Clean Keto Recipe Banh Xeo |  5 NET CARBS Fast Keto Recipe

Clean Keto Recipe Banh Xeo | 5 NET CARBS Fast Keto Recipe

hi I’m Christine from the local planner and today I will create a keto bong see how I’m see now is a Vietnamese risk and I needed to try this recipe and I must say this is a kick-ass delicious super light super healthy impressive P summer friends let’s dive into the recipe first we get some veggies to get carrots you get celery you get tomatoes mushrooms and some bell peppers you can add whatever you want but I just preferred those veggies first we will start with those spring onions and just try your just a cut them then we are going to add them to the mixture for creating does omelet you know Bank CEO is a general they add flour to it we just leave this year out I know every Vietnamese will hate me for this recipe but I think it also goes without the veggies so you can I am adding here like three to four eggs but I just only had two regular eggs and two egg whites but it’s hard so I would just say after that I just added the whole egg yolks to it so just go completely with four eggs this will be a portion for two persons and complete no egg whites sharing coughing just go with a four full X and then we’re gonna add the beautiful spring onions to it you can add some salt pepper and that’s simply it so next up will be we’re going to cut the veggies into thinner slices it would be better if you just cut them into small bite to both sizes not too long otherwise it gets really hard when you tear up the omelet and bang see how that yeah it will just make the food or to eat it a little bit harder so this is way too long that’s why I listen to me then cut it smaller and then you can enjoy it easy [Music] [Music] okay every every Asian country has its own sauce I just go here with an own creation like the Filipinos do it you just add some garlic you add some mini like onions if you want to and you add vinegar and some chilies that’s simply do you notice a super tangy dip it’s super light in taste you know you don’t feel so tired after this food and this gives your food a last finish which just makes this Banksy house so good you can add fish sauce if you want to but I had none so it’s a just simple sauce garlic salt and pepper vinegar and chilies and also you just can just put it in a jar and put it into the fridge and just leave it there and just grab it whenever you want it gets spicier the longer you wait [Music] okay before Frank we just add a like a teaspoon ish around about oil the pan should be really hot and then we’re gonna fry the beautiful omelette as you see this one’s you got really thick because I added the other two egg yolks so this looks like a triplet I’m let the first one just got yeah never mind so I’m adding some shrimps you can go with precooked I just fried them the few minutes before then we’re gonna top it top all the veggies and then we just let it rest for a few more minutes that the veggies get cook very well you can add your lid that they get cooked well done and then we’re gonna flip it over and dance to hold magic my friends super crunchy super delicious let’s go to the last shop [Music] [Music] okay so how to eat this beautiful Banksy out and the Vietnamese do it like you just tear some of the omelette or the crunchy layer just fill it with the filling and then just wrap it around a beautiful the to sleep and then just dip it in this awesome sauce and then just bite it this is a street food recipe super delicious super light I hope you love it as I do okay my friends I hope you enjoyed this recipe please let me know in a comment section below what I can turn for you next time into low curve see you next Saturday same time same place thank you for watching [Music]

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