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what’s up guys welcome to Quito rewind I’m Jeff and I’m back with my egg facts results so before I get started I’m not a doctor not a medical professional this video and this YouTube channel is based off my own weight loss journey you should do your own research and see if and talk to a doctor and see if keto is right for you okay so let’s get started with the results I don’t even know where to begin there’s so much to say about the egg fest so I originally stumbled upon it because a lot of my viewers ask me if I do have ever done it so it got my curiosity I looked it up the whole nine yards so basically if you want to know what a name fest is I made a video for like my before with those details and this one’s gonna be mostly my results so I have pros and cons about this and a conclusion so I started the journey off five days ago I’m excited a 5-day egg fest just because that’s me I always go and I do that that’s I stole from the big one plus I thought I could give you a better results if I had done the full five so but the most people do the three-day so with that being said I started at 233 pounds on Sunday today is Friday because it’s the I wanted to have a full result of the 5 days before I gave my updates so today’s obviously I will not have any eggs today but my fast ended on Thursday yesterday so um promise I would say let’s start with the pros first the first one being it took this much time to plan a menu this week it’s really simple eggs butter cheese and so it took hardly any thought process where before and I sit I compute my macros I make sure I like paint play Tetris with my macros and fit everything all in so I’m hitting my protein and staying under carbs in fact so I didn’t have to really do that this time because the macros are pretty much set up so that you’re not going to go over those your macros so so I took zero time to plan my menu this week I know a million ways to cook eggs without having to have a plan so it was a huge time saver and normally I start dinner around five o’clock we’re usually eating by 6:00 you know doing dishes and being done by like 6:30 7:00 you know silly in that whole time I normally am spending downstairs in the kitchen prepping and all that stuff for dinner and cleaning up on the egg fast I think we maybe spend 10 minutes making it I made my kids soup all week which they were super excited super all week as soon as that they had a real easy dinner as well but obviously they were not going to be the egg fast but anyways that it took zero time to really cook just whip up a couple eggs and clean up and done so we had way more time in the afternoon or the evening to do stuff as a family we went to the park a couple of days so we went swimming you know normally we don’t have that much time you know at that part of the day so time-saver no real thought process when it comes to meal planning just following the rules eggs butter cheese and it’s not as exciting so then I was not so the first day I did the full 4 eggs 2 tablespoons butter 1 ounce cheese and that’s a meal and I did that meal twice a day and I was so full I like I couldn’t I it was like 1 o’clock or 2 o’clock the next day and I still hadn’t eaten yet no still full okay so I’m just leaving the gym and it’s like 2 o’clock and I’m still not even hungry crazy huh so because I was like we’ll wait a minute what I normally lose weight on keto I never try to hit that fat goal I always stay under the fat goal so I’m gonna apply the same concept so i justed it the second day and bumped the fat from two tablespoons of butter 2 1 tablespoon of butter per meal and that helped a lot and then I could actually like eat again because it was like swimming in butter to have the 2 tablespoons of butter in that one meal so so I just adjusted that and I still had before and disgusting my protein but I went down to one tablespoon of butter and one half one ounce of cheese and that was the meal ratios that I was using and I had that meal twice a day so here’s a sample of what that looks like for my macros and I definitely didn’t try to hit my my fat but I have never experienced like zero carbs before so that was really exciting and I in my whole life I’ve never I’ve never had zero carbs let alone like five or less in a day and I did it for five days and they didn’t die so it’s possible so so yeah that was a whole new first that was kind of exciting to see how that feels like so with that being said I had so much energy like so much energy energy through the roof woke up full of energy you know I’m a mental clarity was amazing like I was just focused this week which I normally am focused on keto but it took it up like a whole nother number not you know so then that allowed me to get some more stuff done so much that I just couldn’t even sit in the chair I had to keep doing it stuff so I mean I tackled something that’s been on my to-do list for two years and that’s um start repainting the baseboards in my house so I mean who does that but it’s so much energy I didn’t want to sit so I thought well let’s get a project done something that I’ve been too lazy to do for two years now and that’s to paint the baseboards you know they get yucky they’re light they get yucky real fast so I decided I have a really big house so I have taken on this project and I thought almost half of my downstairs done yesterday so here’s a quick picture about pretty sparkling white baseboards look alright guys I am painting baseboard today because I have so much energy but