Cheesy Bacon Slaw | Keto Recipes |  Headbanger’s Kitchen

Cheesy Bacon Slaw | Keto Recipes | Headbanger’s Kitchen

horns up and welcome to a brand new episode of head bangers kitchen today’s episode is completely spontaneous and unplanned because I opened up my fridge this morning and there was some bacon that needed to be used up there was some cabbage that needed to be used up and I was like I got this so today we’re making a delicious creamy cheesy bacon slaw using the cabbage of course and it’s gonna be delicious guys trust me and it’s so simple so easy you can whip it up in a flash anyway enough jibber-jabber let’s go and cook so we’re going to start by chopping up some rashes of bacon and I’m using streaky bacon you can use back bacon if you like but just remember back bacon has less fat so you may need some additional fat for this recipe then next I’m going to put my bacon in a cold frying pan and then turn on the heat and the idea is that I want to render out all that bacon fat so put it on a medium heat and just let that bacon cook now remember folks you got to be patient here because it’s going to take some time maybe five or ten minutes the bacon will heat up that fat will melt and render out and the bacon will start to get crispy now of course you can cook the bacon to your liking so if you prefer chewier bacon then cook it as long as required to be chewy otherwise let it crisp up completely now cooking bacon can be a dangerous task because have you heard of bacon burns sometimes the bacon just explodes in the frying pan and the oil hits you and you get burned so I have this wonderful tool called a splatter screen that I use from time to time so remember guys safety first if you have a splatter screen use it anyway my bacon is done cooking now and it’s done exactly how I want it not too crispy and not too chewy anyway to this I am going to add some chopped cabbage and then I’m going to season the cabbage with some salt some black pepper some garlic powder some paprika and some dried oregano and then ladies and gentlemen give it all a good mix now once again you can cook the cabbage to your liking if you like it to have some bite that don’t cook it too long if you prefer it slightly softer cook it for a longer duration anyway once your cabbage is kind of cooked I’m going to add in some cheese and I’m adding in some lovely strong cheddar you can use whatever cheese you like no problem I’m also going to pour in some heavy whipping cream and then of course give it all a good mix and you know this is kind of like a bacon cheese sauce almost but not quite anyway give that all a good mix I felt I wanted to add a little more cream so I did give it all a good mix and then well it was pretty much ready now I love the taste of fresh herbs in any dish so I added some fresh coriander to finish it with of course you can use parsley you can use chives it’s completely up to you I didn’t have any of those so well coriander it was or cilantro as you call it anyway our cheesy bacon cabbage slaw is ready and it’s time to taste alright guys so it’s time to taste the creamy cheesy bacony slaw that I made and yeah let me dig in this is hitting the spot and you know what I have to give full credit to my friend Anu Narayan whose house I first actually ate something like this ad when I was in the UK last month remember and she was using up some bacon she had and she did something similar and you know what this is the perfect ketose snack key to a side dish it could even be your keto meal because it’s got fat protein veggies everything you need anyway enough jibber-jabber I’m going to go and enjoy this and I will see you on the next episode Cheers and keep keto Oh keep cooking actually I keep getting confused between my sayings anyway see you later I kid you not guys this is delicious so now for 20 seconds you’re going to watch me eat or you could click and watch another headbangers kitchen video Cheers never thought I would like cabbage as a kid I never ate it accepted coleslaw

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