Doctor Mike On Diets: Intermittent Fasting | Diet Review

Doctor Mike On Diets: Intermittent Fasting | Diet Review

– I’ve seen your request,
I’ve read your comments so here we go, intermittent fasting. – I am dying to talk to you about this. – I eat for eight hours,
and I fast for 16. – I can feel the difference. – Before we get into the pros and cons, and if you should do it, let’s talk about what
intermittent fasting actually is. Human fasting is not a
new concept by any means. Humans have been doing it for a millennia. Intermittent fasting is just a rebranding of something that we
have already been doing. Our bodies enter a fasting
state every time we’re asleep. Some people do intermittent
fasting and not even know it. I mean, there’s plenty of times where I had a stressful rotation
in medical school, or a difficult job in the hospital, where I didn’t have time to eat breakfast. That’s a form of intermittent fasting and our bodies are totally
capable of handling this. I know what you’re thinking. I don’t want to starve
myself for health benefits. Intermittent fasting is not starving. When you are fasting, your
body is using stored nutrients and stored energy forms in order to make your body continue to function. When you’re starving, you’ve run out of those energy sources and are breaking down
vital tissues like organs to get that same energy. There are many different
ways to go about going on one of these diets and that
not only makes it confusing for you, but that also
makes it very difficult to do research on it to find
out how effective it truly is because if there are
multiple ways to do it, we have to be able to test
each one of those ways. The 16/8 diet which is not eating during 16 hours of the day. Alternate day fasting
where you eat one day, fast the other day. 5:2 where two days of the
week that you’re fasting. There’s no hard and fast rule saying that this is the correct way of doing it. You may be wondering how
is IF beneficial to me? There’s been a lot of
proposed health benefits, many of them have been
proven within animal studies or lab models which is not the same thing as being proven in a human model. But they are very promising. Now, those benefits include
increased mental sharpness, a favorable hormonal profile, weight loss, decreases of inflammation within the body, decreases of certain
diseases within the body. How can IF help you lose weight? You have an increase in growth hormone, a decrease in insulin, and that alone will help you lose weight. Next, because you’re skipping meals or you’re even going days
without eating meals, it is very likely that when
you look throughout the week, you’ll be eating fewer calories. Our thinking is that during
eight hours you’ll eat less than you would if you were
eating during 16 hours. Let’s talk about these
other health benefits. We know that chronic stress
is not good for the body. The body is just not meant to
be chronically stressed out. It’s not meant to have a high heart rate, high blood pressure. Intermittent fasting is really a form acute, short-term, mild stress. This time of acute, short-term stress is really good for the body. What can we use as a metaphor here? Let’s take exercise. Exercise is a form of acute, mild stress. What happens after exercise? We have benefits for the brain, we have benefits for weight loss, we have benefits for disease prevention. Now similarly, when you stress your body through intermittent fasting,
there are some benefits. More autophagy, which is the
removal of cellular waste, more production of neurotropic factors, which protect your brain. And a favorable hormonal profile with increases in human growth
hormone and norepinephrine. Let’s talk about some of
the shortcoming of IF. Primarily, there’s not enough guidance of what you should eat. We don’t know how many calories, we don’t know what foods
to eat on the days or times that you actually are eating. Second, we don’t know
which form of IF is best. Third, there are some side
effects when you are fasting that people do experience:
headaches, mental fog, heartburn, these things do exist,
it’s not totally benign. Four, we don’t know the consequences of following an intermittent
fasting diet long term. Most, if not all, of these studies are done on the short term. If you are eating a very unhealthy diet and then make a change you’re
definitely gonna see a benefit But now does this benefit
still hold up one, two, three, 10 years down the line? We don’t know that yet
when it comes to IF. And five, it’s not easy for everybody to fight off those
cravings on fasting days. All righty, my final take on IF, I think it is a great concept with some really promising
medical research behind it. I think that if you can skip a meal, you can skip a breakfast here and there, you’re gonna see some benefits. Does that mean you should
go on this very rigid diet where you’re doing the five
and two or 16 and eight? I don’t think we should
quite make this a religious, rigorous part of our everyday life because we don’t know the
long term consequences of it. But in a society that
is prone to overeating, a fasting day won’t hurt
and will probably help. As always, stay happy and healthy. So here we go, intermittent fasting: kind of ate the word intermittent,
it was like borderline. Our bodies have adapted to
this sort of fasting period because of throughout the millennia, blah, (growling) May people are doing this already and not not… Our bodies are totally
capable and have adapted to not being filled with
food 24 hours of the day. (laughing) Why are you laughing? Creating more mitochondria which is the energy making
machinery of the cell. Energy making? Which is the energy
center of the sill, sill? (exhales) (laughing) (peaceful music)

