money I’m using now and I only can get it in tabs here but once I imported it from the US and you have the proper bags that’s very nice the only proper one that I know of here in the UK is bulk powders you find them both links down in description below always remember when you have something that is so intensely fiber based like flaxseed and psyllium that not only you need the water that it will go and eat the liquid that will go in it but drink a lot because when you have so much hydrophilic fiber it’s a good thing and it was gonna clean you in the inside from the inside but you need to make it a sponge rather than a break and in order to do that you need to drink a lot just say if you want more information about that I’ve made a specific video which I’m not measuring because we’re cooking our baking powder which is kind of crucial in here because we’re not raising otherwise technically if you’ve been fascinated by sea and the yeasted love that go around but don’t they are going into oat fiber and gluten because they are questionably keto ingredients you know me like everything that keeps in ketosis is keto don’t worry about that I made the yacon yeast bread myself don’t you worry about that but in case what you’re actually missing is the yeast flavor of the proper bread and you don’t want to go through all that effort you can just simply are the yeast Dede is it you won’t necessarily use the yeast to rise we have the baking powder for that but it will give it the flavor just saying and a bit of salt you can go for it you cannot go for it because we’re using the cheddar in this case but this is very much the fundamental of how to make this bread one thing that I just realized while I was preparing my ingredients and it could be useful do you know when you get four cranes and you get that powder in the end which is basically just seasoning and salt I’m not saying that you should add it to your bread but I’m saying that if you do it might be good I used to do for ketchup based on poor creams so whatever is left from the pork rinds that is seasoned and powder of pork rinds it’s just an idea that I’m throwing they’re just saying but let’s make these very easily very quickly I shouldn’t have used all the seeds because I wanted to save something for the top maybe you’ll do better than me I completely forgot that I wanted to do that and that wasn’t my intentions today’s we add all of our wet ingredients eggs aha here’s the great thing do you want to make this vegan it’s totally doable do the replacement for eggs in chia seeds them I know the flaxseed is an option as well we already have it in in this case chia seeds I actually got the advice from Julie a TMZ and if there’s someone that can bake on keto it’s her and if you do 3 teaspoons 3 tablespoon you find it written here here but there’s the Chia and water substitute that works really well you just don’t mix them right in you mix so the Chi and the water on its own leave it there for 10-15 minutes and then you add it with your wet ingredients that’s an egg substitute and doing that it actually becomes vegan as well and I’ve seen how easily mix well with our egg substitute which tends to be the chair so by all means let’s do this vegan as well why not I want two notes on the egg even though I want to go very quickly because I’m afraid of Basilio and starting to absorb things one in the original Sukhram bread mix actually you have the egg powder inside the mix that’s the reason why it’s actually not vegan so if you want the option you absolutely have the option for that you add just water to the original mix exactly because the egg is there in powder form second I’ve been asked what size our eggs are here in the UK because I appreciate that they might be different in other places in the world here a medium egg goes between 50 and 55 grams just so you know great let’s add our almond milk it can be water if it’s water use boiling water it will absorb in psyllium better and our olive oil you will really help with the flavor but you know what if you want to use melted butter let me know because I suspect that he will go amazing for the occasion and for the occasion only somewhere I’ve put my dough hooks which I never ever use but this if anything this is the occasion to because this is supposed to be dope so let’s make this happen [Music] now I asked lovely assistant Robin to tell me what they think of these because they are much much more prepared than I am but I feel like these could handle cheese inside and these already absorbed just because I went longer with the door hooks so if I add it and still go is that I’ve sort of become even more dense and dry let’s give it a go let’s have the bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon please don’t do it wrong like and I’m telling you that because it’s a mistake that I’ve made in the past you want to have the baby I’m gonna use half of the cheese and then worst case today I’m gonna put half on top shall we you seems appropriate let’s do that and then I real get really the dough box you would think it is just like a mixer it’s it’s really not in me it’s fair and it’s happened ladies and gentlemen we already have breadcrumbs and fiber like flax and psyllium really really absorb really really quickly so technically like if you put the water in you would be took my god yes though thank I’m invited to look at thou I could make balance out of this which in all fairness is completely an option if you fancy I’m doing the love because I think I so I’ve seen something similar to that and because with the SU cream bread mix I am used to make lots but as you can tell you can absolutely let’s hope