Dr. Berg’s Healthy Keto Basics: START HERE

Dr. Berg’s Healthy Keto Basics: START HERE

Hi guys, listen I have 2500 videos okay
on YouTube
2500 so sometimes when you go to the
channel it’s hard to find where to start
because it’s all random so I wanted to
create a beginners video the basics so
if you’re new to my channel if you have
friends and family members that are new
to my program this is the first video to
watch okay so let me just kind of break
it down and make it really really fast
keto or ketosis what does keto mean when
you burn fat your fat breaks down into
these things called ketones your body
can then use those as fuel okay so your
body can actually run on ketones it’s a
much much better fuel source than sugar
fuel that most people run on it’s
cleaner fuel it creates a lot of other
benefits which I get into in other
videos okay so keto basically means
you’re burning fat okay
healthy keto is a version of regular
ketosis but with a twist a principle
that I use is you don’t lose weight and
get healthy you have to get healthy
first to then lose weight so getting
healthy basically means in relationship
to eating providing all of your
nutrients okay so you’re eating foods
that are high-quality that provide all
the nutrients so you get the
requirements that our bodies need so
what I recommend is something called
healthy ketosis all right so that’s the
version the other action that I
recommend is something called IF what
is that
that’s intermittent fasting what is that
that is a it’s not a diet it’s a pattern
of eating and not eating so instead of
doing three meals or six meals a day or
snacks in between the meals you’re
eating less frequently why because every
time you eat you raise a hormone insulin
too much insulin is very dangerous in
the body so what we’re trying to do with
healthy ketosis and intermittent fasting is
reduce the
excess of insulin we’re not trying to
make it down to zero we’re just trying
to get rid of the excess the vast
majority of the population has excess
insulin but they’ve never been tested
the doctors usually don’t test it
they’re focusing on your blood sugars or
blood glucose but not fasting insulin
okay I have videos on that but just oh
you can watch another video but the
point is that we’re trying to lower
insulin so to do that you need to eat
less frequently let’s say you start with
three meals per day with no snacks and
then you go to two meals a day no snacks
and that would be considered intermittent
fasting and some people do one meal a
day but the point is that it’s just
eating less frequent it’s not
necessarily focused on lowering calories
even though you will be consuming less
calories that focus is not on calories
it’s about eating less frequently at the
end of the day we want to provide all
the nutrients so we need a certain
amount of calories the cool thing about
intermittent fasting is that because
you’re eating less frequent the
requirements from nutrients go down
because the body starts being
conservative with its nutrients it
starts holding or retaining more
nutrients so what you would need for
three meals a day okay as far as
nutrients you would need less nutrients
for two meals a day just because the
body adapts sometimes people are
concerned about losing muscle mass well
the other cool thing is that when you’re
doing intermittent fasting certain hormones
like growth hormone increases
dramatically to protect the muscles from
being lost okay so your body tends to
now conserve protein as well when you do
intermittent fasting so you’re not going
to lose muscle mass so the two main
things that help you lower insulin are
the reduction of carbohydrates I’m
talking about the sugar refined carbs
the grains the pasta the cereal the
biscuits the waffles the juice the
alcohol I have a lot of videos on this
right here like a ton but that just kind
of gives you the summary and also number
two eating less frequently what we’re
doing when we actually drop
carbs and we eat less frequently is
where adapting to fat-burning you’re
actually making a new cellular machinery
to run your body on fat fuel okay and no
longer on sugar now what happens when
you consume too many carbs the insulin
comes in and takes it out and converts
it to fat so a lot of the fat on your
body right now has come from the
carbohydrates not necessarily the fat
that you ate but the carbohydrates that
you ate the other thing that people
don’t realize is this in the presence of
too much insulin you can’t lose this fat
so if you have a stubborn metabolism and
you can’t lose weight we know you have
too much insulin is there a quick test
to know if you have too much insulin yes
just look down right now and if you
could see your belly you have too much
insulin because these are the main
symptoms of high insulin belly fat high
blood pressure high cholesterol fatigue
especially after eating decrease
cognitive function lack of focus poor
memory Moody irritable sometimes
depressed grouchy because the blood
sugar issue cravings for carbs for sure
and you’re hungry all the time
especially between meals when you get
your body in the fat burning and now
your body is burning fat between meals
because before it wasn’t it was
dependent on your diet and dietary sugar
so now when you’re burning your own fat
wow you get rid of the hunger okay
you’re not hungry anymore it makes it
easy to do this you don’t crave anymore
that’s why healthy keto and intermittent
fasting is very successful long-term
because it allows you to stick to it
because you’re not hungry all the time
you’re not craving sometimes when you
look up keto you’ll see this little pie
chart thing right here it’ll say 20%
protein maybe 70% or 65% fat as far as
the total calories 5% carbs okay this is
very confusing for people because you
have to calculate calories into grams
and this and that
this is the simplicity right here if you
just envision your plate, okay this is
your plate half of the plate should be
salad or vegetables okay a quarter of the
plate should be protein and the other
quarter should be fat
so this 65 or 70 percent fat which seems
like a lot of fat now remember one gram
of fat is more than twice the calories
of carbs and protein so this is
misleading in reality the volume of fat
is really only you know a quarter of
your plate and and lot of this fat is
actually mixed with the protein so it’s
not as much as you think and then we
have the small amount of carbs out here
just to keep it really really simple
okay and healthy keto and intermittent
fasting is not just about weight loss
it’s about getting you super healthy for
reducing inflammation for helping your
cognitive function helping your overall
mood making the body work better okay so
now that you have the basics now you can
go to the rest of the videos thanks for

