I really don’t know how much battery power actually have left and let’s just say your girl ain’t looking too cute so hey guys welcome back to my channel it has been a while yeah so I wanted to do a sit down video with you guys but you need to my channel if you’re new here I just want to let you guys know to hit that subscribe button if you love what you see hit the thumbs up if you enjoy this video if you learned anything if if you like the content that I’m making just support a sista so I create videos currently about my ketogenic Oh mad lifestyle and that includes sit-down videos giving you some knowledge some tips some cooking videos grocery hauls so you know what to pick up in a grocery store checking out you know trying different recipes easy peasy like my kid says showing you how I’m able to succeed in my weight-loss journey on that lifestyle clues so I just wanted to come on here and really sit down and just kind of give you guys a little bit of a sit down video on where I’m going with the channel what I’m doing currently in my current lifestyle how I’m adjusting it with the recent weight loss of 23 pounds yes guys 23 pounds I think in a total that I lost from from 167 to 145 pounds in the last in the last one month and a half if you haven’t seen that video please go ahead and check it out it literally shows you everything that I did I walk you through the daily updates in my weight loss so that way it helps you motivate you for your own journey one of the things that I’ve been able to really utilize that I want to touch on in this video is utilizing the fasting you know intermittent fasting ultimate day fasting and you know dry fasting and web fasting to help achieve my weight-loss goals along with living the ketogenic lifestyle now ii wanna pretend like i have the most clean and most pristine ketogenic lifestyle i don’t there are days when i do cheat because there is a big family event and i want to enjoy you know the roti and the freshly baked bread and the baits and the dumpling i do give in to all of those things but i’m still able to achieve my goals by keeping by getting back on track and staying the course and don’t not letting that shape me so i really want to show you guys how you can do that and walk you through how I do it in my own life so it can help you in your own life now please feel free at any point so go down to the comment section below and leave any questions that you may have that I can answer in upcoming videos moving forward because I want you guys to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself in your weight loss journey utilizing this type of lifestyle now if you’re also new here and you are located in Ontario if you’re gay I just want to take this time to let you guys know that I’m also a mortgage agent yes that is my main hustle so YouTube is completely loved it’s just a beautiful hobby that I fell in love with and I really want to help you guys on here by the same time in my own personal life I also help other people that on their own journey of owning their own home or they may be currently have their own home and they’re looking to do different things well we’re growing their real estate wealth with maintaining their real estate wealth so if you have any questions about home ownership if you have any questions pertaining to me to start in the process of building your own real estate wealth please feel free to reach out to me I’ll leave my information down below you can message me via DM & Instagram or you can text me or call me yes I do leave my contact details okay it’s a little bit crazy but I’m taking the chance because you know what the end of the day went out and winning I want everybody else around me to win getting back on track with my ketogenic lifestyle and the omec lifestyle one of the things that I’ve been able to achieve over the last four to five years on this journey is really learning a lot about myself and about my body things that I learned is when it comes to carbs carbs is literally the thing that carbs and overeating are the two things that really contribute to my weight loss in addition to not me obviously not living an active lifestyle now your active lifestyle to me really contributes to about 20% of you know weight loss but the other 80% I see in myself is the whole you know what I put in my body what I’m eating so if I’m eating ketogenic Lee and I’m eating you know within my calorie intake I am losing I will lose just like that just waking up doing what I do my you know going to you know doing my career raising a family I will literally lose I will lose weight but if I’m living that same lifestyle in terms of the things that I do on a daily basis but I’m eating a lot of carbs or I’m eating you know the regular amount of carbs that a normal person would eat you know you wake up in the morning have a bagel you have pancakes or waffles and then you know you have rice and pasta for you know either lunch or dinner if I’m eating those things I do gain so I have really learned that about my body even trying different types of lifestyle so you try those other things to see okay maybe if I went a little bit deeper with my healthy lifestyle let me see let me see what my body you know if this is also good for my body if these options are good for my body and because I had to reintroduce carbs in my life living those type of lifestyles I actually gained on that so that really thought me a lot about me and my body and a healthy lifestyle for myself that my body if I want to be a certain weight if I want to live a certain lifestyle I need to be on a certain dietary lifestyle as well because of that because of the experience that I had and the lessons that I learned through those different dietary experiences so with that being said that’s why I live the ketogenic lifestyle I do lazy keto I am not perfect I’m not gonna pretend to be there are days when I will cheat and I would have you know the rules here the whatever or you know the Friday nights when it’s like there’s nothing left in the house to eat or you’re too lazy to make something to eat and so you give into the box of these so that shows up at the house for the kids it happens I am NOT I’m not gonna pretend just the other weekend we had a going-away party for my sister and that was broke teeny and their work that was cake and I gave in I gave in to the roti yes I sure as hell did and I have no regrets because I knew that the next day it’s on me to now get back on track so what I didn’t