for the best and thank God they use just half here’s my loafer I’m using a metal one yes forward now as I was saying before the lovely lovely test command reminded me to actually add order T today and two stories and and two flights of stairs after yes hey our bread if anything absorbed more of the liquid amazing now I’m going to use metal ten because I want as hot as possible everywhere on the loft bake it I’m using baking paper because mine is ruined if you’re just better and nonstick by all means just in case and I’m gonna spray a tiny bit of coconut oil spray doesn’t flow and then we transfer our dough which by now I think has got an idea of what it’s supposed to look like but we have to convince her otherwise because we need to shape her into dough that fits in here so regardless of how comfortable she might feel like that like a blob we go in maybe I’ll spray my hands do I have to go and wash them afterwards but that seems better there is no old correct slope Teresa thank God I didn’t have the seeds to put on top anymore but what do you know I have half of the cheese so I say now we put it on top it’s gonna be crunchy and lovely I think our penthouse seems a reasonable compromise how field is not prettier right this goes in the oven 160 degrees Celsius something is something fahrenheit and it stays there for 55 minutes an hour so go go watch something or someone might be using a while maybe that always helps and we’re gonna put this in the oven and we’re gonna see in an hour basically what it looks like I have nothing to click right there was and now wearing something for me because I didn’t heat up my oven beforehand but if you were clever enough to actually do that 160 is just perfect because this way since we added actually the cheese and the bacon which is guess what doesn’t get burnt on top which is actually really really nice this is a loaf you can cut it in slices you can reheat the slices in the toaster if you ask me if you cut it in slices and then freeze them appear at the time you can actually just have immediate toast tonight that’s what that might also be an idea it really does smell delicious and in a second I’m gonna show you just how green looks as well just let me tell Mike Pedro’s first because without their support I wouldn’t be able to make these videos in exchange for that among other things they get to decide what kind of recipes I make and the research that I do so if you would like to be able to have those chances as well you can join better until there is a link up here and one down a description below and if you decide to the sort thank you so very much because that’s what supports the entirety of this channel along with that there is plenty new merchandise you can get Keithley you support if you’ve seen the live stream yesterday that would be really really helped winning will go to support a three million there’s a little mixed wound on as well there are plenty of new designs so don’t forget to take a look there and if you actually are interested in a ginger queen of munchkins she has an offer on that is going so don’t forget to check it out there now my love has been out of the oven for a good alf an hour at extract the data with the paper so that actually could come down on a rocket and this is how he looks Dada Dada sister Robin had a point in saying that it would have a bit of the oil from the cheese sit down look so I never completely dignified like look at the hahahaha i fair enough this is the upward part now I do not push it back in a very very unhealthy way like I did but actually had your ends wetted and just give it a very nice shine and shape you would not have had all these dips like I have but other than that it’s totally respected me and I’m sure we’re gonna cut a slice just to get an idea of all the keto brats you can tell me really that this is not one of the best that you have seen bacon and cheese included but I cannot stress this enough make sure that you have a good brand of psyllium because if you skimp on that you might not have as good a loaf of bread as you could get now I hope this was useful if you actually want to check out something that can be properly key to fire that will be tomorrow on the bake-off go check out the keto kitchen Elias Channel he’s gonna do something that actually they’re gonna do tomorrow and the bake-off if you just want something to munch off that is delicious while you watch them make bread that you don’t have to envy at all because you’re gonna have your very very nice one indeed make this bread and be ready for tomorrow because ha we’re gonna have delicious bacon and cheddar bread nothing to envy to them if you have a friend that is as passionate about the British Bake Off as I am but alas is Quito show them this video share this video with them and so they can make delicious bread to survive bread week without any need for flour and actual bread so share this video with them and if this video useful to you specifically maybe consider putting a thumbs up maybe even subscribe to the channel and at that point if you subscribe please don’t forget to remember because that way every time that one of my videos out you’ll be notified and you can come and see me thank you so very much for watching I will see at the next video 20 seconds club I’d love to stay here and talk but if I actually then take the pictures I can go and eat it and let’s be honest when we make bread on keto it’s always something to be really really really happy and grateful about I didn’t even realize that I actually got in the years a proper rock to cool it down not operating completely

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