Chinese Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry (keto, gluten free, sugar free)

Chinese Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry (keto, gluten free, sugar free)

Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com. On the menu today is a chinese beef and broccoli stir-fry which is keto
sugar-free and gluten-free. The macronutrient ratio for this recipe is
three point three to one with nine point three grams of total carbs two point
seven grams of dietary fiber and with six point six grams of net carbs. Before getting started i would like to mention that this stir-fry is based on an
authentic Chinese recipe but to make it Keto I had to change the order of when
and how each step was done in order to allow the mushrooms and other vegetables
to absorb and hold in the healthy fats we are stir frying with. If I were to do
this recipe in the traditional order it would make this a protein and carb heavy
recipe which does not work with our keto lifestyle. It’s really important that
before you start this recipe you prepare all your ingredients because all the
ingredients are added in a quick succession and you will not have time to
prep things before each step. On the stovetop I preheated the wok on medium
heat. If you do not have a wok use a deep sided skillet. When your wok is hot add
and melt the unsalted butter then immediately placed the thickly sliced
mushrooms into the wok spreading your mushrooms so there in a single layer.
This will ensure that they can fry evenly. When the bottom of the mushrooms
are golden brown flip each mushroom to the other side. Fry until the underside
is also done and then toss a couple times. Use a slotted spoon to scoop out
the mushrooms but allow for the butter to drip back into the pan as you scoop
and set the mushrooms aside. To the remaining butter in your wok immediately
add the broccoli florets the strips of red pepper and the water chestnut
medallions which you cut into thick sections. Add 1 tbsp of roasted sesame
seed oil and toss well to coat the vegetables. Sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon of
powdered ginger over the vegetables or if you prefer substitute the powder with
fresh ginger. At this point gently toss continuously
for about one or two minutes. You do not want to over fry the vegetables. The
broccoli should not be raw but must still be crisp and dark green. From the time I
added this batch of vegetables to my wok until I scooped everything out was about
five to six minutes not a very long time at all because you want the vegetables
to be al dente. Remove these vegetables with your slotted spoon and set aside on
the same plate as you put your mushrooms. Please notice that all or almost all of
the butter and oil mix has been absorbed by the vegetable. That’s a very good
thing. You need these fats absorbed by the food. That’s part of our keto meal.
After removing the vegetables increase the stovetop heat to medium-high and add
3 more tablespoons of roasted sesame seed oil. To the oil add the salt ginger
and cayenne pepper. Stir and cook for a few seconds to infuse the oil then lay
the cut meat flat side down in a single layer on the bottom and side of your wok.
I use the top sirloin roast in today’s recipe but you can also use ribeye steak
or roast both are great meat choices. Fry the meat for about three minutes. Move
the meat from side to side if you like but don’t flip yet. Distribute the grated
garlic on top of the meat. Sprinkle the tamari over the meat. At this point flip
the meat and arrange it so it is flat and in a single layer again. Fry this
side of the meat for a couple of minutes and then start tossing the meat in the
oil. This constant tossing will help the meat
absorb the maximum flavor and keep it from drying out on one side. When you’re
making this you’ll love the aroma in your kitchen. If you weren’t hungry
before you will be now. My meat took about 8 minutes to be done but this is
just a guideline because how long you need to fry will depend on how thick
your meat slices were when you began. After your meat is done reduce the heat
to low and add back the mushrooms and other vegetables. Toss continuously for
about one minute. Turn off your element and let everything
stand for about 30 seconds. Toss again and remove from the wok. To serve this
meal you can plate individually or put the entire content that the stir-fry
into a serving bowl as I did. The color and the aroma are both very appetizing
and make for a great presentation. Enjoy! Thank you for watching. See you next time.
if you have time please help us translate this recipe so that others who
do not speak English can also enjoy the benefits of this Keto beef and broccoli
stir-fry. I would greatly appreciate your help. The link for the printable recipe
and the link with instructions on how to translate the captions are in the
description below.

13 thoughts on “Chinese Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry (keto, gluten free, sugar free)”

  1. I think there's a slight discrepancy between the directions in the video and the written recipe.

    1. no reference when to add tamari to dish
    2. no reference when to add garlic

    Otherwise, I look forward to making this recipe. I've missed having chinese for dinner. Thank you for providing these recipes.

  2. I may make this tonight but with Braggs aminos instead of tamari; button mushrooms since that's what I have. I am excited to try it out. Thanks for the video!

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