Do Calories Matter on Keto or any other diet?  (How your body REALLY reacts to calories)

Do Calories Matter on Keto or any other diet? (How your body REALLY reacts to calories)

one of the most common questions that I get asked actually I think I may have been asking it early on or misunderstood myself was do calories really matter on keto or really any other diet but especially keto so I’m going to answer that question for you as well as a bunch of other questions when we come back right after this [Music] welcome back to the messy quito kitchen my name is Steffi and if this is your first time here please consider subscribing by hitting the button below also if you’d like you can turn on notifications you can turn them off any time just so you guys know so you’re not constantly getting overwhelmed every day with a thousand different subscription notifications but I’d like you to be in the know and if you have any questions comments or concerns at any time go ahead and comment below I am very quick to get back to people and if you have questions I like to be able to help answer them so you don’t feel on the dark today we’re going to be talking about the dreaded calorie so what exactly is a calorie first of all well a calorie is simply a unit of measuring energy okay so it’s a simple energy source sorry so that makes sense okay reverse a calorie is a unit of energy okay so think about when you go to fuel up your car that is just energy fuel being put into your car that’s the same thing a calorie is but for your body everybody has a different amount of calories that their body needs to survive your base metabolic rate or BMR as you may have heard of it is the bare minimum amount of calories that your body needs to do the basic human functions breathing sleeping eating going to the bathroom walking to the front door to get the paper all of that stuff there is a baseline amount of calories and everybody’s is different so using my visual aids here I like to show you for somebody who is obviously a little bit bigger you would need more calories to fuel that okay and if you’re a little bit smaller short or whatever it is you’ll need less calories to fuel that the biggest problem that tends to happen for all of us where we end up putting on weight is that we eat above what our baseline calories need to be think about it this way if your body already has a little bit of extra fat on it which some of us do right a lot of us do you don’t need to eat the same amount of calories as your base metabolic rate in order just to maintain your weight what I mean by that is that you don’t if your base metabolic rate is 1500 calories you don’t have to eat 1,500 calories every single day just to maintain because you have extra calories kind of sitting in your body if that makes any sense at all so what I like to do is go back to my fun example here and I use this full water bottle as my fun example okay so let’s just say that as the water bottle is full that means that you have your baseline calories that you need okay so this is the main amount of calories that you need to breathe sleep eat all that kind of stuff that we talked about before okay so this is a great way for me to stay hydrated by the way so let’s say you are at your baseline calories and you decide to go for a hike mm-hmm okay so now your calories are just a little bit lower I don’t like that my camera just unfocused because the water back it up water okay anyway sorry about that I’m not sure why it’s not focusing but it’ll come back don’t worry anyway so okay I went hiking and I’ve depleted some of my calories this is bothering me now there we go so we’ve depleted some of those calories very good then I decided you know what hiking wasn’t just enough for me so I’m also gonna go and I am going to go climb a mountain too and work on blasting my quads while I do it alright this is like a fun drinking game yeah okay so man I’m so proud of myself I went and I blasted my quads and I ran up that hill and all that so I owe myself some Panda Express so I’m just gonna go ahead and add a couple of calories okay a lot of calories for Panda Express okay oh oh now I’m topping off alright so now I’m at right back to baseline if I stopped right now I would be okay back into focus there we go this this phones pretty funny okay so now I’ve stopped I’m good I’ve had my caloric goals hit for the day but I can’t just end the day like that I need to have some ice cream and oh oh why are you spilling over okay no no no it’s just ice cream it’s just ice cream oh but there’s fudge in that ice cream oh my god and now the calories overdone now I want to be very clear that overdoing your calories one day isn’t going to be the end of you a lot of people think that I think we’ve all been in that mode where we eat a little bit too much one day and we’re like screw it I’ve gotten off plan I’m never gonna be able to come back on plan and that’s not the case let’s measure it out calories it takes 3,500 calories sorry get some paper towels here 3,500 calories to gain one pound of fat so 3,500 calories equals one pound of fat now does that mean if you eat 3,500 calories ever that you’re gonna gain a pound of fat no it’s 3,500 calories in addition like a surplus over what your base metabolic rate calories tell you to be at I hope that makes sense so rather than looking at it as a one day thing okay that you went over your calories one day or something look at it as a week long thing okay and if in the end of the week you either hit the bare minimum of the calories or you go a little bit over it’s not going to make that big of a difference if you go over by 3500 calories for the entire week that’s when you’ll start to see the weight gain on the flip side of that if you start to create that calorie deficit which is what a diet does a proper diet does you will start to see that the weight go down because you are eating in a deficit and then your body is going okay where do I need to pull fuel from next so it pulls from body fat and all that other fun stuff I know this is kind of all over the place but I think this is like the best way to describe calories the best way I can the other way I would think is maybe if you thought about when you do go to the gas station you have regular you have super unleaded and then you have Super Plus unleaded okay so your regular could be like the equivalent of some okay food like it’s gonna still fuel you it’s still gonna get you what you need but it’s not gonna be as good on your system as maybe this Super Plus does that make sense bro I think it makes it makes sense to me you guys anyway them any diet that you’re on whether it be a key to diet or you know you’re cutting down the fat or whatever it is it still relies on creating a caloric deficit caloric deficits can be created by minimizing the food intake and or maximizing the energy output so if you are working out if you do decide to climb that mountain and blast your quads or whatever you are going to see some results however if you’ve ever heard the term you can’t out train a bad diet there is some serious truth to that it’s not that you can’t ever do it it’s a lot more work to do so because if you think about how many calories it takes or that how many calories you can actually burn by doing some of these exercises you’re better off in tweaking your food first and then adding the exercise on as well please don’t get me wrong I think exercise is awesome I love it I go to the gym very frequently but the reality is 85 to 90 percent in my opinion of your success with a weight loss program is going to rely on how you eat its calories in calories out adding in exercise is just going to make it that much more of a I guess we’ll say a speedier process and also you’ll get to see some better changes as far as your body composition goes but getting the food in line and getting that caloric deficit there is going to be the key okay anyway I hope that this all made sense sometimes I have ideas and they’re great in my head and sometimes and I try to relay those ideas to everybody it doesn’t always come out right it’s probably cuz I just get too excited but anyway if you have more questions about how calories work or how calories work on a ketogenic diet let me know the the main bullet point that you need to take away from this is that yes calories matter even on a ketogenic diet the beauty that you’re gonna see on a ketogenic diet is that you are going to feel more full and so you will likely take in less calories than you were before anyway thank you so much for taking the time to watch this crazy crazy video remember calories in calories out and I will see you on the next video have a good day

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