100 thoughts on “Doctor Mike On Diets: Intermittent Fasting | Diet Review”

  1. Top Ten health benefits of Intermittent Fasting and Time Restricted Eating
    1- Increases insulin sensitivity
    2- Promotes weight loss without counting calories
    3- Lowest triglycerides
    4- Lowers blood pressure
    5- Increases HGH
    6- Reduces inflammation
    7- Up regulates autophagy
    8- Prevents type II diabetes
    9- Reduces cancer risk
    10- Increases longevity

  2. Could you say that eating only when your hungry could be a good solution? We're so programmed to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner that I myself didn't really think twice about eating those scheduled times even if I wasn't physically hungry.

  3. Us muslims have been doing it for centuries. It’s I. Our holy Quran, we do it for a month, we usually break our fast on a date, then water, soup, salad, and a bit of main dish. Yes it’s great, we lose weight and feel better by the end of our 28-30 day fast. It’s nothing new. It’s amazing how now people are making such a big deal out of it while us Muslims have been fasting ramadan every year.

  4. well this video cheers me up a little cause I'm fasting (for religious reasons) and i'm starving and therefore very bummed lol

  5. I get hypoglycemic to the point of panicking and inability to move my hands accurately from trembling. :/

  6. Dr Mike, I've read that IF is not good for women with PCOS. Have you run across any info like this? Could you do a video about treating PCOS and insulin resistance without using prescription drugs? Thank you

  7. I heard about fasting for multiple days to relieve forms of back pains, why would this work, and when?

  8. I think that IF works for some people because it is a way to keep them from overeating by not having those extra snacks or whatever they were eating outside of those 8 hours. I know I'm guilty of being bored and eating almost a whole bag of chips and so have others I know. It's a way of restricting calories without really making a big lifestyle change.

  9. I’ve been intermittent fasting on a 16/8 schedule for almost a year now and I love it! I do this 6 days a week. One of the best benefits of this has been I sleep so much better! I’m a 70 year old woman who used to be 4 feet 11 inches tall, but I’ve shrunk half an inch. I love to eat, so you can imagine how hard it must be for me to get my short self through doorways, but I weigh 100 pounds. I don’t eat before 10 AM or after 6PM. I run and do some light weight lifting. For me this lifestyle has been very doable and I plan on continuing. Thanks for your helpful information.

  10. Thanks Dr Mike. I know I can always trust your opinion. The lack of knowledge about the long term effects are what concerns me the most too. I'm excited to see further research down the road on this concept though – before (if) I give it a go.

  11. Dr Mike question. What do you think of 7 day water fasting? I know people that have done it but I’m no quite convinced that it has a lot of benefits. If anyone has any ideas then please tell me. Love the videos!!❤️

  12. I'm interested to hear what research will say about insulin regulation due to fasting vs big insulin spikes after fasting.

  13. I've kinda always fasted, I'd wake up and go to school hungry, come home sometimes have a snack but most days I'd wait until dinner, only problem? I liked soda too much, so I drank alot of it. just before graduating highschool I quit soda, and after some months lost 16kg, still fasting when i can, but being home most of the time studying makes it harder.

  14. Everytime I feel I've gotten over his hotness and focus on the quality content he tries to give
    It just hits me again like a train wreck 😭

  15. A lot of people use the benefits of IF to justify the Islamic way of fasting. They also say that cellular autophagy is the equivalent to curing cancer. What are your thoughts on it?

