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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] hi guys it’s me Ruth so I wanted to follow up with you about keeping Tito while you’re camping here’s some delicious snacks that you can bring with you that are keep first off I bring bad guacamole you can buy it pre-made at the store don’t try to bring your own I mean if you really really want to you can but then you’ve got to worry about keeping the avocados from getting bruised and smushed before you get there making sure you got a really sharp knife so you can cut it something that smashed it in and you know this just makes it ten times Z zero bring some bad guacamole and what do you eat it with not tortilla chips not if you’re keeping keto it with some pork grain makes it really yummy and these are great substitute for any kind of chips and then recently this is just the regular I got these I think it Aldi they’re delicious I like them I know some people only like certain brands but I really like these this kind of hot and spicy one and these the first I would I didn’t buy them like the first few times I’ve gone because they’ve got all other flavor they probably ate sugar over that but they don’t they have zero sugar and zero carbohydrates so gay thank you for not putting sugar in these guys um I love these because I like spicy food savory food maybe even more so now that I’m doing keto because I can’t do the sugar okay so here’s some other things to bring us snacks nuts nuts are really easy and convenient you can take them with you if you go hiking on a trail or whatever just don’t overdo them because they are pretty high in fat and calories but you know that they’re high in fat is good for the keto I like walnuts and I really like pecans also sometimes I’ll get macadamias but not too often so I like to prep and make sure that I bring as much stuff already done I don’t have to worry about it while I’m camping and have lots of healthy snacks hi guys it’s me I’m filming this in my backyard and I just have a few more tips for you for camping keto plan your activities don’t just sit around the campsite because when you go camping and you don’t have some activities plan you’ll want to sit around the campsite meet you what can I make what can I eat don’t make that your whole trip because you’ll get preoccupied with what you can’t have as opposed to what you can have which is a beautiful walk through the woods or go swimming in a lake or pet the dogs that come by your campsite whatever enjoy your now the things that you can have so another snack I really love when I’m at home or camping or anywhere these little grape tomatoes oh my gosh that are so good I’ll have some of these and maybe a string cheese and it’s almost like with like a little anecdote it’s so good of course you can’t have you know bread with it but they’re delicious snacks very healthy okay some other things that I like to eat when I’m at home snacking so I also bring when I’m camping for keto I love pickles pickles are so delicious and you know they don’t have anything really bad I don’t they’re not as long as you don’t get the ones that have sugar you look at the labels because there are some sweet pickles and you don’t want those get as close to just you know regular natural pickles as you can look at the ingredients pickles are really yummy the other thing I’d like to do is I like to sneak on grape tomatoes grape tomatoes are delicious and they’re really in season right now so I like to get whatever is in season because then it’s the best it’s ever gonna be if you buy out of season you know it’ll be okay but it’s not gonna be as good as when it’s in season um celery sticks celery sticks are great you could use these to dip your guacamole if you make your own dip you know just a really good recipes for like a cream cheese dip and you know if you have those skills to do it do it and it’s really not that hard so if you don’t have a recipe go google it right now cream cheese dip don’t feel like we don’t have options being on keto you definitely have options and I’m telling you when I brought different stuff I really didn’t miss the marshmallows you know I was really worried about them like buco can’t be I’m not gonna be able to roast marshmallows I’m not gonna be able bake apples what the hell what the hell I’m gonna eat right well I brought my own food about healthy food easy to eat food easy to cook and prepare food and I did find and I’m telling you I really did mr. marshmallows so don’t give up bring your snacks bring what you need and have a great time if you do find yourself missing marshmallows or chocolate s’mores or whatever it is that you normally have when you’re camping go for a walk I mean you’re camping so you want to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature you want to see the woods and you know beautiful lake views and sunsets and really enjoy that I’ll tell you every time I go camping I bring less and less stuff and it’s like I bring less of my everyday life with me and I’m able to relax more and really immerse myself in the camping experience so don’t let Quito keep you from being able to do that it’s very stress relieving to go camping and be away from all the daily daily day-to-day things that you have to take care of and do so I hope you go out and hope you enjoy yourself don’t forget to Like and subscribe and hit the bell so you can get notifications thank you okay so um some other really good snacks that you can bring is just cheese and a sharp knife to slice it with and just have a few cheese slices so I like pepper jack and Colby those are two of my favorites and that knife I got at the Dollar Tree but it’s a really good sharp knife and it comes with that little cover so that when you travel with it you’re not slicing up everything that it’s traveling with so yeah try it okay so here’s a few other things I bring salsa and a lot of times I bring that to cook my eggs with in the morning but I’ll also bring it so that other people if they will just want some chips and salsa they can have it and olives are really keto friendly snack I like to have a little you know just a few olives every now and then I’m kind of a big sneaker I’ll snack on a little bit of this and a little bit of that so it’s really important for me to have keto friendly snacks okay another good snack keto snack that you can bring camping with you that’s you know really easy are these snack sticks they’re you know like little jerk pieces but less than one gram of sugar and less than one gram of carbs let me see if I can zoom in so you can see it okay think you can see it to be honest these were not my favorite but my husband and my son oh my gosh they love these so you know I don’t know they’re not really doing keto but I buy them because they really like them so maybe you will like them that’s something you might want to try okay here are some drink suggestions for you if you are on keto you obviously don’t want to be drinking high sugar sodas and most you are probably flavored Seltzer’s passion fruit this one’s mango goes very good also Kroger has a generic and this is really good too and I’d say it’s probably a third less at least then Kroger then uh Lacroix and it’s it’s really good so I would recommend that this is Sevilla it’s a soda that’s sweetened with stevia it’s not cheap it costs you know at least probably twice as much as you know Coca Cola or Pepsi but it’s pretty good if you have a craving for soda that you just you know oh you wish you had a soda I’ll have one of these I don’t really crave sodas a lot there’s only certain foods that I have to have a soda with but when they do have a soda they try to make it you know one of these because I don’t like artificial sweeteners and stevia is a natural sweetener so anyway those are some things you can put in your cooler if you get tired of drinking just plain water okay so if you are bringing a cooler then you can bring these items this is a treat that I have often late at night when I do have a sweet tooth that kicks in I’ll make a Kido cocoa and I just use regular baking cocoa and I’ll either use unsweetened almond milk or unsweetened almond and coconut milk it’s only five calories more and I like the taste of both of them they’re zero sugar let’s see on that one let’s see if this one is it should be this one has less than one gram of total sugar so either one is a good option I’ll take some of that probably about a heaping tablespoon of baking cocoa and a good-sized mug and I’ll add some stevia or maybe a little monkford hi everybody so that’s a lot of my tips for what kind of foods that I bring when I’m camping keto there are a few things I left out berries berries are really great blueberries strawberries raspberries I love them I just didn’t have any in the house right now because we ate them all but they’re really good and if you get a plastic container something hard sided so they don’t get all bruised up on the way there that’s the way to go the other things would be the meats so you know me is a keto friendly option if you’re gonna bring steaks or pork chops or you know some people are just like – and hotdogs that’s fine whatever it is that you want to bring hamburgers I think we brought steaks and pork chops that’s an easy thing but I think next time I might bring some salmon and then I brought vegetables frozen vegetables and I I had an electric skillet so I sauteed them with some butter and some seasonings and it was delicious so I hope you guys enjoyed our tips please like and subscribe and hit the bell so you’ll get notifications

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