Chocolate Fudge Keto Cookies  Low Carb Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe  LESS THAN 1 NET CAR

Chocolate Fudge Keto Cookies Low Carb Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe LESS THAN 1 NET CAR

[Music] dr. Mona and today I’m here with my really good friend Melissa Melissa what hell so we were actually in New York this is a really fun video because I get to like you know step out at the same kitchen ones that I’m always doing you can hang out I get to hang on the list exactly and I really wanted to bring her on because a lot of you been asking for workout videos and I don’t do a lot of them because I feel like I want to make sure I’m giving like expertise info on it and I’ve got Melissa here for that so we’re gonna do this one all encore because everyone feel like it’s the majority of concern right everyone wants to kill it more so we’re gonna go through some workout basically you’re gonna put us through a workout right I’m going to put you through a series and I think the most important thing to highlight here is that when you’re working your core most people think like you’re just sitting there doing crunches this is going to be a different type of series where we’re getting the full body involved we’re really using our legs but it’s all focused on creating those beautiful long lean lines and janna core exactly and then at the end of the video we’re gonna go through a few diet tips but not we just want to make a quick note these are not like restrictive it’s not cut this out its strategic how to like eat strategically for your core yeah I think it’s a lot of like I believe what we share the same philosophy with ways to really just help enhance your core is that do you think that’s a good fit and one thing I’ve always said – I feel like even just this might sound I mean I don’t know how it will sound but having having like the positive energy and just like not putting so much pressure on yourself so important it’s so important for how your results will come out and it’s it’s not just like a cliche like it’s really true so oh my god yeah the most important thing is probably why right after having a baby like your core so tight because she’s just happy and positive you never put any stress on yourself no mommy more I did four years and that doesn’t work and you look better now that you don’t I feel better yeah believe that’s how you look better yeah okay so let’s do the workout you stand with your feet hip width apart keep a soft bend in your knees whenever you’re standing this really helps protect your lower back and even right here I want you to think pull that belly button in towards your spine but release any tension in your body while you do this you’re not holding any tension you’re just mindfully bringing your attention here and now slowly just tucking your chin in towards your chest and roll down bone by bone take it really slow and as you roll down your knees will bend a little bit more just keep going until your fingertips hit the mat and then slowly walk yourself out into a plank so coming into a plank here now one really important tip I want you to think you’re pushing the floor away your fingers are really long and then plug that belly button in you’re gonna tap your right knee in to your right elbow envision that touching if it doesn’t quite reach set that down and switch to the left side so stay really steady in your body and we’re literally just moving your knee your leg tapping the knee into the elbow breathe give me three more each side really use your breath here for these last two stay really strong breathe and to it last one set those knees down take your knees really wide and sit back into a child’s pose just take a breath exhale slide out through your mouth let everything go and just keep coming back to your breath it’s crazy how you know when you left that though everything else tends to go it really keeps you fueled so now we’re gonna interlace our fingers come into a forearm plank but I want everyone to hug your elbows in your elbow hair directly underneath your shoulders now step back into a plank keep that hips distance between your feet pulling the belly in we’re gonna lift that right heel up two inches place it down switch lift the left keep the belly plugs in three you need eight more try not to rock and quit keep your gaze down towards your palms three place the knees down and just sit back into a child’s pose with your legs together [Music] swing those legs around come up really high on your sit bones so sitting up nice and tall press the soles of your feet into the mat and then I want you to reach your arms forward like you’re almost grabbing something in front of you and even here I want you to think plug that belly button and so breathe the belly button towards the spine now tuck that tailbone under towards the pubic bone and slowly roll down so I want you to roll down to where you really really feel it right there that’s the lower abdominals help keep those arms open nice and wide bring that right knee in towards that left elbow place it down switch sides and really twist in twist for ten the belly pulls in nine it’s good reach yes reach enough lolipop under it really really really slow in fact we let it go stick your arms overhead shake out your legs and now I want you to open your legs up about as wide as the mat right so earth why does your hips point your toes this is the most important thing I want you to really activate the legs take your fingertips behind your head and let your head hang heavy in your hands so