Benefits of Olive Oil for Keto

– People forget about
the power of olive oil, whether you’re keto or not. But if you’re on a ketogenic diet, turns out that olive oil might just be one of the most powerful
ways to mobilize fats from your storage form
into the bloodstream, so they can ultimately be burned for fuel and turned into ketones, which
are going to boost your brain and have a bunch of other
restorative affects on your body. So we’re going to dive into
how this process works, with something known as oleic acid, which is the amazing
fat that’s in olive oil and a little bit in avocados as well. I’m Thomas DeLauer with Keto-Mojo and let’s go a little bit
Mediterranean for a minutes. Okay, so here’s the thing. Olive oil, somewhere along the lines, got a little bit of a bad wrap. And I think it’s simply because olive oil is a very fragile oil and
people were talking about how cooking with olive oil could be bad. Cooking with olive oil is bad
because olive oil is fragile and it shouldn’t be brought
to a high temperature. So you should not cook with olive oil. So that part’s correct,
but that does not mean (chuckles) that olive oil’s bad. Heck, I am probably
going to go out and argue that olive oil might be one
of the best ketogenic fats that you can possibly have. This is all based on
relatively new research that I’ve been seeing, okay? So here’s what happens. There is something in olive
oil known as oleic acid. Oleic acid turns into
something known as OEA, oleoylethanolamide. That’s a complicated word, so we’re just going to call it OEA, okay? OEA has been shown to have
extremely powerful properties, when it comes down to
affecting gene expression. What that means is it
activates different pathways in the body that allow
us to burn more fat. So let me make this really simple. You drizzle a little bit
of olive oil on your salad, you enjoy the taste, you think it’s great. But what’s happening in your body is really what’s cool, okay? So that olive oil goes
into its digestive mode. It goes to the liver processing, it goes to the small intestine. And then it even goes out
to the peripheral tissues. And in those peripheral tissues, it gets converted into
this OEA form, okay? The oleic acid from the olive
oil gets turned into this OEA. This OEA then spills over,
into the bloodstream. And when it spills over,
into the bloodstream, it circulates and activates what are called
transcription factors, okay? Specific transcription
factor, in this case, is known as PPAR alpha,
not really that important. Basically, what it does,
is it turns on the genes that allow fat to get mobilized. So it’s kind of, at a genetic level, turning on fatty acid mobilization. So studies have found that
when oleic acid is present and ultimately OEA, there
is a massive mobilization of glycerol and free fatty acids, indicating that triglycerides
have been mobilized from the fatty tissues into the blood. And a subsequent increase in ketones, yep. Because consuming olive oil
increases those levels of OEA, which mobilize the fats,
which therefore send the fats to the liver to get
packaged up into ketones, which therefore register
on Keto-Mojo meter, make you feel good and also
help your cognitive function. So OEA, in essence, could be something that doesn’t just help you burn fat, but also helps elevate your ketone levels, so you get the best of both worlds, a fat burning body and the
mental boost that you need, plus the plethora of other benefits that come from the ketogenetic diet and ketones in the first place. Now, avocados have a lot of this powerful oleic acid as well, so don’t totally discount them. What I would recommend
doing is not cooking with the olive oil and
not even really cooking with the avocado oil, just
getting it in its raw form. So using some good, fresh, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil and
drizzle it on your salad. Have a little bit of it
because it’s going to activate the uncoupling proteins
that are going to get your core body temperature up. The long story short is it’s activating fat burning pathways and it’s
been proven with science. The avocados, I recommend
just adding a little bit to your eggs, adding a
little bit here and there, just so that you’re getting that extra OEA throughout the course of the day. And one last cool fact
that you need to know. The more OEA from olive oil or avocados that’s floating through your body, them more oxytocin affect. I want you to do a little
experiment with yourself. Next time you consume some olive oil, keep close track of how
hungry you feel afterwards. There’s a good chance
you’re totally satiated and that’s because of
the effect that it has on the vagus nerve traveling
up to the hypothalamus and ultimately secreting oxytocin, which is the cuddle hormone,
but it’s also a hormone that helps you feel a
lot better and satiated. All kinds of fun stuff coming
about the Mediterranean superstar of olive oil. So keep it locked in here, with Keto-Mojo, leave the guess work out of the equation and leave the measuring to the meter. I will see you in the next video.

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