7 Stupid Mistakes That Can Get You Kicked Out of Ketosis | This is What Takes You Out of Ketosis

seven stupid mistakes that can get you kicked out of ketosis the keto diet is great it is one of the easiest diets to stick to because you don’t have to sentence yourself to a lifetime of bland chicken breasts and water in the keto diet you meet lots of fatty flavorful foods and despite this high fat intake you can still shed a lot of body fat and keep it off long term so if you want to get into ketosis and potentially lose weight make sure you do not do any of these keto diet mistakes that can knock you out of ketosis because if you do you could sabotage all your hard work you cannot lose weight if you are always teetering in and out of ketosis hi this is Ken Roberts and you are watching smart ketosis if you haven’t already please subscribe and click the bell icon so you can get more ketogenic diet tips and keto filling recipes when I release them and while you’re down there make sure you sign up for your free ketogenic diet guide in the description click the smart key toe system link below before we begin a quick disclaimer I am NOT a doctor I am just an average guy sharing information that I wish I knew sooner results are not guaranteed and always check with your doctor with that out of the way let’s get to the good stuff here are the seven key Road ID mistakes that can get you kicked out of ketosis number one eating too much sugar this one seems a bit obvious but how much is too much or rather how little it might surprise you as a rule of thumb consume no more than 25 to 30 grams of carbohydrates per day so how much sugar will kick you out of ketosis well if you’re being careful and limiting yourself to 25 grams it would take a little more than just two tablespoons of sugar per day very few foods have absolutely zero percent carbohydrates with the exception of some vegetables my advice to you gradually cut out all white sugar from your diet avoid sugar like the plague number two using the wrong sweeteners if you already started to face out with regular sugar you are in the right direction but not all sweeteners are safe for the ketogenic diet sugar free doesn’t always equal glucose free the artificial sweeteners aspirin saccharin and dextran found in Splenda can trick your body into raising your insulin levels cute or friendly sweeteners are stevia erythritol and xylitol because they have an extremely low glycemic index which means they won’t cause any spikes in your blood sugar which could encourage insulin release mistake number three eating too much protein when I first learned about this I wasn’t shocked I thought only sugar could make you fat the problem here is that your body does not want to get into ketosis and burn fat that would mean it would lose all its precious fat stores fat keeps your organs warm and is very energy dense of course shedding body fat wouldn’t be a problem for most in the developed world but if you were a caveman or an Eskimo you wouldn’t want to lose that hotter and blubber so as a survival mechanism your body will try to extract energy from whatever it can in the absence of glucose created by the ketogenic diet because you don’t eat any sugar grains or starches your body will actually break down excess protein into amino acids and then into glucose to prevent that limit your daily protein intake to about zero point seven grams per pound of body weight per day mistake number four drinking too much coffee one or two cups of coffee where tea won’t affect you but it gets problematic when you drink more coffee than you drink water the caffeine found in coffee stimulates adrenaline which then activates insulin which is what can take your body out of ketosis insulin pushes your blood sugar into your liver and muscles this process is called cleco Genesis it converts sugars into glycogen which is your body’s preferred way to tap into energy and that’s bad because you are training your body to burn fat for fuel not carbohydrates number five stressing out another reason to go easy on the coffee caffeine makes people irritable this can outweigh whatever fat-burning benefits caffeine may have stress stimulates cortisol production cortisol is an adrenal hormone it is produced by your adrenal glands which sit on top of your kidneys it is best known as the main fighter flight hormone so how do you manage stress that depends on what you like to do some people meditate others work out and I like to write down my thoughts on paper try all three and see which one of them works when you find yourself stressed try to get yourself out of the situation and into a more isolated place if you’re stressed at work or school take a bathroom break to collect yourself and if you are stressed at home get out put some good music on and take a 20-minute walk number six eating out too often MSG monosodium glutamate it’s what makes bad Chinese food taste great but it’s also in most restaurant dishes it’s hard to detect so you may have to ask your server to ask your chef if they use MSG in the recipe some people do report headaches and dizziness after ingesting MSG but the best way to get around this msg Russian roulette and save lots of money is to cook at home but when you’re grocery shopping keep an eye out for the ingredient list sauces are notorious for their high amounts of msg to enhance the flavor msg is made from one sodium on it to one glutamate molecule which comes from glutamine glutamine is one of those amino acids that the body can easily convert into glucose sugar remember mistake number three and finally number seven forgetting your why what kicks you out of ketosis the hardest is losing sight of why you started the keto diet in the first place some days you will feel the urge to cheat and binge on a large pizza or a box of donuts foods that you know can knock you out of ketosis and erase all your hard work keeping a strong mindset and constantly reminding yourself why you started this crazy high fat low carb diet is the number one secret to success for when you need motivation keep a picture of your ideal body in your phone so you can look at it and remember your why good job you just learn how much sugar will kick you out of ketosis and the habits to avoid getting knocked out of ketosis so did you find this video valuable so far what if there was a way for you to potentially get it to ketosis two times faster with zero yes word if you could do that wouldn’t you do just about anything to achieve that easy ketosis well I’ve got great news because at WWE Smackdown sis calm there is a way to do just that the smart key tips this guide to mastering the keto diet basics this 100% free keto diet book will teach you what and how much you should eat which are the 25 best foods for the ketogenic diet and what 25 foods take you out of ketosis simply go to your browser and type WWE ptosis comm into the address bar or click the link in the video description below again get instant access to your free keto diet ebook when you type smart ketosis calm into your browser or click link below now thank you for watching if you found this video useful please like subscribe and click the bell icon so you can get more keto diet tips keto friendly recipes and sugar free dessert also share this video and comment if you have any questions I’m here to help you thanks again this was Ken Roberts and you just watched smart ketosis

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