you’re not pulling up on your neck and you can interlace your fingers in the back of that house so hold right here I want you to breathe that chin in towards your chest keep your gaze into your belly button and we’re gonna go around the world so go over to the right breathe so these are teeny tiny little circles don’t pull up on your neck so you’re lifting with your stomach so you’re lifting exactly so you’re breathing up through the lower abdominals and just doing your you want to make sure your shoulder blades are off the mat that’s where you really get in to your lower core breathe two more do you feel it oh yeah I want you were you talking about cold it here at the top roll down look to your right and to your left place your fingertips behind your head let your head hang heavy make sure your toes are pointed Oh wrath keep the toes pointed it really sculpts the leg and you can put a band around your ankles here to tuck chin and suggest and now reverse the circles for 10 keep the shoulder blades lift did 9 give me three more guys we’re almost there well not really I’m like point your toes Oh point your toes yes chew on one lower down for a breath shake your head out come right back up tuck the chin into chest and then we’re gonna reach over toward the left with the right palm to the left palm underneath your hand and then switch now I really want you to reach for something so as you reach that shoulder blade is with fully lifted off the map cross over reach breathe keep the toes pointed five more and now taking your pump your arms just a long near side here and then Alyssa softly now press the floor away here so not only are we working our floor we’re getting into it when you’re in the floor away I want you to lift that right leg but we’re coming into this diamond shape so internally rotate the leg point the toe and as you reach the toes up towards the ceiling you’re topping your foot coming halfway down here you’re extending them in opposition and then going right back into it keep that left shoulder blade lifted for 10 1 hug your knee into your chest do you think it’s like that like my toes so hard to stay pointed do you think it’s just tightness like if someone else has a lot of people have that I like to say challenge I don’t think it’s a big issue but it’s also just getting used to it like bring energy towards the thing that you’re focusing on so just keep trying really it does feel good it might be tight if you were heels – I do worry less so switching sides take your finger just behind your head if you like or keep that arm your arm to the floor internally rotate this left leg in that diamond shape reach the right fingertips towards it pose the arms back up to the beat take your lay oh yeah straight up to the ceiling so right here let’s set up read that belly button in towards your spine practice field together the toes are apart so coming into that Pilates stance drop down to a 40 degree angle toes are pointed cross the left over the right the right over the left breathe press the floor away that’s really how to stabilize [Music] bank robber or little faster breathe the bellybutton in four five four three it makes such a difference right and open your arms out a little bit more two of e21 hug knees in for a breath come right back out heels together toes apart and now just tiny little heel taps this one looks like nothing but it really it really kills breathe for ten hug everything and I want you to grab your ankles make yourself into a tiny little ball and then extend your legs heels together toes apart arms overhead bring those arms around grab your ankles it’s step and meet eight more seven let your head neck and shoulders go open your knees nice and wide and just rock side to side shaking out your head [Music] you know coming here sighs so we’re getting some sidelines in really sculpt your core so I want really long body think your body’s in one long time this bottom leg is long the top leg just stays on top and then the most important thing here I want you to look at my bottom ribs your body’s really long you’re pressing the floor area with his left palm and then lick this bottom rib so there’s an inch between your weak and the map with your top leg in alignment with your hip and your toes are dangling down here so just give me tiny little pulses keep the belly button pulled in and you’re just dropping down an inch lifting up an inch breathe give me five more it looks like nothing but will kick in in about two seconds two one hold it there give me tiny little circles going forward but try to stay really really study so you’re not rocking back and forth so you’re really using your core here for three more two one lift your legs two inches higher because it tends to drop reverse for ten nine eight seven fold that belly in for these last five four three she’s on one now you’re gonna point to lift the toes up to the ceiling flex the foot the lower half feel the heel and I want you to squeeze the inner thighs [Music] lower point to lift left to lower tap those heels give me eight more put that bottom is with six seven six one come up on this right forearm and we’re gonna stack those legs really long so coming into a side plank here stack the legs hold that belly in lift that top leg high and just drop the hips down an inch lift up an inch for ten not breathe uncommon for a breath we’re gonna go right back up and do one more thing and then switch sides so breathe really try to press the floor your hand will lift a little bit so if you want to take your hand into a fist if that’s