Easy Almond Cake Recipe Without Oven in Hindi | बिना ओवन के घर पे बनाए बादाम का केक

Subscribe to Abeda’s Kitchen and click on the notification bell for regular updates Hi everyone welcome once again Today we are going to make Almond Cake, It is a very simple and easy recipe and we can easily make this at home easily without oven Christmas season is on but this recipe is for another delight aswell Today, this recipe is in the joy of having 200 subscribers to my channel I am presenting this recipe in front of you Thank you each one of you for your love and support And hopefully this channel will continue to grow like this without any delay let’s start making Take 1 cup of salt in a pot I used this salt for baking before So you can store the salt and use it many times. Now place a stand in the pot and cover and pre heat on medium to high flame If there is a hole in the lid, cover it with a tissue too. Now take the mold of a cake and grease it everywhere. Now we have greased it well Now we put parchment paper or baking paper in it Now whatever your mold is, you cut it in the same shape and place the paper in the mould We will take a cup of oil in a bowl This is regular vegetable oil, you can use a cup of butter if you like put one cup of powder sugar This is sugar powder And blend it well, if you do not have a hand blender, you can also use hand whiskers. Put three eggs, eggs we will put one by one and keep blending Now we will put the second egg blend this also Now the last one Now also blend this well Now take a sieve, add a cup of flour to it One tsp baking powder half tsp baking soda and a pinch of salt Now sieve it well and 3/4th cup almond flour 2 tbsp chopped almonds and blend this well scrape the sides and mix well Now we will add almond essence 2 tsp Vanilla essence 1 tsp and again blend this well and our batter is ready Pour it in the mould and tap it like this and decorate with chopped almonds Now we will place this mold in the pot that was preheated And we’ll bake it on low heat for at least 50 or 55 minutes after 55 minutes You can see the cake looks good Now with the help of a knife or wooden skewer We will poke it and check it if is cooked and not Wooden skewer is very clean It means the cake is cooked Now very carefully remove it from the pot Now we will let it cool See its colour its cooked well from all sides and its become so soft and spongy Now after cooling it, we will scrape it from the side we will remove the cake from the mold Now i have removed it I have also removed this butter paper from below. Now let’s cut and see how does it look inside see it looks so dense, soft, moist spongy cake It’s very easy to make You can make this anytime at home This is a very soft and spongy cake. hat too without oven You must try this recipe And share it with your family and friends And tell me in the comment section how did you like this recipe And if you like the recipe, do click on the like button And if you are new to my channel do subscribe and don’t forget to click the notification bell and follow us on Facebook and Instagram Thank you so much once again for your love and support do take care, see you again, Thank you

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