Almond Flour Pancakes, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Wheat Free

Hi my name is Lisa Mary. Welcome to
another episode of HomeMade Healthy. Today we’re making almond flour pancakes.
And they are delicious. Even my son who’s not wheat-free loves them.
First thing we need to do is separate four eggs. And so we’re going to take our
nice kitchenaid mixer and I have this handy gadget that separates the egg
whites. And we’re going to just separate them out. And we’re going to have dry
ingredients in One Bowl and wet ingredients in another. So we’ll put our
egg yolks in a wet bowl. We’re going to add a couple items to that just in a minute.
Now I love this gadget. This makes life so much easier. Here’s another one. Two more go. Now this is a
little bit more of a complex recipe than my other ones. But we love it and make
them every weekend. And we always have leftovers. And they save really well in
the fridge and the freezer. So I think you’re gonna be happy with this recipe. And your
kids are going to be begging you, if you have kids, or your family’s gonna be
begging you to make them more. And sometimes the egg yolk likes to stick.
There we go. One more. And then we’ll be ready to mix the egg
whites. Now when you’re mixing your egg whites what you want to do is make sure
to get them to soft peaks. If you over beat him a little bit and their
little bit more firm, it’ll still work. Ok now we’re going to take the whisk
attachment. Put it on our mixer. And it’s loud. So I’m going to turn onto high and
then when it gets to soft peaks, then we’ll show you what’s next. Okay we’ve got it at soft peaks now.
We’re just going to turn it off and show you how this looks. Ta-da. Maybe a little
harder than soft. But it’ll be great. It’ll work well. The next thing we’re going to
do is mix our other wet ingredients. So we need a half a cup of buttermilk and four tablespoons of melted butter.
Ad I like to get all the good stuff so we use a spatula. Here we also need to add
vanilla. So we’ll use two teaspoons of vanilla. Like I said this is a hit with with
everyone. Ok that is our wet ingredients. And so
we’re just going to whisk those together. Just get it incorporated. It doesn’t have to
be.. You just want to break the yolks and get everything wisked together. And then next
we’re going to mix the dry ingredients. I have two cups of almond flour and as i
said in a previous episode I like Honeyville. Which is right here. This makes beautiful pancakes. We’re going to do a teaspoon of baking
soda and a teaspoon of baking powder. I like to bake. I needed a really big, big
baking powder. So we’ll do a teaspoon of each of those and just a couple of turns
of himalayan or Celtic sea salt. And it just enhances the flavor. Then we need
stevia. One quarter of a teaspoon. A little bit of stevia goes a long way. If
you’re new to cooking with stevia you learn that. And then we just want to mix
that up. And then we’re going to incorporate our liquids with our dry
ingredients here. Excellent. Okay we’re just gonna mix this together.
It’ll thicken up a little bit. Something else you remember about gluten-free
cooking especially with pancakes is the consistency is going to be very
different than a traditional pancake batter. So i’ll show you a couple of tips
to make it look more like a pancake. So this is the consistency. And we’re
going to take that and incorporate it into our egg whites. Now you don’t want
to mix this in with the whisking tool. It’ll… It’ll break the white. So you’re just
going to gently fold it in until it’s all incorporated. Oh it smells good. I forgot my cinnamon. We’re going to add it
now. We’re going to use a tablespoon of cinnamon. This makes an excellent flavor. Okay. We’re just going to fold this in. And
normally you would add the cinnamon to the dry ingredients. But you know
whenever is fine and you can see it’s kind of coming together. Oh it smells really good. Incorporating nicely. Ok next you want to
have your griddle warm to 350. You can use cast-iron skillet and butter, a
traditional skillet like a stainless steel with butter. I like this because I like to make a lot
of pancakes and I can do that with this particular griddle. Now you want to make
sure to use butter. And I’m generous with butter. It’s nice to be free to use lots of
butter these days. And I just grease the whole thing. Now it’s going to be…
there’s a little trick to flipping these over. I actually bought a spatula that’s about the size of the pancakes
that I like to help with flipping it. So this is a nice-size. This is the size of
the pancakes like. And then because it’s thick, I use this to actually
put it onto the griddle. So it’s going to take patients. You’re going to have to
let them sit there for a minute to get brown on one side or you’ll be
frustrated because they’ll fall apart. My ten-year-old hasn’t quite got it down yet. So when you go to
spread it on you take you know a spoonful and your it’s a it’s kind of
like a shaking motion just like that. And the baking powder baking soda will
help it rise a little bit. They don’t stay tall but they look really pretty
with the cooking. And I’ll just do… Normally i do six but i’ll do three that
way they’ll be prettier. And you as you can see i’m just kind of wiggling them.
Flattening them out. And you can make, you know, silverdollar size. You can make whatever
size you want. Now they’re not going to be like
traditional pancakes and have the bubbles in them. And you know when the
bubbles are there that’s when it’s time to flip them. Basically it’s a test of
patience. And you can kind of start seeing the edges getting cooked and
brown and that’s what you’ll know it’s time to flip them over. Ok so we’ve now waited patiently and
they’re ready to flip. And there’s a little wrist motion. Oow lovey. Last
one. Ok now they need to wait on this side as
well. So once again a test in patients. And I like mine almost a little bit crunchy
so I’ll flip them back over for a minute and try to get them a little bit more
crunchy on the other side. But I don’t you can see this but these things are
swelling. They are tall right now. And as I mentioned they won’t stay that way but
they look amazing and they smell really good. So we made 12 pancakes and i’m
going to show you here. Ta-da. Aren’t they beautiful. The kids love them.
I love them. And it smells amazing in here. If we only had a way to get the
smell to you through the computer. It would be awesome. So i hope you enjoyed
today’s segment. I’m going to make coconut flour banana pancakes in the
next segment so stay tuned. Thank you.

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