I want to share with you alright these are the guys we’re looking at today they have two slices of cheese and then a slice of heart salami in the center so it’s like a sandwich they’re kind of thick it’s pretty Hardy and so for the whole package you get 23 grams of fat you’re getting 14 grams of protein and it’s got one carb and one sugar which is is phenomenal and so sugar is converting to carbs like point-eight carbs so less than two carbs for this it’s actually pretty filling pretty tasty and so you got the pepper jack cheese and you also have the Colby jack they also have one that is a mild cheddar cheese as well but they didn’t have that at this location here and so I’m gonna go ahead and open this up and show you but it’s it’s pretty hearty so if you see here it’s bigger than my hand and I actually have pretty big hands and then when you bite into it it’s got a pretty thick piece of the hard salami pretty thick pieces of cheese it’s really really good definitely hits the spot when you’re hungry you need something that’s quite filling and it you can’t really find anything that has keto friendly out there in the world so hopefully this was helpful and the pepper jack has a little bit of a kick there to it you really don’t taste it when you bite it but as you chew it up it’s got a little bit of spices there in the back here throat so not bad at all if you like it smack that thumbs up and definitely check out some more keto videos we’re gonna be doing a big playlist of kyudo recipes keto videos and then we’re also going to be having a bunch of keto giveaways so like supplement and stuff like that a lot of keto products we’re gonna be giving away so make sure that you’re a subscriber hit that thumbs up and if you want to subscribe we do all sorts of videos we do healthy recipes keto diet we do make money save money green projects family fun or views all kinds of stuff so check us out thanks for watching you

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