better for you you’re actually that might work I’ll do that too so lifting up stack the legs lift that top leg high and now I want you to read the needle through and then open up try to take your gaze up towards the ceiling breathe give me eight more last one drop it down switching sides rest your head and then lift this bottom rib relax your shoulder with that top leg and alignment with your hip tiny pulses here for ten nine tiny little circles and look at my toes how they’re literally like hanging down towards the floor five more in this direction lift that leg two inches higher reverse for ten hold it there now you’re gonna point the toes to lift bless the foot tap guilty heel to lower for ten bring it down now coming up onto the left forearm stack the legs press those hips up whole belly in build a top arm high give me tiny little hip pulses here just dropping down am in lifting up an inch give me eight more arm high thread that needle through shake it up give me eight more I’m down press yourself back into your downward facing dog pedal everything out let everything go I want you to come really high on your toe it’s like you’re tipping forward what you’re gonna use your core to pull in press yourself back drop those heels into the and then took a big inhale I’m gonna come up high on the hills not like you’re rolling through your spine to come into your plan press the floor away fingers really long pole belly and tip forward an inch and back inch for ten none one hold from you last five four just really strong three two key so shanky in such a short period of time it just shows you that although this was really focused on your core I feel like my legs or our legs are shaking right I agree so let’s take a breath take a wide like child pose melt your torso pull the into the mat take a big inhale through your nose exhale site everything out through your mouth slowly come up there you go good I love it I love Melissa’s workouts because I always feel good after like good sore like it’s never like something really hurts like you know it’s just a good good I don’t know yeah I think you’ll feel it when you’re using the right muscles and when you learn how to use your body that’s what my workouts are really designed to do is help you to really like understand oh wait that’s pulling in that’s letting everything go that’s actually before we get into diet tips that’s actually one thing I would love as a takeaway for this video for them um sometimes I know what I’m in a workout class since I’m not like an instructor before you hear them saying things but you kind of tune it out because you’re just like doing your own thing and you’re tired but if you really listen when someone says like pull your belly button in like lift your hip up those little things make such a difference that was my mistake for years was I just wasn’t really like registering for some right because it workouts our heart so you’re trying to like kind of get through them but I find when you do listen to those little cues it makes your movement you you become so much more conscious mm-hmm and then you see results like that it’s yeah it will get you better results entirely so okay I want to go over our little like we each have like one kind of method and I agree with yours you agree with – with yeah but I’ll let you share yours on people that ask what can I eat what can I do for a tight core yeah so it’s so funny because I think our minds are programmed because of marketing and certain beliefs that have kind of flooded our minds about cutting carbs and I actually believe the opposite of course you know I’m not telling you to go eat white enriched pasta however I believe that carbs really fuel us and give us energy every cell in our body is made of glucose so I think it’s really important to have healthy carbohydrates in your diet and it really boiled down to one thing we do we fully agree on is food pairing and food combining makes such a difference you guys have heard this on your channel for sure but later like it would be I mean this almost won’t find another originally brief it yeah like I’ve been and it’s so funny because it’s it’s not a strict way of life it’s it’s just a way of understanding what works to reduce blow mm-hmm exactly which is a kind of so hers really you want to talk about food combining the order in which you eat food tell them the green juice thing you mentioned earlier right hey it’s great it’s so funny because when I was working one-on-one with clients one of the biggest things was you know I would be working with some of their like I eat this hearty healthy salad and you know maybe they would have let’s say salmon or if they were eating animal protein clean grilled chicken and then after they’d have their green juice and it’s so funny when you experiment with this and I always experiment with it because it’s like you’re gonna hear a lot of things from everyone try it on for yourself so if you think of this like the digestion tract like this it’s like having a salad and you have chicken right so you’re you haven’t broke that down and then you have a green juice and it’s like the great claret go right through you because it digests the facets so liquid and it has nowhere to move because it’s still waiting for you to break down especially the animal protein because it takes anywhere from five to six hours to digest that so I always say I’m plant-based Mona’s plant-based I’m not telling you to be plant-based if you eat animal protein just experiment with okay so maybe when you start getting hungry around noon