Dallas McCarver’s Lifestyle: Nutrition, Training, Business & Work Ethic

Dallas McCarver’s Lifestyle: Nutrition, Training, Business & Work Ethic

I don’t care if you’re 25 35 or 45 if
we’re all judged the same on the stage so it really doesn’t matter on my mornings when I do cardio which is
pretty much everyone even leg day wake up yeah go get on the stairs and I’ll be
like 45 minutes on the stairs and that’s it then I go ahead my first meal and I
come train I had three more meals and I trying in that two more meals I go to
bed then I have a shake and all over again
me and Dallas Both went to Bethel University in West Tennessee I was
actually his coach since freshman year I think Dallas has worked as it goes
back to when he was a kid he was raised on a farm in Blue Goose Tennessee and
then whenever I coached him in football I mean he always every single play you
never took a playoff he would always do what was asked of him he worked harder
than anybody else and so it just kept falling over to football in the
bodybuilding tour in the littles University where I went played football
Bethel University in North West Tennessee I was walking through the
dorms and some of the football buddies came up to me and I said dude you’re not going to
believe the size of this freshman he’s bigger than you and I was like whatever
so later on in the day I actually ran into him and I yeah he was a lot bigger
than me I think the thing that we get is we both get each other’s work ethic and
he’s a very hard worker and one of the hardest-working people I know and so
you know we get in the gym it’s just go time we got to talk we
don’t have to worry about life we dont have to worry about you know anything we just
get it done and we’ve been doing that for so long now that uh you know it’s
just second nature Dallas actually came up to my room one night and he said I
think I’m done with football I think I’m going to try this bodybuilding thing about that time he hit a front double bicep and at that time I started following bodybuilding I was
done with football so I was following it and man when he hit that I mean I knew he had
it in him I was in my sister’s graduation she was
graduating from college sitting there and I get a text from Aaron I call him later on
and we started talking RedCon shows the logo I mean we’ve been on the
phone like 10 minutes I was like oh yeah I’m in I felt like Dallas McCarver
represented redcon1 for a few reasons number one when I thought of redcon one
did I meant to me blue-collar work ethic and Dallas is known for being a hard
worker comes from blue-collar roots you know when he gets in the gym he moves
weight he doesn’t complain he just does it I felt like that really represented
what I wanted the brand to mean I know he is a big believer in kind of golden
rule you know acts how you want people to treat you you treat them the same way
and I just felt like honestly that he was a good fit in general the whole look
of the brand my ideas and I knew that he wasn’t somebody that had been heavily
covered in the past he’s just great personality great athlete tremendously
strong and amazing potential for the future so it all kind of combines to the
perfect partnership it’s pretty consistent with Chad you
know it’s we’re going to use you know these food sources and we’re just going
to change the amount here there and you know I eat grilled steak grilled chicken and
fish and rice and potatoes you know some creamy rice too and you know I do use
some whey in there but you know it’s really consistent and it’s just steady
little changes here and there but you know the food the core food is
consistent as is everything with Chad Basically it’s just a form of deep tissue
work you know we started off with a cupping and then it was you know we
worked him she started with her elbows and her hands and her fists and then
now when you know she’s scraping tools and all kinds of crazy stuff and I mean
man she just keeps me healthy keeps me mobile she really knows her stuff you
all bunch of techniques we used a bunch of adhesion tools break things up we use
cups sometimes but we basically do is just scraping all the scar tissue and
metabolic waste so you can get really striated and really grow and just break
up those fibers so he’s really getting some growth out of everything he’s
training the closer were getting to Arnold we really want to break it up
because we want him to really get the striations you want getting on stage so
that’s going to be the most important part of using these tools at this point
and then about two weeks before will stop using them and go a little easier
and do more of a flushing because we don’t want any inflammation or anything
into the muscles we want to just keep it nice and hydrated and fluid Dallas would be one of the bigger guys that anyone works with we worried about the weight on the
table at one point yeah I was close waking up like between 305
and 310 right now and be honest with you like I certainly come pretty
close conditioning las hopefully within another two to three weeks you know I’ll have a relative idea of exactly where I need to be It’s funny because people who look at
me and they see this 300-pound body builder and you know it’s never been
about size for me how can you say that what’s the truth because like when I got
on played football you know I was 300 pounds I dieted it down and did my first show like
241 and you know I’ve been building since then but at the same time it’s
like even when I dieted down the first time I was a pretty big guy I mean I was
a big kid for me it’s always just about really improving weak areas and I’m
still trying to you know find that magic number to nail it on show day to fully
commit to this and in your early 20s or even teens it’s asking a lot okay so a
lot of willpower you know you got to tell your friends no girls no
whatever and it’s not always easy but you know obviously I think it’s worth it

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  1. hardly any of these guys in todays generation make it past 45
    Dont follow these idiots people… no point being this big and huge..
    i mean you struggle to even see your dick, and fuck or even wipe your ass… is that really cool?

  2. What they forgot to include here is the shitload of drugs he was taking to get so big….he's dead now at just 26 years old. What a joke of a sport professional bodybuilding has become.

  3. Such a shame – young man ruined and destroyed himself for an unnatural image. We only get one life, – don’t waste it.

  4. Lifestyle = steroid usage 😂 good guy redcon rewarding cheaters he also forgot to include eat shoot up train sleep shoot up

  5. Did he get the win before he died that summer?? I hope it was worth it. Man!! Why kill your self. Do it naturally, it can be done that way, has been done before. Now he’s dead at age 26. Damn.

