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hey YouTube Jack here with another video on my low-carb journey keto journey whatever you want to call it and first off so that we get it out of the way weight loss over the day it’s pretty meaningless I weighed in this morning at 2:24 point 4 which is 4 tenths of a pound that can be body weight fluctuations taking a bigger P whatever so but again remember you can minimize those for your weigh-ins by weighing in at the move the microphone a little closer by weighing in at the exact same situation same time every day I always weigh in after I use the bathroom in the morning you know in a t-shirt and shorts no shoes and so if you always do that and you have an accurate scale you know that’s about half a pound they’re a little less than half pound it’s probably pretty accurate and on how much weight I’m losing which is around 2 to 3 pounds a week right now after the first big perch that you always get in the beginning it’s probably about right it really is I weigh myself every day I have my people on my 40 day keto challenge weighing themselves every day the biggest reason I suggest doing that is just a form of accountability if you go up a pound in a day it doesn’t matter what you need to be looking at is how much you move over about a 10 day spread that is going to give you the most accurate way to analyze what you’re losing per day on average because if it’s 10 you know it’s real easy to do the math there that’s why they use the metric system everywhere except here in the United States because it’s all increments of 10 so figuring out if you you know if you lost 5 pounds in 10 days that you’re losing a half pound a day is a real simple math even I can do that even a common core math student can do that so that’s why we do that so you don’t think it over burdened with the daily thing but I just think again the more accountability you have the more when you’re tempted to do something you’re not supposed to do and we’re gonna talk about that today in our pitfalls and tips segment then you’re more likely not to the fact that I got to get on the air with you guys every day and say hello to you and tell you where I’m at and what I did or didn’t do makes me accountable and it’s why I started doing these videos and things seem to be working out well I do have the hat back my awesome life I got hat head so it’s got to stay on my awesome life ran down to the benbrook area and got my hat back from yesterday because she’s awesome life all right so with that if you are doing my 40 day Quito and you’ve sent me an email by now you should have received two emails back from me and you should have received one email that gave you a place to go subscribe to an email list because all future emails are gonna come from that list if you want into that challenge I am going to close it like rock solid not let anybody else in at the end of this weekend I can’t keep adding people to it right now I think I have 28 people in my spreadsheet and I’m waiting on a good 12 to 14 more to give me their first round of numbers and what-have-you so if you want to do that you need to email me check at the survival podcast.com with tsp see Quito in the subject line and since you might be listening to this in future I’m recording this on the 19th of September which means let’s say if you listen to it on anything past the 22nd of September I’m gonna put out a link today to where you can subscribe to the the list that I sent my people off but I can’t make you part of the official tract group you’ll get too complicated if I got too many people off synced so if you’ve emailed me and you ain’t heard back something’s wrong you need to email me again okay I’m just gonna say that so that you can get in the official counted group all right now let’s talk about today’s subjects today I got a twofer for you I got five count them five kiddo myths and I got five things to think about to stay motivated let’s try to move fast it’s not another 30 minute long one like yesterday was number one the first kedo myth that I hear all the time and it was just and we’ve talked about it before but it bears repeating again especially some people might find this video they haven’t seen the other ones you can eat all you want as long as you stay under 20 carbs or 25 carbs or whatever program you’re on in a word its total complete you cannot go scarfing down 5,000 calories burn 2500 and lose weight you can’t even maintain weight if you’re that far off the energy dynamic equation has been oversold to America there is no doubt but if you want to lose weight at a significant rate you need to be in a caloric deficit you are I’m gonna lose weight unless you are in a caloric deficit and this whole myth started with dr. dr. Atkins that’s the source of this and people when they hear something they like they repeat it and they add it on to the next thing so even though the Atkins is way back in the 70s and early 80s this myth has stayed with us let me tell you where dr. Atkins drew this conclusion from and you’ll see real quickly how flawed it is anybody with any logic will be like no that doesn’t work again the book called the glycation factor from dr. Greg