Christmas Spirit & Cook With Me – Keto Cookies

[Music] hi happy Friday everyone um it is some time in the afternoon as you saw hate him and I just got done putting up the Christmas lights and at the dining room we had a little bit of a struggle doing that we went to Hobby Lobby found nothing because it was too expensive for us so then I went to Walmart got some better decorations and then came came on home put those up and then my plan in a little bit is I’m gonna bake my Quito chocolate-chip cookies for you guys I’ll put the recipe down below so I just wanted to say hi how are you guys doing um I wanted to know like what everyone’s like plans for Christmas are and if you don’t celebrate Christmas what do you guys do just tell me your traditions tell me what you celebrate don’t tell me unique things about things that you guys do on Christmas or the holidays not myself I might go home I don’t know I’m I’m hoping I get to go home this Christmas it’s my favorite season favorite holiday and just love spending it with family if not I’ll spend it up here with my awesome roommates do some some Christmas activities up here and the cold and snow and I just thought I should get right out of this cage so you can say hi to you guys he is my baby boy he’s a little over a year now like a year in two months or something he was a girl and then I found out he was a boy so he is my little my little man right now and he is climbing on my back ok well bye hey YouTube hey everyone we’re gonna make some chocolate chip cookies for you guys I’ll put the recipe in the description down below while I’m doing this I got some Christmas music on in the background so pardon any singing or dance moves that might happen so I’m just gonna show you guys everything that I do super easy super quick they taste like normal chocolate chip cookies so let’s just jump on into this first what you’re gonna do is put up fourth of a cup of butter in the bowl i melted it it doesn’t really matter and then I’m gonna do a cup almond flour in there and then I’m going to do half a teaspoon which one is it we’re okay half a teaspoon vanilla so we’re just gonna pour that right over the bowl whatever then we’re gonna do one large egg and there and then we’re gonna do 1/4 of a teaspoon of baking soda just plop all this into One Bowl okay and then it says 1/3 of a cup of chocolate chips so I’m gonna do that and then I might add a little bit later and then 1/4 of a cup of stevia or any other sweetener with no carbs in them all into one bolt staying just a little bit more almond flour because it was a little too runny and too gooey so I added maybe about another fourth of a cup of flour not too much just to give it to the consistency that you like and then I’m actually gonna add some more chocolate chips because who doesn’t like gooey chocolate chip cookies like very chocolatey so I’m just gonna add those and fold them in there using Baker terms okay so now we’re just gonna roll these into balls and just plop them on the cookie sheet I just put aluminum foil on it I don’t have parchment to paper whoops so we’re gonna put these in the oven for about 82 minutes and I’m gonna show you guys the results after they’re done so here’s what they look like they look absolutely delicious so I’m gonna go ahead and eat one of these hey guys so Tatum and I we’re gonna try the cookies so here’s here’s taquito cookies boo mmm [Music] just like chocolate chip cookies even though they’re keto mm-hmm so I’ll leave the the recipe for you guys down in the description and I want us to know how a your guys’s cookies turn out so let me know everyone so weed my tummy’s nice and full had a couple of cookies with Tatum and it was an eventful day full of Christmas fun so now I’m just gonna go ahead take a quiz for my homework my last assignment for my fall semester I’m pretty excited about that because I have a month off of school I don’t know what we’re gonna be doing this weekend there might be some adventures going on who knows so to stay tuned to see what is gonna happen I have no plan for tomorrow so we’re just gonna wing it guys stay stick with me cuz you’re gonna have to get used to that um so now I’m just gonna close out the video and I will see you guys all tomorrow bye y’all

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