Bulk or Cut First? Getting Ripped Makes You Look BIGGER!

hey there my name is Anthony Romano and I’m gonna tell you in this video about how to assess if you should bulk or cut the whole gist of this video is because when you get lean you’re gonna look bigger than when you’re skinny fat okay when you are at that point of body fat percentage where you simply aren’t massive and bulky but you’re also not ripped you’re kind of at this no-man’s land where you’re not gonna look impressive either way and if you’re at a point where you’re maybe ten pounds away from giving that true ripped miss to your physique sometimes it’s probably worth you making the cut first before you start to add lean muscle and sometimes if you’re too far gone and you’re past that point of no return you should just keep bulking because it’s not gonna be worth you cutting you’re simply just gonna look smaller and not actually have the benefits of looking lean [Music] so why why do you look bigger when you’re more cut why do you look bigger when you’re more ripped there’s a couple reasons some of them are already readily apparent from looking but I’ll even throw a picture of myself when I wasn’t completely done my cut this year but then I have one where I’m towards the the point where I’m just pushing for extra richness okay so basically for all conversations sake done and not done is gonna be shown in this picture and you can see that even though it’s a subtle difference I do look physically bigger in the picture where I’m leaner why is that well of course the primary thing is your waist to shoulder ratio this is important a lot of body blows talk about this I’ve talked about in other videos waist to shoulder ratio is the biggest key in what actually triggers in people’s minds the effect of somebody looking big okay a man okay same with women but it’s a little bit different so your waist to shoulder ratio is more optimized when you are leaner your shoulders look bigger because in comparison to your waist you are carrying less fat around your lower midsection which gives the illusion that you’re a bigger person okay that’s the first thing besides the added benefit that less fat around your shoulders gives them more of a rounded look and there also may be more striations you have you know on the shoulder type thing depending on the angle right so essentially depending on the lighting you could have more lines on your upper chest shoulder area of course the angles are relatively similar in this picture I also was fasted completely for two days maybe in the smaller picture of this mask for two days was pertaining a lot less water so I had gone basically very similar fasting protocol maybe one day fast at the time on the leaner picture and basically even if you’re at a lower point of water retention it’s going to look better and any water retention is going to look better when you’re leaner because since your muscle bellies are so are popping so much more you don’t necessarily need as much water potential to fill up but what do you do get it you’re gonna look gnarly and when it’s that’s compared to the skinny fat area or the part where you’re you know maybe not even as lean as I was in the pre finished picture right maybe if you’re not even as lean as I was at that point maybe around 11% body fat you’re not gonna fill out as much because the water you’re retaining isn’t able to show off any of your cuts okay it’s not able to show off any of your muscle separation so basically the layer of fat you have over top is kind of blocking any muscle popping effect you could get from being in the shape you’re in you’d have to cut down and lose that layer of fat in order to reveal it and give off that effect there’s also the shrink-wrap effect okay there’s something couple people talk about on YouTube but basically once you get leaner and you get to a point where you’ve held a sub ten percent body fat percentage for longer than maybe a month or a couple weeks your skin will almost adapt a little bit and as long as you’re not jacking up the water retention which would be through mainly carbohydrates and sodium electrolytes but you’re gonna need one or the other as long as you’re not jacking it up to the roof and bloating yourself every day which would be very hard to do your skin should tighten up and that’s good your body will adapt to this which will come out as essentially you have more of a tight look to your skin and your midsection your upper body as well so there’s a shrink wrap effect of course you can amplify it once your skin is tighter as well adding in water retention to carbohydrates or electrolytes sodium potassium are going to make you fill out more and of course you can get a nice pump in the gym but overall rip guys look bigger than perhaps guys who are bigger than them but just aren’t as lean right so it’s about the illusion of course if you watch any other classic bodybuilder like Frank Zane for example stresses the importance of the illusion it’s the proportions between your shoulders your waist your legs your arms and a little tangent here Steve Reeves the classic bodybuilder is used as a reference point for how big your arm should be in proportion to your calves and your neck they should all be the same and then your thighs should be a certain percentage bigger than your waist in order to give more of that look of how angular and how proportional your body looks and the leaner you get is the simple answer to say that’s one way to optimize the proportions between your body parts beyond that there of course some tips you can use to lose more fat you can watch my other videos on this you could watch my videos on bulking up leaning down anything you like leave me comments but beyond that this is just my personal experience with how much bigger you look when you’re cut compared to when you’re kind of cut when you’re skinny fat right when you think you can see the muscle bellies showing a bit you can see the separation but you’re not quite there because a lot of times people get to a point when they’re cutting where they get to the level that I’m in in this picture they get to the level that’s like close to 10 percent body fat and they’re like okay cool I can see my abs a bit now good to stop but you don’t quite know how much better you can look if you just push that last 10 pounds there’s basically a 10 pound difference almost between these two pictures basically 175 versus 185 or somewhere around there that range and that’s essentially of course you have water weight as well and both of these were kind of fastest except one the smaller one has an extra day of fasting in there but at the same time the takeaway is you could be at that point where you’re either too far gone and you should just go back to bulking or perhaps you should push it and really lose those last 10 pounds hopefully this gave you some insight on whether you should bulk or cut depending on how realistic it is for you to pull off that muscle popping effect from the last 10 pounds once again Anthony Romano peace [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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