  6. I've heard the results of his post mortem it is shocking! Seriously people stop with the steroids, this lad died way to young. RIP lad.

  7. Dallas McCarver's Lifestyle: Nutrition, Training, Business & Work Ethic. And let's not forget the drugs. Oh, you did. Again.

  8. Jesus Christ look how jaundice he is in this video. So yellow. And he also looks like he has apoxia so red.
    I bet his liver and heart are nearly 4 times the normal size. Is this guy still alive?

  9. You mean to say when he hit that front double bicep he knew he had it in him to kill himself by his lifestyle which is exactly what happened a good example of the risks and what not to do.

  10. Like any drug; as long as they exist there will always be some that abuse, some that use and others that refuse.

  11. When he says SHE KEEPS ME HEALTHY 😂 meanwhile his heart is 3 times bigger then it should be he’s also got heart disease

  12. Shameful and disgusting how they all just sit there and talk to the camera knowing full well that illegal drugs are being used. UNSUBSCRIBED. Hope you all get what you deserve.

  13. He did what he loved and died for it. I believe that's what matters in your life, as long as you don't hurt other people. Great Respect Brother. RIP

  14. Feel sorry for the family that are left behind. 26 is no age. He looked 40! He did 12 years worth of drugs in 5 years. Paid the price in full.

  15. what gets me is this guy knew there was a strong history of heart disease in his family. im sorry but how can you feel sorry for him knowing the insane amounts of drugs he was using? this wasn't just typical steroid use. it was something way beyond that.

  16. Over sized lungs, over sized heart oversized liver clogged arteries and early stage of thyroid cancer. He was genetically predisposed to heart disease he should have never touched any steroid or non-steroid. Sad case but it should be a lesson learned.

  17. Cardio? While he moves at a snails pace. Anyone this big has a mental disorder. And yea i know hes dead now. And the worst part is all the size and he couldn't even fight. A skinny nobody would fuck him in the ring or octagon. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Congrats

  18. Why would M&S keep this posted. This is so stupid. At least re-title it "10 steps for having an early funeral". Fucking retards.

  19. This is great for young kids who want a blueprint on how NOT to live your life and do the complete opposite of everything in this video. Thanks for the upload RIP DALLAS

  20. This motherfucker was 26??? Jesus Christ. What a fucking shame. This dudes fucking face is yellow, how did they know his liver and systems weren’t failing??

  21. Very Very Sad, he was a great guy. Wish someone around him could have gotten a hold of him and got the madness stopped.

  22. How ironic. All these guys crowing about their strict diets and their preferred supplements, but never telling anyone about their usage of steroids and HGH.

  23. Honestly, even after we know he died, he seems healthy in this video. I feel like how he end up dead was rather instant. Wonder why he did not have routine check-up while working with an expert BB coach.

  24. They contribute much to research regarding steroids. No need for coercion of people to engage in tests ; these people are giving their lives contributing to science.

  25. Dallas looks in the video as I looked when I got from bone marrow transplant for leukemia. Drugs destroyed him!


  27. His face almost looks dis formed. Bodybuilding is about the drugs. They all take it and I'm surprised we don't see more deaths from the drug use..

  28. Shame but
    You can eat all these foods which is right for growing .
    But pumping all those drugs in you is suicide . Anyone knows that’s steroids grow muscles , and your organs are muscles and the consequences are extreme that once you start you can never stop and by then you ruined your insides . Obviously his mates and all these pricks in the video are to dumb to see he looks unwell . Was just used for money making . Shame

  29. The guy was constantly out of breathe, especially when he was walking. It was so obvious that his heart couldn’t pump enough blood throughout his body. He already had some underlying health issues as it is but bodybuilding and steroids cut his life in half, at least!

  30. I watched Dallas over the years and he destroyed himself, 7 days a week in the Gym pumping himself with shit he worked all the days and not a single rest, his testosterone levels was beyond space and dimension, he had every Heart condition in the Book he was a walking Dead man basically many people was surprised he reached 26 with the many conditions he had, he looked nearly 50, and Dallas thinks its worth it fucking wasn't worth it bro your Dead in a Box now should of stayed in your 9 to 5 Job you still would be here today

  31. If you are going to be honest about this man he became so big with shit loads of drugs. it cant be denied.

  32. His heart and his lungs were both *3* times normal size from all the steroids and growth hormone he was taking.

  33. Poor Dallas and his family. Don't blame it on him. It kills me when I see friends doing steroids, it's what happens when they enter these bodybuilding competitions. They push people into this, bodybuilders have to do the impossible to go beyond their limits.

  34. Mannn, why was he going to a voodoo skin scraping massage therapist to keep him 'healthy' ?? Why wasn't he going to an actual doctor who had actually been to university, they might've been able to convince him to take steroids in at least a somewhat safe way and let him know what was around the corner. This is either pure negligence by his training staff, or it was blissful ignorance on his part to the punishment he was really doing to his health. Either way, it can't be changed now. RIP Dallas, you were too young.

  35. Pathetic drug addict, blue collar work ethic plus tens of thousands of dollars worth of bodybuilding drugs every year = dead at 26

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