Cookbook Keto Recipe Swap with Nacine O’Brien

hey there welcome to a special edition of cookie dough bye Kisuke dough this week we are doing a recipe swap with Nishino Brian check out her channel she’s been doing keto since last fall and has lost over 70 pounds she is also doing one of our recipes on her Channel and we are following along on one of her recipes we are going to do the one that she did on her channel that is breaded chicken strips and breaded mozzarella sticks however I’m doing a little twist because I’m also throwing in some Monterey Jack cheese and some Colby jack cheese she does just pork rinds in her video I’m not the biggest fan of pork rinds so I wanted to do a one a little different too so we’re gonna do another one that breading using almond flour paprika garlic salt and Parmesan cheese and of course we need eggs for the egg wash so let’s show you how to do this okay so first things first we’re gonna cut up some of this chicken if you’ve seen my past videos you know that all the weirdness has to go away so let’s get started on that no strange white pieces no tendons no fat it’s all gone like that weird little bit sticking up out of there and while Greg makes fun of me about this I know there are others out there cuz you’ve commented so I know I’m not alone I mean that’s that’s that’s disgusting that is just absolutely disgusting what makes me want to throw up all over the chicken this one’s got some extra weirdness going on I don’t like it when it makes the squelching sound okay so I’m gonna continue d weirding the chicken will be back in a minute weirdness has been eliminated these are ready to go so I’m going to start cutting these into a semblance of strips don’t really know what I’m doing here but we’ll just make do that’s a really a long one maybe I should cut that in here [Music] these will work alright let’s get the rest of these cut up okay so we’re gonna get the egg wash going I have just a pie plate uh plates in here I’m gonna break him up with my whisk now in a seeds video she added heavy whipping cream and she had some troubles getting the breading to stick I’m thinking it might be the fat from the heavy whipping cream possibly what I’m gonna do is add a couple teaspoons worth of water in here to thin it out a little and we’ll see if that helps we have about two and a half cups of pork rinds in here ready to go and then the other breading mix I’ve got 2 cups of almond flour and to that I’m going to add half a cup of Parmesan cheese [Music] where there abouts because it’s all clumpy and I’m just gonna and I squeeze it just get the funk out that we add half a teaspoon of garlic flour garlic powder and a teaspoon and a half of paprika break it into this and I’m just going to seal this bag so I can shake it all up and get all mixed together bring our chicken back over we’re gonna season it a little bit before we do any shakin bacon everything is seasoned ribbing is ready they have our ninja foodie here we are going to do the air frying in sorry basket in just let them in on the basket I think we’ll do we’ll do some of our crane ones first you’re just going to kind of drag them into this egg mixture and then we’ll toss them in the bag I’m going to do a few at a time you sure your bag is closed tight so you don’t get running everywhere let’s put these in here shake it off the excess looks like I can fit one more in there thank you find it there it is all right we’re gonna turn this on and get these going on the ninja we’re gonna use the air crisp up that to 400° nope nope I don’t know what the heck I’m doing there we go and we’ll start it for 15 minutes alright so while this is going as you could see very much on a chick you know here I want to try to speed up the process a little bit big frighten the ones and the other breading so we’re going to get some of those going I have a calf size fan sheet covered with aluminum paper with a gridded rack on the top of it so we can stick them in there and I’ve got the oven preheating at 400 degrees shake it up clothes I forgot to shut the lid or close my water bottle lid on my fifth is yesterday and I had lifted everywhere when I went to shake it that was fun I had a good laugh we’re appreciated it you so this recipe that I grabbed for the breading for the almond flour grunting is actually from website it’s a keto breaded chicken recipe obviously not following it full magnitude I am just the breading itself so as you might have noticed I forgot to put them in the egg wash first I realize that after I’ve had them in the bag and I was like who cares we’ll do it anyway it still seems to be sticking we’ll see if it turns out in the end if you don’t know this whole series is about me learning kind of cook and in that process sometimes I forget some steps this time let’s get them in the egg wash all right so the air fire is done we’re gonna check on our chicken it looks pretty good but I think I want to flip them and maybe let them go a few more minutes this thing is pretty cool if you don’t have one it actually replaces three products does your air pressure or your air frying your pressure cooker and crock-pot and we use it quite often especially the kids they use the air fryer portion of it almost daily so let’s turn this back on I’m gonna say let’s put it in there for another five minutes just so they can brown on that side no oh where is it I can’t see it from this side I’m leaning in the chicken turn it back up to 400 and I can’t I can’t see what do you want to see there we go okay ovens ready chickens ready throw these in the oven for 15 minutes we’re gonna flip them and put them in for another five okay five minutes is up on this we’re gonna check the temperature with our little meat thermometer she was a great agent for the grill guys below that’s done that’s tiny that’s gonna be done done yeah they’re all like 200 something you gotta miss that they’re overcooked well I’m thinking it makes them crispier it also makes them drier just ask my model in their terrible porkchops putting in a second batch pork rind crusted chicken strips think though I am in an