100 thoughts on “Dr. Berg’s Healthy Keto Basics: START HERE”

  1. Doctor, I have a fatty enlarged liver, and I am flabby. I would like to implement this lifestyle but could you please tell me if that would affect my liver adversely?

  2. I just watched a different video about calories and he said "keto causes fatty liver, and keto lacks nutrients." I'm confused, now he's recommending keto?

  3. Dr. Berg You say that eating certain foods like cheese is good for you but I heard that saturated fat was not good for your heart can you please explain the differences between the foods of unsaturated fat and saturated fat and the health benefits and risks between them both

  4. So when you say quarter of the plate should be fat….what can you use? I depend on butter a lot, but a quarter of a plate of butter is a bit yuck. LOL I can't stand cheese at the moment, and I don't do well on it anyway inflammation wise. So I am struggling with the visualizing the fat. I have to track my food to really know for sure if my fat is where it is supposed to be.

  5. Thanks Dr. Berg for valuable information, after following Keto diet and Intermittent fasting, I have lost 45 pounds and 5inches waist line in 9months.

  6. It does work. I started when i weigh 73kg. I have no sugar, no carbs, eat once a day and exercise every morning. I now weigh 66kg after 6weeks.

  7. You have described me here . I've been on keto for a week now and have lost 6 pounds. I feel so much better Dr Berg. I can't thank you enough. I had a total thyroidectomy 10 years ago. I feel much better 1 week later

  8. Dr. Berg, can u explain ASP and fat storages. I watched a video from Thomas de laur and I am confused. Pls explain ASP and fat storage

  9. How does an active, athletic individual manage 1-2 meals a day with no snacks and stay alert and prepared nutritionally for an activity, such as a round of golf or a tennis match? Thank you so much for this information!!!

  10. Both myself and my wife could not thank you enough. We are doing extremely well and feeling great. On the road to much better health. What you know is now understandable. Best wishes 🙂

  11. G'day Doc. Been on a strict regimen of max 20 gems (if that) of carbs daily for the past two weeks, ACV twice daily (in 8Oz water) and two to max three simple meals a day. Breakfast, if that, could be 1 egg. Lots of salads, no dressing etc. I have noticed diminished craving. Weight loss, I have dropped meds, no more fast acting Insulin (Homolog) and dropped Lantus by 9 units and will drop it by 2 units on a weekly basis. I have noticed my insulin sensitivity has improved substantially. I had some cold watermelons (it is hot in california) and BG went up to 162 ! then in 30 minutes had dropped down to 123 or less. What I cannot figure out is when will I be in Keto ?. How do I figure that out ? Ta Very much.

  12. I have been saying i was going to get started and havent yet,but tomorrow is the day.i am 30 pounds over weight and im 51 yrs old with a slow metabolism;however you make keto look easy and doable,so here i go!!!pray for me!

  13. Thank you! I have been trying to follow but going back and forth from the middle randomly is confusing to me. You rewarded my laziness! Bad Bad Doc:)
    P.S…i lost my 90 lbs by my fathers method from 45 years ago. Eat a chunk of meat with some veggies from "time to time" and when you get back down in weight…start eating again. He called it his "caveman" diet. Your guidance during my weight loss would have been considerably easier, and i am sure much safer as well!
    Funny story…
    .My work offered free health screenings. Surprisingly thorough. The nice lady was alarmed at my sugar number of 45 with everything else right down the middle. She wanted to give me sugar!

  14. soooooo you say 1/4 of the plate… but how do you measure that when its oils, like, what you are putting on your salad or veggies, etc?

  15. Could you lose weight by eating eggs and bacon for breakfast lunch dinner with IF? and exercise of course.

  16. Thank you so much for all your advise! I have lowered my blood sugar and insulin dramatically!! I have gone from 220 to 160 and a size 20 to a size 8 petite! I feel so much better!!!

