Almond Milk: Benefits and Uses

The health benefits and uses of almond milk,
and how to make this yourself at home. 1. Almonds are seeds which come from inside almond
fruits. These were used by ancient civilizations as
a source of nutrition. 2. Nowadays they are used to create almond milk. This is an excellent alternative to dairy
milk, for vegans and those with lactose intolerance. 3. It is very low in calories and has no saturated
fat or cholesterol. This helps to keep your heart healthy. 4. The high contents of Vitamin D reduces the
risk of arthritis and osteoporosis, almost boosting your immune system. 5. It also contains Vitamin E which will protect
your skin from damage from the sun. 6. The fiber within will help to maintain healthy
digestion, allowing your body to remove waste effectively. 7. Almond milk doesn’t have to be refrigerated,
making it more convenient to carry around with you. 8. This can be purchased at many supermarkets,
and is becoming more popular nowadays. Alternatively you can make this yourself at
home. 9. To make this simply soak 350g of raw almonds
(with skin) in a bowl of water for 24 hours in the refrigerator. The almonds will absorb the water and change
shape slightly. Strain and throw away the water, as this contains
phytic acid which we do not need. Add the almonds to a blender with 500ml of
fresh water. Process this for at least 2 minutes to grind
the almonds down. Strain this again using a cheesecloth and
store the delicious almond milk in a bottle for use later. 10. You can drink this on its own, or add it to
delicious herbal teas seen in our other videos. 11. I recommend mixing this with coconut water
for a really wonderfully refreshing drink. 12. You can also blend some fresh vanilla seeds
with this for some extra excitement. 13. Almond milk works well in cereals such as
wheat or porridge. It can also be used in some vegan ice cream
recipes. 14. You can also make a creamed spinach using
this milk, with soy cheese. Be sure to experiment and create your own
unique recipes. Thank you very much for listening, a like
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Almond Milk is an excellent alternative to dairy and has some fantastic health benefits
and uses. [CC Available] Almonds are a diverse seed which have been
used since ancient times for their nutritional content. They can be soaked to create a very delicious
milk, which has become popular in recent years due to the popularity of veganism, and a higher
awareness around lactose intolerance. I believe you will find this information very
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