um I have a long I don’t look how gross that is a long ways to go to make that pretty and bright again okay so I’m gonna go make lunch I am not even hungry this is day five so let’s go into the kitchen and make lunch I have a table boon of butter and I cut up an ounce of butter kaiza cheese and I just need to add my four eggs to the pan okay now I am going to add my pink salt just like usual are you teen runny egg or team dry egg I can’t stand runny eggs I’m I like dry eggs dead-dead eggs so which one of you comment below I got salmonella poisoning when I was a kid so now I have like this weird thing where I make sure all of my food is super cooked well done not moving so I’m not crazy I have my reasons but I like my yolks to not run I like the nice and dry so as you can see I poked them off and you can also see look how nice and orange these yolks are if you’re going to you’re going to splurge anywhere I would splurge on a good quality egg oh my goodness all right I got to get two hands I’ll be back when these are cooked and there you have it four eggs that were fried in one tablespoon of butter and an ounce of cheese it’s so much energy that it was easy to start tackling stuff that’s been on a to-do list so energy not hungry are kind of already touched on that I had zero cravings and zero hunger welcome to day three of my keto egg fast it is Tuesday which is obviously day three I have today in two more days to go and then I’m done but I am feeling great so I was looking at the clock I’m like oh my it’s 1:15 I better go downstairs and make some lunch so obviously I’m not hungry so that’s one thing to point out but I am going to make some eggs which I completely took away my desire to eat period so that was I don’t know what’s cuz I was looking forward to eggs I don’t know there might be some like scientific side of that but I had no desire to eat at all so eating turned into kind of more like a chore then like I look forward to my heels thermally so that was also a new feeling I have never felt I always want to eat so yeah that was pretty cool and then I I took the approach of more of a strict approach I know some people on the egg that still use sweeteners like sugar-free or when he got alternative sweeteners keto form sweeteners but I decided this was a challenge and I was not adding any sweet sweeteners the only spice that I added was salt so I don’t know that was part of it I know maybe if there was something that tasted sweeter maybe I would have enjoyed the past a little more but I I thought I want to reign in those cravings reset my palate and start losing this Fineman we’re gonna have five days so that would be sweeteners and it was fine I did it let’s see so obviously weight loss I was 233 and today I weighed in at 228 see video below ok so it’s day 5 and I am going to hop on the scale so let’s see where we are we turn to kim room 228 the who and then my last pro would be any time I feel like I’m getting sluggish maybe I’m losing focus maybe there’s a stall on the scale or maybe I just need to give myself another you know reset I’m totally going to do the egg fast yes it was worth it so with all that being said let’s talk about the cons you know obviously there’s only three cons that I could think of the first one I did five days right by day three I was over eggs I was here’s my here’s a funny picture like we usually make make fun of our kids because they they take like an hour to eat their dinner I mean something that they should be done in like 20 minutes with my kids just sit there and eat forever so we’re always down at then the hurry up eat your dinner while it’s warm you know it’s cook your foods getting cold that kind of thing I was my kid this week I was eating a bite and I’m like you’re like gagging on it after the first three days it was fine day three four and I’m sorry day four and five I was like gagging honey eggs and it was taking me so long to eat and I meant for EXCI per meal but husband was doing 12 eggs a day or like six eggs a meal and you’re having how many chocolates three three troubles all right experimentation I could barely get four in it was actually starting to get funny so I felt bad for him because he did this with me and he totally it was like he was having a lot of eggs because he has a higher protein goal than I do so he needed six eggs per meal and that was a lot to eat so so yeah I was gagging but eggs the second part it was hard to hit my protein numbers I don’t really lean on Canadian bacon you know lots of chicken lots of like random snacks that have 13 and of my protein bars I couldn’t have any amendment the main egg fest so I ended up just the only thing I didn’t skip out on us like collagen which had some protein in it but I still had me eight eggs a day total and that was a lot of eggs so it was really hard and I was still under but I just couldn’t eat another egg I should have had probably one more egg to hit my goal my protein goal but I mean I was like I’m doing eight it’s bleep five days I’m not gonna die if I don’t have that last egg but I probably should have eaten that last egg but if I wasn’t the first three days I was I was feeling fine and I wasn’t gagging on the egg so was day four and five that I was just like I cannot eat another egg and then the last the last con would be I unexpected going into this we’re gonna have like a really cheap grocery bill this week it ended up being like five dollars cheaper than what we normally spend on groceries because I thought oh we’re gonna produce buying eggs this weeks we