  17. This is a STUPID diet. Half of what you said to eat are vegetables ALLLLLLLLLLLL have carbs. ESPECIALLY “salad” what are you talking about? You have to be some kinda health freak that spends nothing but hours upon hours making food for days upon days. I’m just sticking to a chick/fish diet with fruits and vegetables AND swim a ton. This diet is freaking REDUNDANT

  18. FEED BACK PLEASE. Posting here because I'm at a loss. So it was Dr Berg who explained to me about brain fog from insulin. Since I watched that video I've been struggling with which way….Am I going vegan, vegan keto, dr mcdougalls theory high carb low fat vegan ? Well 3 years later I've lost 50 lbs but still have 150 to go and I needed to step it up. I already learned on my own when I was starving on hcg the key is IF. Body dont burn fat with an intestine that is backed up 24/7. It burns fat when the intestine is clear. So I wanted to step up my game. Atkins was the first diet I lost weight on. Carbohydrate addicts diet was the second. CA not keto but the point is to keep a lid on insulin production and they called it hyperinsulinenemia rather than resistance. Keto it is now, bottom line is because if I need to I can eat without screwing things up. Cause il binge on the right stuff. So I'm doing 1 or 2 meals a day. And I can eat cheese . Phew. Keto only diet a body can handle cheese. Cheese and carbs will pack on the fat. So I'm doing well. This is the longest I've stuck to whatever the eating plan I choose was. I'm over 10 days….have been good. Under 5 grams a carb a day ..cause those 5 grams are unavoidable with my work schedule.

    So I'm losing. The excess fluid I've carried in my legs from the knees down for years now and restricts my walking and keeps me in pain is gone because sugar is the trigger but I'm still always hungry. And I've experienced extreme brain fog to the point it does not go away. I had to leave work early last night. Came home at midnight and woke up at 5 to pee. Felt like I was in a drug induced stupor. Went back to bed til 9am. Still feltwoozy. I am totally baffled. Its 2 hours later. I ate a veggie cheese omelet. I feel at little better but but the same as I felt yesterday at the beginning of my shift and got worse as the night went on. I'm going back to sleep for now cause I missed alot of work this year because of car accident PTSD. for bad whiplash. And I getting in a financial situation and I'm sick but not sick. I do not understand why I'm feeling this way. I drive for a living. And no being sharp cuts into my income and is dangerous as well. Why am I experiencing this fog ? Any feedback will help. I will not go in the IF group on Facebook because their are vicious people on there and I left the group on fb. If anyone has the link to dr b's membership site please post. Thx.

  19. Is a Keto diet safe for seniors/elderly? I'm thinking about recommending to my parents but not sure if it would be too much for their bodies at their age range (late 70s early 80s).

  20. This really works!! I lost 25 pounds so far and my numbers are great. Started at 288 blood sugar now 85. Blood pressure from 120/80 to 110/58. A1c down from 9.4 to 5.4. Lost my belly had a beer ball now I have a six pack. Looking better and feeling better at 51 than 25. Do exactly what Doctor Berg says and it works. Oh yeah I do one meal a day not hungry at all. Thanks Doc!!

  21. Thank you that video was very helpful could you revisit endurance athletes training while in nutritional ketosis and intermittent fasting?

  22. Dr. Berg, been following and watching you in past 2 weeks. I would like to try your supplements like keto pack but your shipping cost to Canada is too much. I always get my supplements from Vitacost and shipping my stuff free for over usd100 or usd 9.99 for less than 100 thru USPS and it arrives here 5 to 7 days without a problem. With Fedex its too much and I will have to pay customs fee when it arrives thats for sure. Please look for better and not costly logistics. USPS with tracking like vitacost is very efficient and way cheaper.

  23. Dr Berg, we should eat less frequently, you say, then our body will consume our body fat, and then we'll lose our cravings and even stop being hungry. But you also say, that best is to eat when you're hungry…? Thus we'll stop eating period and survive on air and love…?

  24. you tend to lose protein as you IF, as your body starts to consider your protein a viable source of energy when not presented with enough calories to function throughout the day.

  25. veg are carbohydrates, you have to take that into account. also, meats have carbohydrates in them as well. so, it's misleading about how much you actually should have. also, no indication of when you're actually starting to produce ketones, as that's the goal of this diet.

  26. Your information about the ketogenic diet, and supplement shakes cured my acid reflux after about 4 months. My weight went from 187 lbs to 145 lbs. I am 5’9” tall. I keep my weight at 150 to 152 lbs now. I usually eat regular meals now, and I don’t drink supplement shakes very often now. I eat one meal a day to keep my weight the same, or to lose weight. I eat 2 meals a day to gain weight. My acid reflux has returned occasionally when I eat too much before bed time. Maybe staying away from the supplement shakes with apple cider vinegar has contributed to an occasional tinge of acid reflux. I think that my acid reflux is cured. To never get that again, I think I need to drink supplement shakes with apple cider vinegar more often, and always avoid eating a big meal before bed time.