do so even though there was a lot of food left in my parents house and I could have taken food home I chose not to because I wanted to get back on track the next day so I chose not to take any food take a takeaway Bowl you know with us when we’re leaving and I didn’t I did not give in and take any food home nor did my husband we came home empty-handed and and then I got back on track the next day and those and that happens sometimes day of the week there was always gonna be maybe a day or maybe even two where I get into you know something that is not part of the ketogenic lifestyle and it does get you out of and so you’re not earning as much as you would or burning at all so when you step on the scale the next day you’re the same weight where you’ve gone up you know and that’s part of the whole journey you’re going to fluctuate in your ways but the main thing is is that if you really want to lose you know how to stay consistent for a certain amount of time to get the results that you want to get and you continue with that over and over but I wanted to talk about what I’m currently doing in my life so I am vlogging right now I’m showing you guys I want to show you guys live what I do on a daily basis throughout the week in terms of what I’m eating what you know how I’m feeling if I gave into my guilty pleasures if I stayed the course how I get back on track and all of that I want to show you guys how I do it because I think that really will give you guys a motivation to also help you with your old journey I lost the 20 22 pounds 23 pounds around the I think it was the end of July the goal was to lose that amount of weight by almost a second and I was able to achieve that and since that I’ve been able to actually maintain my weight loss I do fluctuate between 145 a 148 that seems to be my fluctuating status and that tends to happen when obviously I cheat um maybe at some point throughout the week because today’s date is September 6 so this is now a month updates from the weight loss I’m still I’m still able to maintain the weight loss that I recently achieved and in the last I’ll show you guys a clip here which i think is from the last vlog if the vlog comes out first or after you’ll see that clip where I step on a scale and I was 147 point something so I’m always in between that 145 and 148 mark so if I’m really disciplined throughout the week I’m able to maintain and be out 145 if I’m not disciplined and you know I’m maybe had more than I should have then I go up a little bit around 148 so with that being said I am able I’ve been able to maintain that weight while eating you know alternate alternate day fasting so which is funny that I’m actually doing that in my life so I actually started it the last I would say I’ve been doing this now for about two weeks the alternate day fasting and it’s really been able to allow me to stay on course and maintain the current weight loss that has been able to achieve now I’m I’m pretty sure I would still be able to still maintain the weight loss that I’ve been able to achieve in the last few weeks by doing ohm at one meal a day and I feel like oh madam alternate day fasting can be seen the same in some ways that that’s dependent on the intake meaning what you’re eating your calorie intake how active you are and all of that it can work out to be almost equal in to some degree now and I say that because if you eat on the Monday for example and you eat say about 1,600 1,600 worth of calories right on and you do the ketogenic lifestyle and you don’t eat the next day right and you don’t eat the next day which is a Tuesday and then you eat on the Wednesday and you’re doing the alternate day fasting on the ketogenic diet with a higher calorie intake it also works out similar to that of you doing Oh mad and with oh man you’re doing your your intake each day approximately is between say 6 to 700 calories per day it almost works out to be the same so I really think independence it depends on your calorie your calorie intake when you’re doing either one of those lifestyle so I’m able to do the alternate day fasting because I’ve worked my way up to that point I think it would be very difficult for a person to just do it Cole Turkey so that’s why even when I was due when I recommended or I talk about the Oh mad lifestyle I always tell people start with intermittent fasting start with you know the sixteen 16-hour day fast and then work your way up to eighteen hours and work your way up and up and up to the point where you can fast for 24 hours and then have one meal so that’s the same thing I would recommend with alternate day fasting work your way up to the o mat lifestyle so extend your fast to two days and extend it to three days then extend it so the more you’re able to extend it the more your body is able to adjust to the different types of lifestyle that is now available to you to help to contribute to faster weight loss and to living you know that type of lifestyle what and now why do I love this fasting lifestyle whether it be intermittent fasting whether it be Oh mat or ultimate day fasting I and I like it because it really gives me more than weight loss it gives me the weight loss which is obviously a bonus because we all love to look good we all love to feel good but it gives me that focus that clarity mentally and emotionally and that emotional balance that I need for myself I realized that it somehow balances me off I think it’s my hormones and all of that and the stress of being an entrepreneur being a mom and you know going through the ups and downs of all of those journeys it really helps me so that’s why I live that type of lifestyle that’s why I speak about it that’s why I talked to others about it and I promote it if people are interested I don’t force it on anybody so obviously if you’re watching this you have an interest in it so that’s where things are at right now so currently I’m now adjusting my lifestyle to living an alternate day fasting lifestyle it’s funny that I’ve been now doing that for the last two weeks and one of the people that I follow that I’ve learned a lot from and I don’t know if I’ve ever spoken about this other youtuber but he just spills all types of knowledge about fasting about a lot of knowledge of a fasting about the ketogenic lifestyle about Oh mad because he also lives in himself and if you don’t know them if you don’t know this person I don’t know where you’ve been all of fledge fitness and I’m gonna put the link down below and he