  16. I understand now, I was wondering what was all the hype about Intermittent fasting lol and I now realize that I actually do that at least once a week LOOOL legit there are days where I only eat one meal lmao

  17. I love the 16/8, my heart rate has dropped, my ibs has improved and I feel great. I’m also losing weight.

  18. I have been doing a 16 and 8 IF since November and along with a change in diet and more exercise i have lost 5 stone. I also use fat metabolisers which seem to work as well. Cant recommend it enough. Thanks for this upload Dr Mike!

  19. 4 day cicle!
    Day 1: 22/2 fast (not using antioxidants, using autophagy stimulators)

    Day 2: not fasting (lot of antioxidants and autophagy stimulators, things like black coffee and green tea)
    If on keto some fat at the beginning of the day, some proteins at the middle, and more fats at the end of the day (the sandwich theory)

    Day 3: not eating at all (no antioxidants and a lot of autophagy stimulators, things like black coffee and green tea)

    Day 4: after waking up, you are whit between 30 to 40 hours of fasting, so you need to start first have a small meal whit some proteins in it (if on keto I put the same amount of fat or a little more, but very low to no carbs), after 1 hour I then eat a bigger meal. After o regulate myself, I so as day 2, but eating a lot more (since we want the total calories you eat be the same as if you never fasted)

  20. If you are fasting your body will increase a hormone that I don’t remember,that increases fat storage and all these fat based stuff. So after fasting you will get fat more easily and you will eat a lot of food and loose a lot of nutrients.just do research.And btw ,why fasting?Start the gym and get some quality supplements from and just try to do a healthier diet.

  21. I don't do it for health or whatever but I don't eat for 20 hours, I only really eat 4 because I don't eat the food at school and on weekends I'm just so used to it

  22. I’m starting IF, but I’m breastfeeding my 3 month old so I’m only going 8:30pm-9:30am and it’s already helping my “snack til you sleep” mentality 😬

  23. i dont eat breakfast during i got no classes but if i got classes, i dont eat at evening..

    thou i feel super sleepy when doing this xD

  24. Hey Doctor Mike, would you be interested in doing a video on opioid and opiate addiction? I used to be addicted to pain killers and I've been clean for 3 years now. I honestly haven't learned a lot about what I was doing to my body when I was on them though. Love your videos btw! Thanks for all the great info!!!

  25. You call yourself a doctor but don't know that mitochondria is the POWERHOUSE of the cell. Hmpf you have disgrace this PERFECT world of doctors with your SMALL. UNEDUCATED mind☹

  26. You can learn to control your cravings. Once i couldn't go an hour without food if i knew it was available and the cravings could leave me in tears, wanting to rip my skin off, if i tried to ignore them. I have managed to teach myself not to have those and now i have almost none. It was hard, but possible. I have even noticed that my stomach will only be hungry if it expect food and by controlling my cravings, i controlled my mind, so now i can just eat the amount that make me feel best, not the amount my brain or stomach tell me to. It's still hard to get used to the fact i should eat less and drink more water when i feel weak and sick though. Normally i would eat more when that happen, but the only thing that help it is not eating, so i'm trying to get used to thinking rationally about food, not just eating whatever and whenever my brain or stomach tell me to. I only manage to half the time, because i'm honestly not sure one meal a day is healthy, but yeah. My brain is hard to re-train after years of just eating because i felt like it and it taste good, but i'm working on it.

  27. what about CVA, medical studies prove that not eating breakfast,doubles the likelihood of having a stroke

  28. Without knowing I've lived my whole life, since late teens, on 16/8 or OMD Fasting, I'm now in early 50's… I'm told I look 40-45, rarely ill, and always been a good weight… Why did I do it, I was never that hungry, or maybe I was just used to eating that way! But I shall carry on, as I'm happy. 😁

  29. I was trying intermittent fasting a while but I believe I only fasted 8 hours. As a teen who is avidly watched by my parents when it comes to my weight and food it wasn't the best thing to do. I ate a bit healthier and tried this and in 2 weeks lost about 5 or 10 pounds. I had to go to the doctor once every week and I got in trouble for losing weight. I tried to start back up but it just got harder. Do recommend to people who want to lose weight in a healthier way though.

