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9 Keto Diet Snacks That Will Help You Lose
Weight. Number 1. FAT BALLS. Fat balls might look a lot like energy balls,
but they’re actually high in fat from nut butters and seeds and low in sugars like honey. The result: They are both energizing and super
filling. “They’re a helpful source of healthy fats
and they contain some protein, which is good for keeping you fueled,” Cording says. Plus, they’re are incredibly easy to make
and eat on-the-go. Number 2. STRING CHEESE. This one is easy enough to do: Just keep a
bunch in your fridge at home or work and grab one when you’re ready to nosh. String cheese has a nice mix of protein and
fat, which can definitely help you fill up and stay full, Cording says. Number 3.HARD-BOILED EGGS. Just like string cheese, a hard-boiled egg
provides some protein and fat, while also being pretty low-cal, Warren says. Eat a couple for a snack or pair one with
something else on this list. Number 4. WALNUTS. Walnuts are high in fat, have a moderate amount
of protein, and are low-carb, making them a solid snack for keto fans, Warren says. Plus, they’re heart-healthy. Stick to a serving size of one handful—otherwise
the calories can add up fast. Number 5. STEAK BITES. Yes, steak—or, to be more specific—steak
bites, can totally be an awesome keto diet snack, Warren says. Here’s how to make them: chop up sirloin steak,
season with soy sauce, Worcester sauce, and garlic, and sauté. Then, put them in the fridge until you’re
ready to eat them. Number 6.SUNFLOWER SEEDS. These little seeds are an awesome source of
healthy fat and fiber, along with a little punch of protein, Cording says. They’re also super easy to eat on the go—just
stash them in your bag and whip them out when you’re hungry. Number 7.PARMESAN ZUCCHINI TOTS. Zucchini is a great vegetable for keto fans
because it’s low in carbs but has a lot of volume, Cording says. Try them out: shred 2 zucchinis (discard extra
moisture), mix with 1 cup breadcrumbs, 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese, 1 egg, and seasoning
of choice to taste. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Number 8. AVOCADO. Avocados are packed with healthy monounsaturated
fatty acids, along with plenty of other minerals like fiber and potassium—and they’re keto-friendly,
too. “Avocados are one of my favorite keto diet
snacks,” Cording says. She recommends eating one half of an avocado
when it’s snack time. Or, if you don’t want to have to deal with
stashing half of an avocado in your fridge, Cording recommends looking out for “gator
eggs,” they are tiny avocados that each count as a single serving. Number 9. SANDWICH ON A STICK. Missing sandwiches? Try serving them on a stick. Spear a small piece of ham or chicken, a little
cube of cheese, and some tomato or bell pepper, and you’ve got a bite-sized “sandwich.” “This can give you some protein and fat
with very few carbs,” Cording says. One or two toothpicks should tide you over
between meals. They also make a cute appetizer to serve at
keto-friendly parties.

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