Cook With Me  ||  Keto Bacon Wrapped Cauliflower  ||  So Delicious Recipe Dupe

Cook With Me || Keto Bacon Wrapped Cauliflower || So Delicious Recipe Dupe

hey everybody welcome back to our Channel and welcome back to another video so today is gonna be a cook with me that’s right I’m bringing you guys along in my kitchen and we’re going to be making a new recipe so yesterday I was just hanging around the house and I got a notification on Facebook that my cousin shared a recipe with me and I watched and watched and watched and I was like oh my goodness this is the lovely so we’re going to do a bacon-wrapped cheddar cauliflower and we’re going to bake it so I just thought that you guys might enjoy this recipe I hope that the kids and I like it I’ve never had it before but it looks really good on the recipe so let me just bring you guys along with me all righty you guys for this recipe here’s what we’re going to need 1 head of cauliflower I would say this is about a medium head we’re gonna need a little bit of mozzarella cheese I’m using a low-moisture part-skim we’re gonna need some cheese sticks a pack of bacon garlic powder salt paprika and I’m gonna add in a little bit of chili powder and I did forget my heavy cream so we’re going to get our cauliflower prepared and boil it for about 10 minutes all right Wow the cauliflower is starting to boil it hasn’t boiled yet but once it starts to boil I’m gonna put it on for 10 minutes but I’m gonna go ahead and do a few other things just some things to kind of get me pretty ready so I already have my cast iron skillet oiled up it’s ready for the oven I am gonna put a little bit of parchment paper in the bottom of this just for easy cleanup I’m going to go ahead and take my cheese sticks which these are squares and in the video they showed circles or rounds and I’m just gonna cut these in half to make the stuffing a little bit easier also I’m going to be using this glass bowl to lay out my bacon and then I’m going to put together the sauce for the top of the cauliflower so again hang out with me while I work on few of these odds and ends while the cauliflower is boiling [Music] all right you guys so the timer has bust my cauliflower has been in this pot boiling for ten minutes it is very soft so I’m going to now remove it from the boiling water and I’m just draining all the water out and I’m gonna sit it on this plastic thing now one of the best dollars you could spend is for these plastic cutting boards at Dollar Tree you get two in a pack for a dollar I recommend now in the video they use a vegetable core I think to kind of core up holes for the cheese so I’m going to just use this knife and core out some holes to put the cheese now this said to boil it for 10 minutes but that is extremely soft the cauliflower is so I’m gonna try to core out as best as I can without destroying the entire cauliflower and then I’m gonna stuff in the cheese okay so this is what it looks like stuffed with the cheese and so what I’m gonna do now is take this strainer and I’m gonna lift it up and then I’m gonna sit it inside of this bacon bowl so let me move this I’m not gonna throw away that cauliflower but I actually put it in the pan as well so what I did was I took a pound of bacon and I laid it in this bowl so that it could so that I could wrap this cauliflower so I’ve got the cauliflower place in there and now what I’m gonna do is take this sauce that I made which is heavy whipping cream garlic powder paprika I put in a little bit of chili powder and just salt and then I’m just going to take this and rub it all over the cauliflower head and it’s fairly thick which I think once it cooks it’ll give it a nice flavor so I do want to make sure to use all of this there won’t be any second basting and because the cauliflower is so warm or so hot the cheese inside is already melting so I do want to get everything out and into the cauliflower head now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take the bacon and fold it over because we are trying to cover the bait the cauliflower head completely I mind it have needed two things are bacon but I don’t have to so I’m gonna go with the one I have and just try to cover it that way to make sure that all of the cauliflower is covered all sides now that is covered and I’m gonna put this in a my cast-iron skillet it’s going in a 320 degree oven for 50 minutes so I took what was left over the cauliflower and just threw it in there from where I dug the holes out to stuff the cheese this is going in a 320 degree oven for 50 minutes until your bacon is crispy all right so the up is about to beat I actually had to put my bacon on for longer than 50 minutes because at 320 degrees in my oven did not crisp up the bacon so I put it back on for another 25 minutes I think for me 350 would be good and the next to the last step well this is the last step this is crisp up the bacon a whole lot better so I’ll show you what it looks like now so this is what the stuffed cauliflower looks like make sure you get a good look there and the last step calls for a cup of cheese on top and it bakes for another 10 to 10 minutes so I’m going to this is just some cheese I had this is a mixture of parmesan mozzarella cheddar I don’t quite think that’s a cups worth but we’ll see and there’s only a little bit left in here the recipe calls for mozzarella only but this is just what I had and I prefer to just use what I have and I’ll open up a new one if I don’t have to so I’m going to put this on top put that on top and this is just the last little bit of cheddar that I had in there that’s going back into the oven for 10 minutes and then we will be done and there you have it my friends this is what it looks like fresh out of the oven the timer just beeped and we’re going to cut into this and see what a slice looks like and there it is stuffed bacon-wrapped cauliflower cannot wait to take a few bites out of this there it is you guys I’m gonna leave the recipe link down below if you care to give it a try if you do try leave us a comment let us know what you think we are going to eat this yumminess because it smells and looks delicious thank you guys so much for stopping by and we’ll see you next time bye now

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