Ellis the last chapter is pretty much dedicated to destroying some of the myths that came from the Atkins diet and have been carried forward into low-carb eating what Atkins used was a study that showed that women eating a thousand calorie diet lost weight that was his justification but one group on a thousand calories a carbohydrate based on the other ate a low carbohydrate diet and we said was well the women that ate the low carbohydrate diet lost more weight but again they were on a thousand calorie diet additionally he did the math and they had determined in the study that women of the type that were in the study would not have lost weight exceeding 2,000 calories so when he did the reverse math kind of like a reverse fairy a factor right for those of you that are switched on the mathematics he determined that they lost more weight than would be indicated if you accepted the fact that they could not lose weight at 2,000 calories if that is hard to follow it’s because it’s stupid in its and it’s nonsense calories do matter now if you only count calories and you’re eating high sugar and your metabolic rate goes to it may not work because you may not be burning as many calories as the calculator tells you you are but if you actually want to lose weight you need to look at a minimum caloric deficit of 15% and I’ve been running 25 that’s if you want results like me that’s kind of where you have to go especially ladies I’m sorry that it’s harder for you but it just is it’s the way biology works so 20 to 25 percent caloric deficit and you’re gonna lose weight no matter what you do but if you do it on keto you don’t suffer and if you do that in a combination with doing two meals a day which by default equals intermittent fasting right and later you wait to eat the first meal the more intermittent fasting you’re doing you lose weight 20 percent is fine 15 percent is fine but if you’re only you know operating at a 5 percent deficit once you get the first big drop it’s gonna slow down a net stall and be very very very slow 15 to 25 percent somewhere in there 25 stuff you know how bad do you want it but 20 percent and it’ll fall off a couple three pounds a week easy and if you’re eating the fat ratio you’re supposed to once you get used to it you’re not gonna be hungry next another myth it’s keto is fiber deficient this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life now certainly if you go carnivore and you don’t somehow supplement a fiber you could be fiber deficient but if you’re doing a true ketogenic diet the way that like 99% of people that actually do keto do keto you’re eating more salad than the average person you know you’re eating more salad today than the average person eats over five days and one mostly what you’re eating is leafy greens there’s more fiber than computer you don’t eat bread you don’t your father really read the back of a freaking bet bread bag there isn’t jack for fiber even in whole wheat bread compared to how much fiber is in a good salad and good cruciferous vegetables and vegetables we on kedo like celery and broccoli and green beans and stuff like that so just it is not fiber deficient unless you go out of your way to make it next net carbs is invalid this is a stupid argument and it ignores science I’m sorry people say that net carbs are whatever one guy that I’m really good friends with he’s a diabetic and and that just means all his readings are not subject to the norm in the first place this guy admits that sometimes when he wakes up in the morning just from the liver dump his sugar goes up before he eats anything then he wants to tell me if he turns around to eat something with a lot of fiber in it his sugars go up more than he thinks they should and this is proof that the net carbs are no that’s and it’s completely unscientific if you want to do it to test the effect of fiber on blood sugar in the way that people eat you would have to have a control group that work like this the one group they have to be very similar people similar weight similar metabolic rates etc they would have to eat meals that we’re almost the same number of calories okay the only variation in them would be the fiber content of the meals and so that one would be a net carb that would be almost fiber free okay so that we would be getting a strict carbohydrate control so like protein and maybe some artificial sugar source or something that pushed the carbohydrate load to the net carb of the people with the freakin fiber okay and then if you compared the insulin and blood sugar response to those two in a controlled environment then you’d be able to see what fiber does now if you want to do that you can do it but the way we know that fiber doesn’t get digested and it doesn’t make your blood sugar go up and if anything soluble fiber slows the absorption of the absorbable carbohydrates into the bloodstream is they already did this this has already been done a thousand times and laughs this is yes I don’t trust big food and I don’t trust a lot of serve studies that are designed to create a result that people want but when these results were derived no one really had an agenda with it this was just basically how does this work