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hi everyone Kevin McNamara here with another video for you on health the ketogenic diet wow isn’t that wildly popular at the moment in the world of fitness and weight loss lots of big-name celebrities have attributed their drastic weight loss transformation to adhering to such a diet who are some of these celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow Haley berry the Kardashians Kim Gordon Heat LeBron James to name just a few but it’s really important to understand what ketosis is and the benefits it can provide before deciding to purchase and use any ketosis supporting health supplement so your diet has a fundamental influence on your weight and weight management in general ketosis is a metabolic state where your body burns fat for its energy instead of carbohydrates when in the metabolic state of ketosis your liver will convert body fat into ketones which then provide energy to fuel your body while the macronutrients required to induce this metabolic state usually consist of high fat and adequate protein diets there are several superfood ingredients such as the ones found in the keto diet formula that further help to support ketosis some of the ingredients in the keto diet formula such as caffeine apple cider vinegar and green tea extract helps stimulate energy levels and give you the boost you need to achieve your exercise goals the Raspberry Ketones an African Mango found in the keto diet formula present metabolism supporting effects helping you to further support your metabolic state of ketosis and natural weight loss Raspberry Ketones help provide support for a healthy metabolism and may also assist fat cells in the body in the release of the hormone adiponectin which plays an important role in helping regulate lipid and carbohydrate metabolism studies also show it provides a natural support for weight loss apple cider vinegar ACV is a vital ingredient and help them promote natural weight loss not only does apple cider vinegar helps support a healthy metabolism but it also may help support a healthy heart rate with sugars and fats are stored as fat cells within the body African Mango African Mango is fantastic it supports a healthy metabolism also works by helping support natural adiponectin levels as well as supporting healthy levels of leptin a hormone that helps regulate the energy balance in your body so it’s great for absorbing fats and sugars green tea the green tea extract tannin ketone diet is essential to the formula by helping provide healthy levels of energy for when you are in a state of ketosis not only is the green tea beneficial for promoting healthy energy levels it’s hugely rich in antioxidants helping combat free radicals and oxidation it contains naturally occurring caffeine which provides natural support for weight loss if you like many millions of people who have difficulty finding a balanced level of energy throughout the day and the keto diet formula is the perfect formula for you and right now you can get free bottles of the keto diet formula you buy three you get two for free let’s look at some of the media around this health line the ketogenic diet can help you lose much more weight than the low fat diet it’s often happens without hunger the Mayo Clinic says like our diets especially very low carb diets may lead to greater short-term weight loss than do low fat diets and from WebMD a ketogenic diet may help you lose more weight in the first three to six months than some other diets this may be because it takes more calories to change fat into energy than it does to change carbs into energy I can’t recommend the keto diet formula supplement highly enough and with celebrities endorsing it that makes my job so much easier if you’re on a keto diet you need some energy keto diet formula is the formula for you just click on the link below in the description for your keto diet formula and also at the moment there was a special 5% off so go to the description click on the link and get your 5% discount on the amazing keto diet formula supplement don’t check it out now thanks for watching please subscribe to our Channel any questions please leave a comment below in the comment section on this video and really appreciate your watching the keto diet formula is one I can’t recommend highly enough I’ll see you on the next video don’t forget go and click on the link now to get your keto diet formula

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