you have your green juice you order your salad and then your lunch comes you eat your salad watch the difference and blow guarantee it’s the math and the good thing is the green juice digests really quickly look what 20 minutes or something like sometimes even faster yeah pending on what you have in it right agree so food combining and mine is just my tip encore which I’ve personally seen a huge differences is finding things that bloat you because for years I thought that my stomach was just like chubby or or whatever and I I would always be like why do I hold so much fat in my midsection I remember like literally thinking which this was a years ago when I had kind of the wrong mindset on how to tackle weight and everything I literally went to look into CoolSculpting which is like freezing fat and this doctor was like this is like just distension this isn’t it was it stuck out so far that I literally thought I was like pounds heavier I remember right going through this I was like I need to get CoolSculpting I can’t figure out what’s going on then once I realize how to control bloating which honestly I’m gonna be totally real I’m still not a hundred percent on like I bloat very easily normal to blow its bloat right yeah sometimes I can go from like zero to like five months pregnant like easily but between food combining little tips like making sure if you if you blow a lot on raw veggies or fruit which I do i strategically eat them I’m not gonna stop eating them but I’ll eat them sometimes for dinner so that I give myself overnight to like get bloated and then deep blow by morning I won’t eat them for like morning okay and then during the day I’ll try to do cooked veggies cook like everything with even like more water so it’s softer think of it like a little mushy R it is the better you’re gonna digest it so finding your ways to control blow I swear you may think that you’re heavier than you are and it’s like night and day so eating half raw on half cooked definitely helps I know for myself and when I like when I was working when I along with people it was a notice a major shift mm-hmm and another thing too is I think this is just through my own experience when I was dealing with crazy bloke – it is a sign that there is something going on in your gut which there is exactly because it could be a parasite there could be something that you’re not aware of I know for myself I was dealing with a ton of issues and then the cleaner I became like I the cleaner my system became the less like I rarely blow and I was like the bloating queen I don’t even know what it’s like not to blow anymore Glickman but I’m still I have to share that because I know important and we’re like you know supposed to be the experts on things but like no it’s not always perfect like things will go wrong and like I’m still dealing with it I’m like testing I’m like doing allergy tests and we’ll all figure it out and I’ll share what I do but in the meantime to control it just know that like it’s okay it’s not you know it’s not your actual not always like your weight and that will help Weah neither of us really agree with like blueberries are gonna give you flat tummy like everyone’s different there’s no food that’s like specifically targeted just eat clean food combined I also find something that’s really helped for me is I was a huge snapper I used to snack all day long and I was never giving my body a break to break down the food and even if it was healthy so it doesn’t I would be like oh I’m eating I was a constantly filling my system world it’s like I didn’t allow it that space to digest which now i snack occasionally it like if i’m hungry but i eat a full meal when i sit down to eat a meal it’s like i will eat a substantial meal mm-hmm and I’m good for a good sometimes for hours and I’m fully digesting that food actually because I don’t need animal protein it doesn’t take me as long exactly exactly and like a little like peppermint tea in between something like that like a matcha something to like hold you over sometimes it’s just perfect yeah three meals so those are our tips I think I mean I hope this helps you and I think the another takeaway is just be gentle on yourself it goes all the way back to the basics of just eating clean Whole Foods and just you know know like easy like marketing shortcuts no not at all I think it’s you know when we were discussing this before ever like there isn’t like a list of foods I think it’s more about like mindset and the energy towards everything that you’re doing and really learning to understand your body and movement to like the series we just did right I think when you learn to really engage your core oh yeah people who I agree use your body and like activate those muscles right I’ve got a grommet this is a little bit out of order but I got it to add one more thing in because I also learned how good it is to just engage your core all day when you’re walking when you’re walking it gives you better posture helps you walk better in heels and it holds any little bloat you have in so it’s kind of good right it’s a win-win-win so I hope you guys like this video will pop up all of Melissa’s info and where can they find you Instagram you too you can find me on instagram at Melissa what health my website is Melissa what health and my youtube is I love my cat same with me right consistency and we’ll link them all below if you guys have any questions leave them below and please like comment subscribe and I will see you next time [Music]

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