actually just did a video I think yesterday or day before yesterday about alternate day fasting and I was like yes yes you know thank you so much for doing this because it’s something I wanted to also introduce in my channel and he and he did actually a response to the CBC News CBS sorry the CBS News where they tackle this topic about alternate day fasting and you know what it does what their findings came about with and some of the things that they found was the reduced calorie intake so once again because you’re eating alternate days you’re able to now spread what you took in that day that you ate into you burning in over 36 days so when you divide what you took in on the Monday to end the Tuesday it balances off because you’re taking in less which contributes to you losing weight right so there you go it reduced a body mass index so that’s another thing that I believe that he was part of their findings as well it improved the cardiovascular health so that’s why I’m saying to you I have more energy I’m able to do more I’m able to not just go in and work but worked out and still be a mom and run my business and I’m not super tired at the end of it instead my mind is still going and you know just your fat composition the way the fat distributed in your body is different so you’re gonna have like I can honestly say like yes I’ve lost my bum my husband has said it I’m not as you know my bum isn’t as big because my body the fat is going to different places now so you know I can see that it’s being distributed in different areas of my body when I look at it you know I Britian like my core is a lot tighter than what it used to be right now it’s that time of the month so I’m not even gonna pretend like it’s super tight but and has toned a lot it’s toned out a lot so that’s one thing that I can definitely say from experience is true so that’s one of the things that I wanted to touch on and he also he went way more in detail expanding on you know responding to the study so the study actually was I think conducted or supervised ran by dr. aneta dr. neta often and you know he responded to her research and you know obviously the broadcasts on that topic of alternate day fasting and he really expanded and you know came and agreed with a lot of the findings that they found in that study and really and truly I can speak on that living that lifestyle on and off because I’ve done the alternate day fasting throughout my lifestyle on keto on oh mat as well and it’s definitely worked for me I actually did it the first time I did it was last Christmas like around I think it was like November I started it I did it for two months and in a two month time leading up to Christmas when it was like the day Christmas Day if if I can find a picture I’ll try and put it up here but I was able to drop actually I think about 10 pounds in a month doing that so it is possible so it’s just a slower version of you doing one meal a week and you know you’re still able to accomplish weight loss it may not be extreme – you know 20-something pounds but it’s definitely you know I think equivalent or close to that that if you’re looking to lose and you’re looking for even a quicker response than one meal a day that is that is something that you can transition to if your focus is weight loss and you have like a certain deadline but in terms of looking beyond the weight loss the weight loss aspect of it there are so many other you know great things that this allows you to achieve in your health and cardiovascular you know results the fact that you’re able to us and the fat composition part of it is just the extra bonus that you get but as a person that has been living the fasting lifestyle living the ketogenic lifestyle I’m I’m really proud of the fact that I was able to discover this lifestyle and really be able to succeed on this lifestyle now I think a lot of people we fought like I follow a lot of people that live this type of lifestyle as well and I know there’s a lot of struggle that we go through when we are looking to change when you’re trying to accomplish a weight loss goal because it’s so hard to change who we are and who we’ve been but that whole thing I find what I’ve been able to discover living a fasting lifestyle is discipline discipline and consistency because I’m able to see the results of what being consistent you know staying on track with my fasting with the plan that I’ve set for myself I’m able to truly see the results and live that results and I see them I mean the results as plain as day when you see me you see the results when I see myself in the mirror I see the results and you know you hear from other people not that that’s the goal but you hear it from other people oh my god you look so good you’ve lost so much weight Wow you know what are you doing you hear it and it’s evidence I mean that’s not the goal but it’s evident to you that you are capable and you just have to stay consistent and you just have to stay the course and stay discipline discipline is where it comes from and you know so that’s one thing I want to point out to you guys when it comes to this journey if you want to succeed yes the tools are all there because we give you the tools I’m one of the people that gives you the tools fledge Fitness is one of the people that gives you the tools now you have you have the professionals the doctors out there that are giving you all the tools to let you know what to do how it will work for you what are the benefits are all the benefits and it’s for you to put it in practice and keep it in practice so the responsibility is on you it’s not on us but our responsibility is to share the knowledge from the experiences that we’ve been able to gain and achieve the success by putting those same things into practice so if you guys enjoyed this video today please hit that subscribe button if you haven’t done so us yet hit the thumbs up button let me know if you love the content that I’m creating today if it’s helping you in any way shape or form and just keep looking out for videos that are coming up on the channel let me know what you like what you want me to maybe include if you want me to do more videos throughout the week I will definitely try you know what you guys are thinking let me know how you’re feeling thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next one hi thank you getting your cut like badly my kids be looking good and I just be looking crusty [Music]

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