Can You Chew Gum While Intermittent Fasting?

Can You Chew Gum While Intermittent Fasting?

In today’s show we are answering the
question can you chew gum while intermittent fasting I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m
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intermittent fasting alright so this is a great question and it’s a big one
because a lot of people love to chew gum throughout the day whether they’re
fasting or not so basically this is pretty short and sweet all
sugar containing gum should be avoided because sugar equals calories and
calories can produce an insulin response sugar can produce an insulin response
and that’s not what we want while we’re intermittent fasting or fasting in
general so you really want to avoid any gum that does have sugar in it however
much of the gum out there now is made with artificial sweeteners and is sugar
free so technically sugar-free gum can be a
perfectly fine option when you’re fasting if you find that it helps you go
longer between eating that’s perfectly fine it’s not
going to cause a problem however both the sweeteners and gum and the fact that
you’re chewing and salivating and all of those things it could actually make it
mentally more difficult for you during a fast so if that’s the case for you then
it’s best to avoid even sugar-free gum while you’re doing a fast I want to go on my little rant about gum gum is actually the second most
polluted thing in the world number one is cigarette butts and so the
problem with gum now compared to 30 years ago is gum now is actually made up
of a lot of plastic derivatives and so therefore when you
spit it out the window or spit it on the ground it actually never biodegrades. It
stays there pretty much forever because plastic just doesn’t break down. Think
about swallowing it. Don’t swallow it either. There is a fun company. They’re not
sponsors of this video or anything. We are just plugging them because it’s a cool
company. It is called Glee Gum It is okay. It is not the best gum in the
world but it works. The cinnamon gum is actually the most flavorful and it
contains no plastic. It is a plant-based gum. It biodegrades.
When you spit it out and if you litter your gum which you shouldn’t, it
will actually biodegrade eventually too If it ends up in the ocean it will
biodegrade in the ocean whereas other gum will not. There’s my little rant on gum They don’t use any artificial sweeteners.
They just use all natural products and plant based. It is a pretty neat company.
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  3. 👉👉 Once this video gets to 500 likes, we will ship you a case of your favorite gum to one lucky person who comments, so put your favorite gum in the comments and we may be shipping you a case of it!

  4. Idea for a video: environmental factors that can impact dry eye, ie around your home or apartment building.

  5. When do I take my vitamins? I fast 22:2 Sun-Thur. Fri and Sat 18:6, this works great for me! I eat at night, should I wait until then to take my vitamins? I normally take my vitamins first thing in the morning.

  6. I don't chew gum while fasting or at any time! Trying to cut back on processed sugar as a whole and think if I did chew gum–I may get those sugar cravings back that I'm trying to break.

  7. I used OMAD to lose 125 pounds and I never mess with gum but I think if it helps you its all good just stay away from sugar

  8. Mastic gum is the most natural gum I’ve chewed. It originates from ancient evergreen shrub resin that grow in only one island named Chios in Greece. Not only is it used for Turkish ice cream but is naturally sugar free. The taste is much like pine and has a variety of benefits for oral and digestive health.

  9. What about extra long lasting flavor peppermint gum the nutrition facts says it only has 2 carbs 0 sugar but the packaging does not say sugar free on the front…

  10. I would like to try a plant based gum like the Simply Gum (Natural Chewing Gum, Maple, Plant-Based + Aspartame-Free + non-GMO) or the Simply Gum Gum (Natural, Fennel Licorice) or any other gum that's plant based:)

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