DEVILED EGGS | how to make the best deviled eggs recipe (paleo, keto, whole30)

– Hey guys, and welcome back.
The holidays are fast approaching
and during the holidays
we’re always in the need
of some healthy snack
and appetizer recipes.
Because let’s be honest,
most holiday nibbles are
anything but healthy.
Now I definitely don’t have
anything against splurges
but when you have the option
to eat a healthy snack
versus a sugary snack, I
think that’s always a win.
So today I’m gonna show
you how to make my easy
and delicious deviled eggs.
Now this is a classic deviled eggs recipe
and I think still the best
version of deviled eggs.
But over on my website
I will give you a few
different flavor variations.
Depending on the time of year
you’re making this recipe
or if you’re making it for a
specific holiday like Easter,
you can have fun with a
variety of different flavors.
All right, let me show
you how to make ’em.
To get started, fill a pot with hot water
and bring it to a boil.
I’m using a medium size pot today
as I’ll be cooking six eggs.
But you could use a larger pot
and cook more eggs to easily
double or triple this recipe
for a large gathering.
I’ve shown you how to
make both hard boiled eggs
and soft boiled eggs before.
So if you’d like a step by
step tutorial for perfectly
boiled eggs of all
different consistencies,
make sure to watch that video.
But for today’s hard boiled eggs,
once your water is boiling,
reduce the heat to low
so that there are no
longer bubbles forming.
Then use a skimmer to gently
transfer your eggs to the pot
and set a timer for 14 minutes.
While the eggs are cooking,
prepare an ice water
bath and set that aside.
The ice water bath immediately
stops the eggs from cooking
and helps to prevent that
green tinge you can get
around the yolk from overcooked eggs.
After your 14 minutes is up,
use your skimmer to remove
the hard boiled eggs
to the ice water bath
and let them fully cool.
Peel your hard boiled eggs,
give them a rinse and slice them in half.
Then use a spoon to remove
the egg yolk to a bowl
and place the egg white on a serving tray.
(upbeat music)
When it comes to removing the yolk,
I have a little trick
that makes it super easy.
And that’s to use two of
your fingers to pull back
on the top and bottom of the egg.
When you do this the egg yolk
almost pops out on its own.
But you can still use a small
spoon for some added help.
(upbeat music)
Once all your egg yolks are in a bowl,
use a fork to break them
apart until they’re crumbly
and resemble coarse sand.
Then add three tablespoons of mayonnaise
and I’m using my homemade mayo recipe.
One teaspoon of Dijon mustard.
And I do recommend Dijon mustard
rather than yellow
mustard for more flavor.
One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
and some salt and pepper.
Then use a large fork or spoon
to stir everything together
until it’s nice and creamy.
(upbeat music)
To transfer the yolk mixture
back into the egg whites,
you can use a small spoon
or you can use a piping bag
if you’d like a more
ornate looking deviled egg.
I personally like the more
rustic look of the yolk mixture
just dolloped back in but
it’s completely up to you.
Then to make these truly deviled eggs,
we need a little spice.
So grab your paprika and sprinkle
a little bit on each egg.
(upbeat music)
And that’s how easy it
is to make deviled eggs.
I hope you guys enjoyed
this video and if you did
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