hello and welcome to total health for dr. Nick where my purpose is to inspire and power and motivate you to live longer healthier more abundant lives and today I’m going to talk to you about MCT versus coconut oil let’s get ready to rumble no it’s not that kind of competition we’re just going to talk about what the differences are and really what are the benefits of each what are they used for why is coconut oil different than MCT oil but isn’t MCT oil from coconut oil how does that work okay so let’s dive right in first thing let’s talk about the properties or the amount of MCTS well coconut oil is about 55% MCT oil and of course MCT oil is a hundred percent MCT oil and really the difference comes from the fact that coconut oil has something in it called lauric acid and lauric acid makes up a big part of MC coconut oil but yet some people many authors don’t consider it actually an MC T and what does MC t mean anyway well MC t means medium chain triglyceride and they typically run from a six carbon chain to eight to ten – some people say twelve is actually an MC T so some people don’t but anyway coconut oil is not all MCT oil but yet MCT oil is all MCT oil and the funny thing is it also is coconut oil anyway the distribution you have caproic caprylic capric and lauric acid that’s typically what’s making up the majority of coconut oil those four but lauric acid is a big big part of it in fact it’s about 45% of it some people think it’s even more whereas MCT oil is typically your eighth and your 10 carbon chains now once again I just did a video recently you go back and watch where talks about how to choose the best MCT oils so I think these are the best right here c8 and c10 the reason is is because c6 although it’s readily absorbable into the system it doesn’t taste very good so you don’t want to use that one so much but like I talked about in a previous video 8 and 10 are the ones you want to use because they’re the most absorbable they’re the most easily assimilated 8 even more and typically for people who are looking to get more brain function where it goes right to your brain it gets into your system quicker you want more c8 anyway now what about metabolization so how does this metabolize well here the thing about coconut oil is to understand that because there are longer chains in coconut oil and also too there are other oils other than these for coconut oil is a better long-term term the little tongue to eye their long-term source of energy whereas MCT oil is much quicker because coconut oil has a lot of lauric acid a 12 carbon chain it’s not absorbed as quickly and it’s not assimilated as quickly so it’s not there for the quicker bursts of energy where if you want that you’ve got to go to the MCT oil specifically the caprylic and the capric acid those are the ones you want the most for those quick quick bursts of energy as far as appearance coconut oil is going to have a little bit more of a smell it’s gonna smell like a tropical oil it is it’s gonna smell like coconut if you get the good kind you’re gonna notice that it’s gonna smell nice and tropical like you know like as if you’re out on the islands you’re gonna get that nice tropical smell of coconut typically MCT oil is odorless unless you get some of the other brands ancient nutrition makes a brand like this where they infuse cinnamon in it and turmeric so it’s gonna have a little bit more of a taste to it and a little different smell so that’s basically the differences now one thing i want to touch on because i get this question a lot too is can you cook with MCT oil I really wouldn’t I would like to edit more to things I like to drizzle it on things I like to take it right off the spoon I’ll put in a smoothie I’ll put it in my coffee most people do bulletproof coffee butter coffee whatever you choose to call it high-fat coffee well you’ll put about a tablespoon of MCT oil two tablespoons of grass-fed butter and your of course your 8 to 10 ounces of coffee so that’s your butter coffee or your MCT oil coffee that’s how most people get their MC teas in people ask me – how much can I take in a day you can take as much as you want but you have to be careful MCT oil will make you get diarrhea so be careful start off a little bit at a time I had a guy asked me once if I could if he could have like a pint of I said hey more power to you if you can handle that and your insides don’t fall out and go for it anyway coconut oil that’s great for cooking because it’s got a high smoking point so it’s really good for cooking so if you want to make eggs my kids don’t like it though I will tell you I’ll be honest with you about that my kids don’t like their eggs tasting coconutty then again me anything tastes good with coconut I don’t know about you but I used to I grew up watching Gilligan’s Island anybody out there watch Gilligan’s Island growing up man I wanted anything coconut I wanted I wanted coconut cream pie I want a coconut milk coconut juice I wanted I wanted to drink out of a coconut I don’t know about you but it was that’s what I wanted to do anyway so I love anything coconut so for me to use coconut oil in my cooking it tastes great coconut oil is good for the skin it’s good for your insides it’s got in fact I’ve got a really great video go ahead and check it out on the 12 amazing health benefits of coconut oil and it’s just really great for antibacterial antifungal it’s great for your cells your cell membranes your brain in general but once again a little more cooking here for the coconut oil this is more topical I would put that like I said in a coffee and a smoothie things like that anyway so I hope this is good information for you guys if it was you know what to do please make sure you like you share you comment and subscribe put that little Bell notification so you get a notification every time I come on the air and that way you don’t miss a single video so anyway I thank you so much for being here today hope you got great information out of it if so like I said subscribe over here check out some of the other videos that we’ve got that we play and guys I appreciate you being here with me today god bless you have a great day and I’ll see you in the next video bye bye

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