if you go to Europe and you look at a food label that you don’t have to calculate net carbs because you get protein carbs fat and fiber and unlike an America where you got to go in and manually delete but reduce the carbs by the fiber they only give you net carbs because they accept the scientific reality now there is a net carb scam out there where people say well zero it’s zero net carbs because it’s a sugar alcohol or something I have really encourage you to check out keto connects video where they checked the sugar artificial sweeteners and the insulin response there the way they did that is valid and it’s been repeated that’s the other things things have to be repeatable by a bunch of other people and they’ve gotten very similar results some of the so called sugar alcohols that are zero net carbs is Bill they will jack up your blood sugar excuse me some don’t something to get a really bad rap don’t but maybe they’re not the best thing for you Sula krause does not change your blood sugar at all it may not be the best thing for your digestive system oh excuse me let me get a sip of tea here stevia doesn’t do Jack diddly crap and somebody said something yesterday only one brand of stevia is truly nigger know if it’s only stevia it’s only stevia if it has other things in it it’s not just stevia read labels and learn to understand them next Kido is not sustainable is the way of eating I look at the meals that I’m eating right now compared to the meals that most people eat when they’re on a so-called diet and my question is what planet exactly do you get your from you know yesterday for breakfast I had a big beautiful bowl of salad I had wonderful cheese on it I took and cooked a habanero and green hamp Abin arrow chicken sausage cut it in half cook it browned cut it up in pieces put it on top of that salad I had pecans in that salad I cooked four pieces of baked and I made an open-faced sunny-side up egg on top I saw using a lot of the hacks that I talked about yesterday parmesan crisps to know what the hell is not sustainable about eating that the people that say it’s not sustainable they don’t even know what it is they’ve never actually eaten the ketogenic meal in their lives they think it’s freaking I don’t know pork rinds and freaking beef jerky or something by the way there’s more carbs in beef jerky than you can afford to have if you think beef jerky is a snack or a meal when you’re on keto and you’re buying your beef jerky from the store you are kidding yourself check the back of that that serving size and the number of carbs and is for one ounce in a five ounce bag of beef jerky there are more carbohydrates than there is in a can of coca-cola actually is one carbohydrate less than a can of coca-cola and there’s about three times the calories I don’t know what people what planet people get their from but there are people that have been living pretty much ketogenic Lee for five to ten years now so that’s pretty sustainless sure seems a hell of a lot more sustainable than Jenny Craig and getting your shipped to you in a box and being told what Apple to go by it sure seems a hell of a lot more sustainable than Weight Watchers I’ve never known anybody made Weight Watchers more than six weeks so just check your at the door I don’t know what plant your from but the way I’m eating now I have no problem eating sustainably that way it’s just stupid next is most of your weight loss on keto is just water it’s one of those things that you know it has a a bearing in fact and then complete divorce from reality so in your first five to ten days the majority of your weight loss is water but how much freakin water do you think a human body has in it that’s available to be discharged I have lost twenty got twenty two point six pounds do you understand how much water that would be if it was mostly water let’s say the first six pounds let’s say the first I let’s say the first eight pounds there’s still like fifteen pounds of fat in 40 days Wow Wow I’m at my forty day so you guys on the forty a challenge this is what you have to look forward to in forty days if you keep it up so let’s move from there okay it’s just number five this I mean it’s it’s mostly water not if you keep doing it stupid now let’s go on staying motivated I’m gonna move fast on these I want you to stay motivation lets you guys in my challenge number one only you can save your life some of you guys on my challenge you know you all lose 510 pounds they look a little better and then maybe tune up your hormones a bit okay great but some of the folks that have I’m like oh my god thank god you’re doing this okay your body fat percentage your weighting your measurements and I’m not saying anybody by name I don’t wanna embarrass anybody but like you know either you’re gonna save your life doing this or you’re gonna die right and that’s the place I got to I real and I wasn’t as bad some of y’all honestly I am NOT gonna make sixty years of age if I don’t do something about this my wife and I were talking about cheating like I said there is nothing in the world it tastes good enough for me to compromise my health while I’m getting these results you make a determination that you are