5 High in Protein Vegetables – Nutrition

5 High in Protein Vegetables – Nutrition

Hi there, in this video I will be telling
you five protein rich vegetables that you can grow at home and protein is not only good
for building muscles but also for repairing tissue and also helping red blood cells to
develop. So I’m just going to show you five really good vegetables. These are our broad
bean plants and beans are really good, all sorts of bean have similar amounts which is
about thirteen gramps of protein per cup and broad beans and other beans like kidney beans
and stuff have been used for years since the middle ages as a good plant based alternative
to protein rather than just living off meat protein. Now green beans are not so rich in
protein as they are harvested when they are not as ripe but yeah anything like butter
beans, kidney beans, broad beans, climbing beans, French beans and any of those will
give you thirteen grams of protein per cup. Peas here, they’re not quite as good a beans
still you get eleven grams of protein in a cup which is also very good and the peas here
are doing really well. I’m sure, let us see what we have. We almost have a full pod of
peas, I’ll just show you what the biggest one looks like. It is about that big, not
quite ready but hopefully in a week or two we will start harvesting some peas. Now we
don’t have proper artichokes but these are Jerusalem artichokes ready that are quite
tall and I’m crouching down otherwise you won’t see me in the camera but artichokes
like basically just general artichokes will give you six grams of protein per cup when
it’s cooked so it isn’t quite as good as peas or beans but the next two thing I’m going
to be telling you is going to be much better. So we are down to the last two now really
good vegetables that you can grow. So we have already done peas, beans and artichokes and
we have some climbing beans here. Already seeing a couple of red flowers flowering but
there is still quite a bit to go. We find that the pyramid effect really works well
in small space gardens and things but final now the final things. The first thing is lentils
now they are not quite well known for growing but you can still grow them so lentils will
give you eighteen grams of protein per cup which is really good and how do you like easting
lentils? I really like eating lentils with mustard and sausages so if you do something
like that or have your favourite way to eat lentils just tell me cause I really like them.
Now the last thing is quite amazing how good it is because it’s like a replacement for
milk and brilliant for vegans as you can’t eat anything from eggs or anything from and
animal either meat or what they produce so soya beans are really good, create soya milk
and will also give you twenty-three grams of protein.

15 thoughts on “5 High in Protein Vegetables – Nutrition”

  1. Great info as always Huw. I've heard that sweetcorn is another good one for protien but I don't know how much is in it. Keep up the good work!

  2. 100g of fresh Moringa oleifera leaves have 8.3 g protein. So you could grow them as an annual summer vegetable crop, in the colder British Isles, instead of as a tree, just for the green leaves as a leafy vegetable. Or you could keep the trees indoors, in pots, during the colder months. 😉

  3. you can also get plant based proteins from hemp seeds peas and rice…can't you…man…i am learning so much from you…also i envy your garden…

  4. i may have missed it but what is a really good natural plant pesticide aside from other predatory birds and insects..?

  5. plz don't eat unfermented soy it will mess up your hormones with phytoestrogens and Trypsin inhibitors in soy interfere with protein digestion so those other awesome veggies could end up being wasted by your body

  6. Have you heard about "Ripped Max Stagger?" (look for it on Google) It is a quick and easy way to bulk up fast.

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