Coconut Flour Pancakes | Breakfast Or Main Course Meal |  Weight Loss | Keto Plan | Bodyprocoach

Coconut Flour Pancakes | Breakfast Or Main Course Meal | Weight Loss | Keto Plan | Bodyprocoach

Studies have shown that additional
consumption of fiber approximately 14 grams a day can decrease up to 10
percentage in overall calorie intake and on the weight welcome to BodyProCoach I am Maahek and that’s Praveen and welcome to our channel so if you haven’t
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coming up for you, alright so today what we got for you is about coconut flour
pancakes let’s get the science behind it according to the Australian Heart
Foundation a general normal human being needs to consume minimum 30 grams of
fiber whereas we consume around 18 to 25 grams of fiber on a day fiber has a lot
of health benefits one of the most important one is weight loss, digestion, helps
you regulate the blood sugar at the same time protects you against the diabetes,
let’s get started, the ingredients what we require are we’re gonna take two whole
eggs okay I’m going for some that’s about 3 tablespoon of coconut flour, so
coconut flour has got a lot of fiber which we spoke about it right now the
good thing with that is that fiber does not get digested then we’re gonna use 2
tablespoon of cream cheese so which means that it does not give any calories
at the same time it gets you satiety so it’s like a sponge it absorbs water, it gives you a
lot of satiety I have one tablespoon of stevia that’s about half teaspoon of
baking powder that’s about less than a teaspoon of
vanilla and last I have heavy cream 2 tbsp, so now we’re gonna quickly blend
all the ingredients and it’s done alright so our mixture is
done for pancake it looks nice and thick I’m going to quickly pour it into a bowl now yeah and we’re good to go and make it
over the pan now let’s go you could do the last touch-up you could
add maple syrup over the same and the pancakes are good to go
so our pancakes are ready these are very healthy pancakes why because we have
made them with coconut flour and coconut flour is one of the finest flour because
it’s really high amount of soluble and insoluble both the fiber which we do
not even find in most of the vegetables and compared to any other flour it’s
comparatively really less in carbohydrate content also so it makes a
great option for the breakfast as well as for the main course please do write
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we’ve got about three videos that’s on HIIT that’s about train to look good
naked program we’re got videos on information and on diet the kind of food
that we make so thank you so much for watching we’ll see you in the next video
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