more important than a piece of bread or you’re more important than a piece of cake or you’re more important important than having five drinks on Friday night and you actually follow the plan the plan will work and you will lose the weight and your body will prepare itself it’s that simple and only you can do it number two once you get past the the heavy weight loss that comes early on people get demotivated when they start losing you know a pound and a half to two pounds a week well let’s go on the narrow side of that one and a half pounds a week in six months is thirty nine pounds and I don’t know maybe people are just in the microwave generation we expect everything to be instantaneous but it took you probably a hell of a lot longer than six months to put 39 of those pounds on you want to get rid of six months to get rid of them you know I mean it’s not that big a deal so when you’re getting that pound to two pounds a week don’t get demotivated by that that is incredibly motivating that’s why I’m careful on the daily weigh-in you need to look at your weight over seven to ten days and if you’re losing a pound every even a pound every ten days so what it takes longer all you really got to do is just keep doing it next your new life which is reclaiming the old life you had before this all happened it’s your birthright you have a right to feel good you have a right to be healthy but like most rights no one can grant you rights no one can give you rights in fact the only thing any people would feel about protecting your rights well also many conductions you can’t protect your right they can protect your ability to exercise your right you have to do it just like some of you guys are really big fans of the Second Amendment you know that your right to own a gun doesn’t mean nothing if you don’t go out and own a gun and do it so responsibilities right but if you any right you can think if your right to free speech doesn’t mean nothing unless you speak up say what you think well your right to be healthy doesn’t mean nothing unless you act on it so it’s your right so stand up like a damn warrior and seize it because you’re right next all you really have to do to make all of this happen it’s simple mathematics I need awesome food you can do the most simple math and there’s a damn program on your phone that’ll do the math for you all you have to do is pay attention stick numbers in obey the system and it’ll work and you will be healthier and happier and you’ll probably live longer so if you can’t do simple math and the awesome food I don’t know what the hell else can be expected if that’s not motivate I mean I don’t know well how much more motivating can be that you can have everything that you’ve wanted for yourself you can have your health back you can have your life back you can live longer you can be there longer for your family and your friends if you’ll do math and eat good food it is that if you look back when I did the episode about trio like answer if you had cancer and you were gonna die next year you had 12 months to live but your doctor said you know what if you’ll do math and eat good food the cancer will go away you shut up and do it well you know it don’t matter if you die cancer die because your heart goes right it doesn’t matter you’re still dead it’s the same thing so if you’ll do simple math and eat good food that’s about as motivating as it could be and last but not least a lot of Americans are really really fat and really really overweight and have metabolic syndrome type 2 diabetes et cetera and many of them are victims and they’re victims because they believe the that the government and industry told them that it was okay to eat the garbage that they’re feeding themselves on because they believe when they were taught in grade school hey you should have a diet based on grain like a cow you’re like a pig like and then when you look like a coward you look like a pig well duh you ate if you look at the food pyramid okay and you look at the back of a bag that you feed to a pig to make it fat so that you can sell it to market at nine months and have a nice fat pig to make bacon out of the make up of the food pyramid and that bag of feed is the same so you are a victim of that system but you ain’t no more no you are not a victim anymore because now you know you’re no longer a victim say to yourself I’m not a victim anymore and that means you don’t get to act like one you don’t get to make excuses anymore so that’s as motivating as I can be only you can save your life a pound and a half a week is thirty nine pounds in six months your new life is your birthright but you got to fight for it in doing so all you really have to do is math and eat good food and you ain’t a victim no more if that ain’t enough I don’t know what is remember the answer to and cause of your problems is in your bathroom there’s a big mirror in there go look at that person whenever you’re having a conflict with what you need to do go tell that person to shut up and eat right and then on the floor so scale it’s your friend – your enemy turn it into your friend it ain’t that hard do math and eat great food

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