  30. Picky Eaters Video please! Find it difficult to eat better,healthier foods (not fast foods) but have the motivation to try new things. Not sure where to start. Texture is a big deal for me. Thanks a million!!!

  31. I have a question!, If you eat too much protein on a keto diet it causes an insulin spike then wouldn't the carnivore diet do more? Just asking!

  32. Oh, wow. I didn't know the 5:2 is a thing!
    What's really cool for me is that I'm Muslim, and in Islam we're actually recommended to fast twice a week. (Not compulsorily, but as something you can do if you want to. Mondays and Thursdays, if I'm not wrong.)
    And so doing this, for me, would not only have a health benefit, but a religious and spiritual one too. And I believe that spiritual health is pretty important for your well-being too. So this is actually great!

  33. I know I’m late but, dude muslims have been fasting from dawn to sunset, since forever. If people want research go ahead, they fast for a month straight. That’s long time period and you will get accurate results.

  34. Anything that has a solid positive impact on the body,especially healing will always be labeled by medical science as lacking studies. Even thousands of studies and thousands of years of use. This country will find a way to strike it down or claim it as their own invention and sell it for outrageous costs.. But only if it promotes symptom relief. Nothing from mainstream will promote sustainable longevity health practices other than saying eat healthy and exercise. Oh yeah fasting is essential according to all biblical texts. So pick what you want to buy into.

  35. I'm Muslim , and intermittent fasting is one of our main worship .. and it's really really really amazing and it worth to give it a try 💙🍀🙌

  36. I’m glad what you said about there not being enough long term studies on IF, I feel the same way about Keto. I did Keto for 6 months with great results but realized I don’t wanna find out I’ve hurt myself in the long term. Listen to your body people!! It talks !! 😉

  37. Doing a regimented if where one is regularly fasting at least 16 hours wouldn’t it make some more prone to develope gallstones?

  38. Terrible doctor holy shit. He doesnt know what hes talking about. Not too bad if you are an average person but if you have had health problems i wouldnt recommend what he suggests

  39. when science is just figuring out the benefits of intermittent fasting but Islam taught it since 632 CE 🙄

  40. Will IF affect the fertility in women?? Will menstrual cycle gets affected??? I'm getting so much of advices about this. So as a doc can u help me?

  41. I still dont know what you said because you explained an opinion on it but you did not define it by a case study. By the end of the video you also seemed confused about it and then resorted to being humorous about it. So I cant trust your words because you wanted to entertain me rather then inform me with a viewpoint I can relate too. Im a fat person looking answers and I want the best possible plan to follow. I think you could have collaborated with a nutritionist on this topic.

  42. 1% Percent of the comments are discussing the main topic, and 99% are talking about how hot he is. I think he should make more contents on men grooming than medical contents.

  43. I've been doing this for years not knowing there is a term for that. I just find it hard – eating in the morning after waking up, feels too heavy in the stomach. When I was a child, my parents used to force me into eating breakfast before school, I hated that – felt like carrying a stone inside

  44. I never realized that skipping breakfast was a form of IF. I skipped breakfast for most of high school with the exception of a Yop every once in a while. There were some days I skipped lunch as well. Days when the only thing i would eat was a couple of mandarins. Granted, it turns out that (most) of the full days of not eating were caused by a medication I was on. It's nice to know that missing a couple days here and there is okay.

  45. Hello Dr, I just bought instant Quaker oatmeal. I want practising healthy lifestyle since I heard a lot of good things about eating oat. But I also read that the instant quaker oatmeal is not so good as the old-fashioned one. And my question here is can I give the instant quaker oatmeal to my father who have diabetes?. Because I just read that instant oat meal contain lots of sugar. Is it true Dr?

  46. I just started doing this yesterday, it's easy for me because I work 12 hour shifts so I eat at work where I have to bring my food with me and then stop eating by 11 oclock then just don't break my fast until the next day at 4am when I take my supplements. I haven't been on it long enough to see any benefits but I'm also on keto so I'm hoping to lose the last little bit of weight I couldn't get off with that (on keto I lost 70 pounds)

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