Are You on the Keto-ish Diet?

so are you on the keto ish diet now I know this might be shocking but someone actually put a comment calling me the keto police can you believe that well I just wanna let you know that’s the last half that I want to wear I am NOT the keto police I want to be the keto teacher to show you how to do keto correctly but you have people that are perfect with keto very consistent to doing a combination of high-quality and nutrient-dense foods low carb they’re doing in a minute fasting correctly and then over here you have people that are do keto on the weekends and they pretty much eat whatever they want during the weekdays that’s called the five and two and you got other people doing dirty keto which basically is low quality foods but they’re generally keeping the same format low carb moderate protein high fat so you might see them at 7-eleven they’re eating whatever foods but within the framework of keto and then you got the people doing lazy keto which they’re not really looking at quantities of calories they’re pretty much just eating when they’re hungry and then they just eat as much as they want but they are keeping the carbs low which is good okay and you have people that are eating correctly but they have that cheat day in there or maybe a cheat meal and then you got people that are eating correctly for the most part but they allow some bad stuff occasionally so I have a question for you where would you fit yourself on the scale 1 to 10 okay so go ahead and comment below and just to see where the numbers fall but I like to look at healthy keto and I F as tools to change your body okay so you just have the quality of food grass-fed things like that pasture-raised eggs the nutrients and then you have lowering of the carb lowering of the insulin which creates all sorts of benefits internment fasting can really dramatically increase your ketones and create amazing health benefits so it really depends on what kind of health situation you want to change how much weight do you want to lose and how fast you want to get there I think most people can do in a minute fasting most people can do fairly low carb and keep the fat high in the moderate protein but there is a weakness with certain carbs and also wine and things like that that people tend to really enjoy they want to do that and I also think that for the most part people can do quality foods but maybe not enough vegetables so I really think there’s three goals in mind when you’re doing this ok number one do you have a present time body problem do you need to get your body out of trouble ok do you have an inflammatory condition do you have a lot of weight to lose okay if you do then you should probably do it pretty strict ok ok number two the goal should also be to create new habits to do it to the point where it’s not hard you groove it in it becomes second nature you know exactly what to eat you don’t have to count anything because it’s become a habit ok a lot of people have a habit of snacking at night for example or eating the wrong food or they get into this social situation where the habits kind of shift okay well if you have a new habit then you won’t have to do that and the third thing and I think this is very very important and vital building a health reserve so what does this mean it means you’re creating so much health you have such an abundance of health you don’t have to be perfect all the time you can go off the program when you want to you get right back on because you’re thinking of it like a tool it’s not something that if you go off you have to feel guilty about you know you created enough health reserve that you can go off when you want to but you understand the effects and you’re willing to experience some of those and this is probably the most important thing to build up this health reserve so you’re bulletproof down the road and you have the flexibility not to be always perfect alright see you next video so if you want to get notified with all my content click the notification bell next to subscribed

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