  27. Will my cholesterol number improve on Keto and will I be constipated with this way of eating? I just received a ultrasound result showing I have gallstones but I don't not want to remove my gallbladder.

  28. Two questions Dr Berg, If one has blood sugar problems is fasting safe? and is Keto safe for a cancer fighting eating plan, for one that already has Cancer?

  29. Dr Berg I have been on the Keto Diet with Intermittent Fasting for a couple of months now. I see great improvement in the insulin resistance. I am feeling much better and eating 1 meal a day. I have in total lost 43 lbs and it is dropping every few days. What is making me nervous is my blood pressure. I have gone from borderline high to… well just now I came in from working in the yard and sat down to take it. It was 101/65 with a pulse of 80. Isn't this getting a bit low?? Thanks

  30. I am so not surprised that they have been telling us to eat lots of little meals all day long. Always do the opposite of what they tell you and you can't go wrong.

  31. Wow ! This makes total sense , this Dr. Explains things in an easy way . Direct straight to the point .

  32. You are aware of the facts that the Inuits of the arctic have a genetic adaption to their low carb diet – they do NOT get into ketosis! Which makes your foundation of your lifestyle a bit doubtful.

  33. I am slowly starting this but was wondering what do you do with the unopened new boxes and cans of food that is in the cupboards? I hate to throw it out, maybe I can find a food pantry somewhere and give it away?

  34. How can a bariatric patient (10 years) fit into the keto family? 144lbs down but and I've hit a wall.

  35. dr. berg good to see you and God bless! I've lost 10 kilograms of fat while maintaining muscle by working shopping cleaning and washing while renovating a sailboat with the full skin & resp. defense package on me! what I found out that to eat less and fast was to suffer from a collapse 1x every 3 months resulting in regain of fat after loss or failed attempt! and this is corrected by increasing fruit or vegetable fibers that are void of fat ! continuing with MTB cycling and normal rest I'm taking off 10 grams of fat off per day quite peacefully while eating bio produce at no more than 1000 calories per day without subtracting nut fats or omega 3's in linseed or chia seeds with some pumpkin seed oil turmeric pepper combos to maintain satiation and mental fullness or pleasure! let's hope with another 10 kilograms of fat dropped I'll look like an Olympian again and jump walls while cycling and sailing with long walks added to all that! God bless and good luck!

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  37. Can a person doing intense weight training workouts, and a vegetarian try keto for fatloss….
    Also taking what protein is ok while on keto diet….
    Thank you!

  38. What if you eat once a day but eating more servings on that meal to sort of compensate? Will it still help?

  39. Hey, doc. I have a question. Can I drink water during IF period? I'm mostly working during IF and I drink green tea to get myself excited.

  40. Dr Berg, Thank you for your information. I work 24 hours shift 2-3 days a week. How do I prevent myself from craving something late at night or early morning?

  41. I need help. I've been following the keto plan great for the past 3 weeks but now my monthly cycle is due and I am craving carbs and sweets like mad. I've fallen off the wagon spectacularly twice this week already, I have no energy and I'm grumpy. Need to find a way around this or it will be the same every month. 😢

  42. What if my body has been in starvation mode for the last 18 months. I've had so much stress being terminated for mental health issues. No income since Apr. 30/19. I think my meds curb my appetite (which do not work for my mood I might add at all)…I have no energy and I'm severely depressed, the docs just say….oh it's stress. it makes me feel worse. i can't stand looking at myself in the mirror or in pictures! 🙁

  43. I remember a Study recently about Meat as a Main reason for Diabetis.
    And Casein as a Main reason for Cancer?!
    And our Oceans a Dirty as a Motel toilet…
    Your Nutrition Pyramid is a Little Bit outdated.

  44. Hi Dr Berg! I am new to keto and IF. I have been on it about 3 weeks, trying my best. I have started develioping sensetivenes in my gum area above the right side of my lip ,and even my front tooth …. now I feel sensetivemes right under my nose base on the right. Very sensitive to touch… Wondering if this like side effects or some kinda of deficiency of vit or minerals, or something I need to check with dentist? Thank you! Pls, respond .

  45. I normally eat only one meal (at dinner) a day and I still suffer from a slow metabolism. What can I do to speed up my metabolism and lose weight faster and more consistently?

  46. Ketones are through the roof, been on keto for 9 months, gained 5 lbs. Why?! Very few carbs, no sugar, etc. Type 2 diabetes. Maybe too much protein? Not enough fat?

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