effort to speed this up even further I’m gonna put the rest of them in the oven that way we can move on to the cheese sticks well everything else is finishing up in the oven we’re gonna start on the cheese I got some jack cheese and I’ve got some Colby jack cheese and some mozzarella cheese I read somewhere online that it says to put them in the freezer first so that’s what I did so let’s see how these turn out I’m gonna do half and a half we’re gonna do half in the pork rind mixture and half in the the bread the almond butter mixture almond flour mixture not sure where butter came from then I’m gonna cut some of the cheese sticks in half too well they’re not quite so big get Peggy this is a breading isn’t sticking the knees all that well okay we’re gonna try to egg wash them again all right time to get these going these are the core cried ones we’re going to turn on ear crisp save temperature 400 we’re gonna do it through five minutes that’s five those just finished [Music] in case you guys didn’t know it’s a train wreck Stacey loves her jack snack so much that she wanted to risk everything just to make one look at it it’s starting to ooze away who’s away [Music] okay so what I did find is that the coating sticks better the flour almond flour coating sticks butter to the cheese then the pork rind coating and apparently cheese thaws really really fast know why they were rock-hard when I took them out and left him out for ten minutes and they’re already like ready to eat okay so in order to avoid the disaster that was the jack smacking like this does right here – Colby jack we’re gonna put mozzarella in first and we’ll get those going for a few minutes this did not turn out apparently you cannot use Jackson yeah don’t use Jackson eggs don’t use Colby jack it’s the reason they make mozzarella sticks out of mozzarella well I want sticks out of other cheeses yeah no it’s cheese for you all right well let’s dump these back in there to warm up you get another little cheese coating – so sad about achieve well I don’t like it in the fur frame the chief with a chicken huge don’t like cheese the footprint because it’s the jack she’s got to try the mozzarella cheese upper grinds and high case better the dead Jack cheese that Stacy murdered in their fryer so this one was a bit of a fail yeah what see I mean we turn the broiler around on some of them and one of the brothers and I’ll think it’s working right the other one I guess we got a little miscommunication cuz I had great helping me to try and get it done faster because it has been a long day but good news I got my sauce whoo in the cheese didn’t work out chicken looks quite good I might have actually already sampled a little bit you know what it tastes like chicken doesn’t taste like crap so this is we have two different varieties here this is the almond flour that’s right right this is the pork rind so the pork rinds are lightly colored will hearse be here another crispy yes crispier ones those are the your fries yeah these are air fried also the corporate and these are yep and these are oven one of these and then those are the flour both of the same yeah yeah it’s just the darker ones were in the broiler and they’re naked on the bottom cuz they stuck yeah grab that thing that’s a wonderful cheese huh my cheese blob oh yeah it worked out well plus or minus the stick I actually think I prefer the more points the reason for that is simple they’re not as dry because I think the almond flour sort of really dries out your mouth as you’re eating you you have the security of biting into the chicken and knowing you’re not gonna get any weirdness poor jack snacks anyone say eulogy you should tell you should tell the jack snacks that you’ll never let them go right I’ll never do this to you my god it’s even got dead air you’re eating the air from Jack a little door for them to float oh my oh my gonna put it to rest out to sea shoot an arrow noble in here jack but that’s all you made their variance in see it’s a first sentence I know I know [Music] all right guys well we’re gonna go ahead and rate the meal then as we are is customary with our cookbook ito series pork pork man so much so you flipped off your yeah fortress man are you sure it’s not just a doubt though no because she need it no I need it so it’s just a man I don’t prefer it yeah so it’s dominant hmm so the almond one is up so I have a side and up side enough pork almond well we drove that thing in the air if anybody flashbacks so I think the port room was pretty good I think important rice was tasty I would definitely eat it again although it may have been carried a little and I could say the same thing with it on with our two so the sauces helped a lot I think Stacy end of dry so she probably has a bit more flavor but I don’t mind the poor Prince I like the extra crunchiness so I guess since we don’t have like a in-between scale that’s either a like or may or dislike I’m gonna go with my chemical I’m gonna go right hand for the red sauce and left hand for the green sauce and they both feel things up nice thanks well paying out always gotta get drink okay tired it all series both of them are heavy so it’s fine it’s chicken tenders and they’re not kind of subpar chicken tenders they’re okay I’ve had better of course but the sauce is really really given to carries them very delicious they weren’t bad chicken feathers they’re just the greatest well that’s it for us today guys thanks for checking us out thanks for subbing and until next time stay cute see you guys he really is – he just came over here and sat down yeah like I’ve been out here baking for how long and he hasn’t been out here I’ll turn the camera on this dog-piss be right next to my feet this week we are doing a recipe swap with Nishino brine over at her channel named after her name hey there welcome to I did say kids in here music music perfect okay hey there welcome to cook along with Anik rudeness chicken come from and they dear so cheese back I should it actually tastes okay fine no Detroit wine No [Music] [Music]

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