5 STICK BLENDER TRICKS – Immersion Blender Recipes

Hi a huge welcome to Steve’s kitchen.
Today I’m going to show you one of the most essential appliances I think in the
kitchen and why this is so versatile, it is of course the Joby Gorillapod and the
g7x camera. I’m only kidding, of course I’m talking
about immersion stick blenders. This is quite useful having this here because I
can actually show you this one has a variable speed on it and it has the
click release for easy clean these are a really great tool. I’m using the Breville
stick blender this is not a sponsored video by the way, I bought this myself
and there are lots of great ones out there, they are all fantastic, so really
you know, use whatever you like but this is five fantastic things you can do with
an immersion blender and not a gorillapod. We’re going to start off by
making a delicious homemade mayonnaise. Now I’ll put all the ingredients below
so you don’t have to write them down. This is a very simple recipe it’s just
emulsifying the oil of your choice, you could use vegetable oil like I’m doing
here, you could even use an olive oil. We need to get flavor into the oil with
salt and pepper, a little bit of lime works really well, I
like to add a little bit of mustard in there as well and mayonnaise is just an
emulsified oil. We’re using an egg to emulsify this oil, now it really does
need a stick blender to bring the speed up to emulsify the egg into mayonnaise
but trust me once you’ve made this at home you will never go back to
store-bought. Another super easy recipe, I’ve got a can
of chickpeas or garbanzo beans. We’re just going to take a couple of
tablespoons of the liquid out of these. I’ll drain them off and we’re popping
them into the container because we’re going to be making fresh hummus. Whether
you use dried or canned chickpeas to make this delicious Hummus it is ever
so simple. We’re going to drizzle a little olive oil ,a small amount of
tahini, we want to season this with salt and pepper and that’s pretty much it,
unless like me you like a little bit of garlic in there as well.
Blitz this up until it’s lovely and smooth, if you want a little bit of
texture in there then of course you can stop a little earlier. I like to serve my
hummus with a little bit of cayenne pepper on top and a drizzle of olive oil
and a wonderful dish of my crisp homemade tortilla chips, which of course
we made on an earlier episode of Steve’s kitchen. You can check that out on the
channel. You just can’t beat a delicious mango smoothie. I’m taking some diced
mangoes, we’re going to add in some coconut milk or almond milk and a little
pinch of salt, just to lift the flavors Blitz that up with your immersion blender
until it’s thick and smooth, serve it in a glass. Possibly if you like a few blueberries
on top and a little bit of mint and there you have a simple delicious mango
smoothie. Now I don’t know anybody that doesn’t love a delicious buttermilk
pancake. Starting with our egg, adding in some all-purpose flour, some delicious
rich buttermilk, a little bit of salt, a little bit of sugar, some baking powder
and some baking soda, just to give us a nice fluffy pancake. Then of course we’ll
add a little butter into the batter and then blitz this up until we get a
delicious smooth pancake batter. You’ll want to cook these in a skillet or
frying pan, a tiny amount of butter just for flavor, cook them till they’re golden
brown and if you’re anything like me, serve
these with some delicious Canadian maple syrup and a little bit of butter and
then just kick back and enjoy. For the last recipe we’re going to kick it up a
notch. I’ve got some seasoned vegetables which
I’ve diced up and dicing up some beautiful ripe tomatoes, we’ll fry those
vegetables with a little olive oil, season it well, add in some herbs, put our
tomatoes, a few carrots in there as well for richness of flavor. You need to add into there at least
three cups of vegetable stock and you simmer this until all of the vegetables
are soft and tender. When you take that off the stove, let it cool down a little
bit and then blitz it up until there are no lumps. Lastly adding a really good-quality rich
cream, a final blitz and you will end up with one of the most
delicious cream of tomato soups you’ve ever had. This could be served in a
restaurant anywhere in the world, a little bit of olive oil, a little bit of
sour cream or cream on top, absolutely perfect. There you have it the immersion
blender or stick blender, what a really useful tool. Now while we were filming
those recipes I thought of a one or two other ideas we haven’t included in here,
so if you want to shoot me across some comments and let me know if you’ve got
some great things that you use your stick blender, immersion blender for I’d
love to make a second episode and I promise you we won’t feature the
Gorillapod in it next time or maybe we will, by the way not sponsored just a
little bit of fun and we do use these occasionally to get some crazy shots. I hope
you’ve had a bit of fun watching these recipes today, I certainly have and we
will see you very shortly for another episode of Steve’s kitchen, see you then.

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