Chaffles! Recipe Swap Collab with Kzoo Keto

hey guys hey welcome back to my channel today’s video is in collaboration with kzoo Kido I am so excited about this because I absolutely love Stacey and Greg they are also from Michigan if you didn’t know I’m from Michigan someday maybe we’ll meet and we’ll make epic meal preps why does he meal cups will make epic will play board games if you follow Kazuki know then you know that they’re super into board games and I would love to play a board game with them that’s what we would do screw the keto stuff we’re gonna play games anyways if you haven’t already checked them out please click right here go check them out they’ll also be linked below in the description box we’re doing a recipe swap so they’re gonna take one of my recipes and I’m gonna take one of their recipes so I’ve decided to do their chocolates because there’s totally known for chapel’s like they blew up overnight over chuckles they’ve come up with so many great combinations of things added in to make the best chapels so I’m going to make one of Greg’s chapels his little like omelet Chapel it’s got ham and it’s more eggy so ham and egg I’m gonna add in some garlic into mine I think um it’s gonna be pretty good so without further ado alright so I’m making Greg’s breakfast truffle now he put ham in his he said you could use sausage bacon whatever so I have 1/4 cup of ground drained sausage Greg uses 2 eggs in his so I’m gonna put 2 eggs don’t mind my dishwasher okay along with the eggs he also puts a little bit of heavy whipping cream I’m not gonna measure I’m just gonna because as he says this is going to be more like an omelet put about 1/4 cup of cheese which is about 1/4 cup and he put some salt and pepper let me get my salt and pepper I’m gonna be using my fresh Jack salt and pepper I do have a discount code for all organic spices which look a I’m almost out of these oh it’s such a sad day anyway is 15% off put a little bit pink Himalayan salt and a little shaken of that and then I’m just gonna toss this around I’m really excited about this with the sausage in it guys I’ve made so many chapels today because not only am i making this recipe collab with Kisuke dough i am also making my very own recipe for a chapel as well as a chocolate reweighed video so the one chapel is for the chocolate lab the open collab that will be on September 13th and then the three way chapels for my favourite chocolate recipes I just got all kinds of chocolate this looks like it’s about good this may make about free I don’t want to open I am gonna take my fork and kind of even out the sausage maybe even take some of the sausage and cheese out alright let’s go ahead and get this bad boy oh that looks delicious that looks good and some more huh again yeah this is probably gonna make about three or four alright guys so this is the final product and this is with sausage in it I am going to try it now this isn’t very good it’s very it is eggy and it is made sort of like like the little egg muffins this is really good very good definitely good good job Greg so this is what I try to there’s it made for one shin z11 little teeny tiny one one really big fat one a medium one and then this one and these turned out perfectly I love them again if you’ve not already subscribed to Kazuki doe please go down below click their link and go check them out let them know that in this scene sent you and if you’re new here from their channel hi welcome to my channel I’m the seen I have four beautiful kids Oh that’d be eight I have four beautiful kids a floopy flup you guys eat two kitty kitties and I’d love it if you give me a clicky clicky I’ll see you guys in the next one bye [Music]

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