calculated how many eggs we have to eat between the two of us my husband died and we didn’t save any more money and the reason is we buy our free-range you know pastured eggs at the grocery store we don’t it’s it’s kind of inconvenient to go to the farm I mean we’re in Texas we have tons of farms but where we are in my time in my schedule it was just easier to buy them from the store so they’re like $5.99 a dozen cuz for like the ones we get we because if you’re only eating eggs you better have a high quality egg because the Omega balance of the 3/8 omega-3 and omega-6 makes it a healthier egg if you’re getting the ones that are scratching up the dirt and eating bugs and worms you know and free-ranging so that’s a more like a higher quality egg so you’re gonna pay more for that then the chickens that are just in a kg in corn you know so but what I’m trying to say is I the cost of the dozen of eggs still ended up to about the same then we I think we bought I have eight dozen eggs like people are looking looking at it’s kind of funny like why do you have so many eggs but yeah I mean so we we like literally brought all the eggs that they had and so that cost money though so overall we didn’t really save much on our grocery bill and I was hoping to so I did put that as a con now in conclusion I would do the egg fest again in a heartbeat yes yes yes however I would not do it for five days I thought I didn’t really see I stopped I was I’ve been at 2:28 for two days now and I haven’t seen any more drop in the scale to make it worth the extra two days of like gagging on eggs so I would totally do another egg fest but I would recommend the three-day egg fest and that’s enough to get you reset and going and get the scale moving to give you that momentum to continue on or to keno on so that’s my overall update on my egg fest and if all the people that have talked to me in my Facebook group and stuff and you know we’re sharing stories and a couple people did experience diarrhea I didn’t tell him adding this as a con but I personally did not however but that thinks that I was already pretty deep in ketosis because I was eating pretty strict already if you were not deep in ketosis you would have totally flushed and got a swoosh and you probably would have had diarrhea so if you are like Jeff starting or resetting or something you will probably lose more weight than I did I’ve seen people lose up to 10 to 12 pounds so definitely everybody’s results are going to bear it will probably depend on how strict you were before you did the egg fast and also if you do it make sure you calculate your macros properly you do still want to hit your protein you don’t want to hit your fat so tweak pull up like for me I use carb manager I pulled up card manager and I look just tweaked I put four eggs and I put two tablespoons of butter and cheese and I looked at what that was and I okay well I can back off the butter and you know and then I’ll do this nail twice and now my macros look great so make sure you’re playing around with it and make sure you watch your fat four tablespoons of butter per day is a lot of fat so definitely look at that number and see if you can tweak it down for me I I found that I could eat one like I was not hungry so I backed out in the fat so I found that I could have up to four to fit my macros in the day four tablespoons so I went I was having to but if I got hungry I knew I could go get some more fat I did not get hungry but I’m saying I had room where I knew I could have two more tablespoons of butter if I needed it so if I was feeling hungry or something like that I would just up the fat and use that so that’s just a quick little like you know where my thought process was on how to calculate those macros but I mainly focused on hitting protein and then whatever the fat and that obviously there was no carbs that are one car so that it wasn’t worried about the carbs for once but but just pay attention to the fat and protein and calculate your macros prior and you should be able to figure it out so if you did the egg fest with me comment below what what did you find how much did you lose would you do it again you know that kind of stuff so let’s let’s see whatever else did it but that was my personal experience and I will be trying to beef and butter fast next however I’m gonna give it like two or three weeks before I do that one just because I can’t wait to have a salad for dinner tonight my husband was joking with me he’s like um can we have salad tonight what do you think if we go up to dinner and have some salad that way yeah oh wait yes honey so but yeah we are ready for 7:00 tonight so chicken salads it’s on the on the menu for tonight so anyways that was my free day or I should say my 5-day egg fest and I will I didn’t take any pictures other than the scale shot because my weekly weigh-in is on Monday and you know we’ll see so now the next thing is how will this affect until Monday I weigh in for my official weekly weigh-in how is that going to affect us they’re gonna and once I eat carbs I should say once they make vegetables which is my carbs what’s that gonna do the scale am I going to go back up you know and then I don’t know so I will be interested to see Monday and I’ve lost more or if I may be gained or maybe if I stay in the same so we’ll see so it’s come back Monday and for my week 31 weigh-in and we’ll we’ll see what happened by our happy Friday have a good weekend I’m Jess you’re watching keto rewind you

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