Best Puppy Food For A Samoyed

Best Puppy Food For A Samoyed

Welcome to Yeti’s Place. This is Yeti the Samoyed and I’m Yeti’s Mom and on today’s episode, we are going to talk about the best puppy food for your Samoyed. The best puppy food for your puppy. Up next, on Yeti’s Place. To find the best tips and tricks for owning a Samoyed, continue watching. Be sure to subscribe. Click that bell notification to become a Yetable and check out our links down below. Puppies grow so quickly during their first six months to two years, depending on their size. So great nutrition is key. If you have a small dog, the small dog normally takes about 6 months to reach their full size. Big dogs, like Yeti, takes two years. ‘Cuz even though they might get to the height that they’re supposed to get, they still need bone development and they’re still growing. So you’ll want to have them on the correct nutrition. Puppies have so much energy. They need nutritionally dense food. Feed your puppy kibble. Due to the fat content in the kibble, it’s nutritionally dense and it won’t spoil. That’s what’s best recommended by many vets as well as top breeders. Dry kibble, also helps control their tartar in their teeth. Because doggies get tartar, just like people do in their teeth. So you want to try to keep that under control, considering that dogs, don’t brush their teeth too frequently. You don’t want to feed your dog just any dry kibble. You want to be sure to read the ingredients list, to make sure that, that dry kibble is going to be a good nutritional fit for your puppy. There are many, many foods out there from the cheap foods, up to the expensive food. It’s important to flip over the label, to see what’s listed on the back side, in the ingredients. Be sure to look for real meat, as the first ingredient for your puppy. The dog food should contain animal protein, so their muscles grow and develop properly for proper tissue development. The puppy food should also contain prebiotics, DHA, calcium and iron. They are all very important to helping your dog grow big and strong. Human food, is not proper nutrition for your dog. So do not give your puppy table scraps. I know it’s tempting, but don’t do it. When we’re eating popcorn, sometimes you spill popcorn on the floor. Well, Yeti’s right there, like a vacuum cleaner. That is the only food that he gets. He does not get any handouts from his Dad and I, because we know that Yeti is a strong, powerful dog and it’s important that he gets his proper nutrition from his dog food and he gets plenty of dog food. Avoid animal by-products in the food. Avoid those fillers and chemical names. If you have no idea what is listed on the label, chances are really good, that it is not a vitamin, that it is not nutritionally dense for your dog and then it should not belong in your dog’s food. Many of the cheap foods, would have that listed in it. To tell your puppy is thriving on the best food for them, their coat is normally brilliantly shiny. Their eyes should be sparkly, like Yeti’s. They should have plenty of energy which Yeti does, because Yeti is able to walk five miles with his Dad and he still asks for more. He is a strong, powerful dog. If they’re being fed the proper ingredients, the dog poop would be firm, well-formed and they should have a healthy weight. Now, for the time frame that your puppy should be fed that puppy food, keep them on that puppy food until they reach 80% of their ideal weight, which for a big dog like Yeti, might take a little while longer than a tiny dog. For a small dog, that is one year and then for a large dog, like Yeti, it’d be a bit longer. If you want more great ideas, tips and tricks for dog ownership, in particular, Samoyeds, be sure to check out these videos. If you’re new to this channel, please be sure to subscribe, because when you do, you help me feed Yeti more treats. Yeah! We’ll see you next time. Bye.

11 thoughts on “Best Puppy Food For A Samoyed”

  1. Feeding a puppy the right puppy food is important for their growth. Look for puppy foods dense in nutrition, so they grow up to be strong, healthy dogs. Read labels to find out what's in their food. The best puppy foods, should list meat, chicken, beef, liver, as the first ingredients. Your puppy will grow fast, so it's important to give them the best food,.

  2. I think the issue is not just dog food but all pet foods. Even small animal foods are usually complete rubbish which is not suitable. There are only 2 or 3 brands that are any good and out of that, you even have to narrow down in the product range to find good food rather than fillers.

  3. So first can I say I love your shirt. This was so informative. It is so hard to find the right food. I totally agree read the labels. You would be so surprise in what is in dog food. Thank you for sharing.

  4. My local samoyed is so choosy in foods he eat.. sometimes he smells it first after 15 mins he spoiled…love ya yeti😘😍😍

  5. I have a samoyed and he is picky eater..our biggest mistake was that we gave him what was left from our lunch, now he doesn't want to eat kibbles anymore, or cane dog food, or even our lunch at some days…I feed him with a spoon, that is the only way he would you have any suggestions? Someone told me that I need to leave him with no food for 5days max and then he will start eat kibbles but I feel sorry for him..he has 15 months..

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